A Guide to Taking Care of Paintings

Tips For Art Collectors

Contemporary wall artAmong the many fine art items a collector possesses, paintings often require higher maintenance. To keep these pieces looking their best for many years to come, take the following precautions to protect and care for them, including:

  1. Examine paintings regularly. Telltale signs a painting needs repair include buckling at the corners, brittleness, miniscule holes, and flaky or cloudy-looking paint.
  2. Hang them properly. Falling off a wall can cause irreparable damage to a painting. Use an adequate number of strong hooks to affix your art in place.
  3. Carry paintings safely. To transport a painting from one location to another, avoid grasping it by the top. Instead, hold it from underneath or by the outside edges.
  4. Gently remove lint and dust. Use a soft cloth or natural hair brush to remove tiny particles.
  5. Entrust cleaning to a professional. If a painting becomes soiled or stained, consult a qualified restoration practitioner to avoid unintentional damage.
  6. Keep paintings away from heating and cooling devices. While fireplaces and radiators can warp paintings and cover them with soot, blowing air conditioners can cause them to become dry and brittle.
  7. Avoid Direct Sunlight. UV rays can both damage the materials of your Southwest art decor at a structural level and bleach out the vibrant colors of your John Nieto paintings. Ensure that your art is well out of the way of searing sunlight streaming in from open doors or windows.
  8. Store them safely. Avoid storing paintings in attics, basements, or anywhere with extreme temperatures or excessive moisture.

When purchasing a valuable works of Southwest art (or any other genre), remember to treat it with the delicacy and care it deserves.

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