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10 Tips for Starting Your Art Collection

Begin Your Contemporary Art Collection

For most people, the idea of collecting original, contemporary art can be a daunting thought. This is because knowing what to buy, when to buy, and establishing the actual value of the artworks you purchase involves a lot of hard work and research. Follow these 10 tips for getting your art collection started.

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The History of Abstract Art

Various Cultures and their Interpretations of Abstract Art

Throughout the centuries, the creation, depiction, representation and evolution of art has depended heavily on a culture’s beliefs, daily lifestyle, religious convictions and natural resources. For example, artists in China, Japan, India and Europe enjoyed access to metal, good clay, brushes and pigments. This allowed them to develop more elaborate techniques that created concise illusions of natural things and spiritual concepts. Adversely, in Africa and Oceania where the limitation of materials and harsh climatic conditions created barriers for artists, artistic and spiritual themes were often represented through symbolism and idols that related to concepts. Continue reading The History of Abstract Art

Exploring and Understanding Contemporary Native American Art

 The Importance of Native American Art


When you behold the captivating art décor of contemporary Native American artist John Nieto, you instantly recognize unique elements engrained in each masterpiece. Traditional Native American themes are affectionately portrayed with daring, audacious colors and vivid imagery; creating a sense of nostalgia and cultural dignity in every art piece. Bold strokes and primary colors give character and depth to each painting. Nieto adapts traditional linear techniques when adding detail and intensity to his etchings and drawings. The methods and sentiments towards each art piece he creates cause his work to stand out. Continue reading Exploring and Understanding Contemporary Native American Art

What is a Giclee Print?

What Makes a Giclee Print Different from Other Artwork Reproductions?

For art lovers, contemporary giclee prints can be a smart way to begin a modern art collection. Giclee prints provides the best form of color accuracy above any other form of reproduction, and also lasts the longest when taken care of. Giclee print is the closest and strongest form of art reproduction, and will strongly mimic any original modern art piece that you love. Continue reading What is a Giclee Print?

The New Collector’s Guide to Limited Edition Reproductions

Contemporary Art Prints and Reproductions

Original fine art prints, much like fine local California wines, are often only produced in small batches. They are made by hand and etched one at a time by the artist. The most sought-after art prints are created with high-quality materials. Their exceptional quality distinguishes them from reproductions and makes them hard, if not impossible, to replicate. Continue reading The New Collector’s Guide to Limited Edition Reproductions

How to Start an Art Collection on a Budget

Collecting Contemporary Art

One of the most enjoyable and fulfilling aspects of owning a home or renting an apartment is embellishing it with your personal style. Displaying giclee prints, paintings, sculptures, and other artwork you love creates a unique and welcoming atmosphere for guests and housemates alike. Continue reading How to Start an Art Collection on a Budget