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How Art Reproductions Are Assembled

Contemporary Art Prints

Not everyone who appreciates art is of a high economic status, and this means that art prints could be their only option of securing beautiful pieces of art for their homes or offices. This is basically what John Nieto does for his limited edition reproductions. In the same way musicians write a song and don’t actually sell the song, but sell records, he does the same thing using giclee printing.

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What is a Giclee Print?

What Makes a Giclee Print Different from Other Artwork Reproductions?

For art lovers, contemporary giclee prints can be a smart way to begin a modern art collection. Giclee prints provides the best form of color accuracy above any other form of reproduction, and also lasts the longest when taken care of. Giclee print is the closest and strongest form of art reproduction, and will strongly mimic any original modern art piece that you love. Continue reading What is a Giclee Print?

How to Start an Art Collection on a Budget

Collecting Contemporary Art

One of the most enjoyable and fulfilling aspects of owning a home or renting an apartment is embellishing it with your personal style. Displaying giclee prints, paintings, sculptures, and other artwork you love creates a unique and welcoming atmosphere for guests and housemates alike. Continue reading How to Start an Art Collection on a Budget