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Balance in Contemporary Art and Design

Understanding Visual Balance in Art

When it comes to art, visual balance is an integral aspect. It serves as the main platform for a variety of elements, including order, unity, and equilibrium in any design. No one understands this better than John Nieto, a contemporary American Indian artist. Continue reading Balance in Contemporary Art and Design

Artist Spotlight: Craig Poindexter

Nieto Fine Art Hosts Craig Poindexter 

Craig Poindexter is a full-time painter who has lived and worked in San Francisco since 2001. One of his main objectives has always been to prove that beauty can be found in almost everything around us, even in items that most people often find repugnant. In order to prove his claims regarding these traditionally unappealing elements, Poindexter cites abandoned factories, a bad acid trip and industrial cityscapes as sources of inspiration. Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Craig Poindexter

Contemporary Art & Its Soothing Effects On The Soul

Contemporary Art Decor

It’s hard to pinpoint one reason for the feelings we get as we appreciate art. Picasso once said: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” and the passionate Dostoyevsky wrote in his acclaimed novel, The Idiot, that “beauty will save the world.”

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How Art Affects Health

Contemporary Art Decor

Medicine is often called the healing arts. What researchers have discovered is that art itself also heals. Whether in good health or battling a chronic disease, people who actively create and enjoy art heal faster and are generally happier than those who do not.

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The History of Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art

If you’re familiar with Native American artists like John Nieto, you’ve likely enjoyed his culturally rich and contemporary american indian art. In today’s modern age, people are quick to throw around terms like “modern” and “contemporary,” when describing works of art from Nieto and other painters. But what does “contemporary” actually mean in today’s art scene? Is it the same or different from modern art? Although the words contemporary and modern can be used interchangeably in some situations, when it comes to art, modern art and contemporary art represents to two different eras.

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The Meaning of Deer in Native American Culture

Contemporary Wildlife Art Reflects Proud & Rich Symbolism

Native American art often reflects rich themes, cultural beliefs and traditional ideologies. Artists like John Nieto use artwork to display the dignity, humanity and beauty of American Indian cultures. Nieto’s Southwest wall art and other original paintings depict traditional Native American themes and important cultural figures like medicine men, the wolf, the bear, warriors and more. The deer was also an important animal in certain Native American tribes, and served a symbolic role in daily life.

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Emerging American Indian Artist Finds Voice in Graffiti Art

Contemporary Wall Art Goes Public with Native American Graffiti Artists

Contemporary American Indian Art is finding a voice in unconventional art forms. Modern American Indian artists are using graffiti to represent Native American themes and concepts. Continue reading Emerging American Indian Artist Finds Voice in Graffiti Art

Native American Artists Underrepresented in American Art Museums

Women and Minorities Find Less Representation in Large Contemporary Art Galleries

Native American artist John Nieto has made huge strides in bringing national recognition and respect to Native American artists and their paintings. His work can be found within the presidential library and was even presented to Ronald Reagan during his presidential term. Recognized as “fine art,” Nieto’s online southwest art gallery depicts bold representations of Native American themes, culture and continues to be a strong voice within contemporary art circles. Continue reading Native American Artists Underrepresented in American Art Museums

Contemporary Art and the Impact of Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism, Action Painting and Contemporary Art

Long hailed as the leader in modern art, Paris would take 2nd place to New York during the emergence of a new contemporary art movement that flourished in the 40’s and 50’s. Many European artists fled Europe to escape political unrest and fascist regimes in the 1930’s, bringing with them strong Surrealist ideologies and methods. Surrealism with its focus on the unconscious, would inspire American artists and encourage artistic experimentation with myths and symbols that is inherent in Abstract Expressionism. Continue reading Contemporary Art and the Impact of Abstract Expressionism

The History of Abstract Art

Various Cultures and their Interpretations of Abstract Art

Throughout the centuries, the creation, depiction, representation and evolution of art has depended heavily on a culture’s beliefs, daily lifestyle, religious convictions and natural resources. For example, artists in China, Japan, India and Europe enjoyed access to metal, good clay, brushes and pigments. This allowed them to develop more elaborate techniques that created concise illusions of natural things and spiritual concepts. Adversely, in Africa and Oceania where the limitation of materials and harsh climatic conditions created barriers for artists, artistic and spiritual themes were often represented through symbolism and idols that related to concepts. Continue reading The History of Abstract Art