How to Start an Art Collection on a Budget

Collecting Contemporary Art

One of the most enjoyable and fulfilling aspects of owning a home or renting an apartment is embellishing it with your personal style. Displaying giclee prints, paintings, sculptures, and other artwork you love creates a unique and welcoming atmosphere for guests and housemates alike.

Contemporary giclee printsAlthough building a fine art collection may seem like an impossibly expensive prospect, novice art collectors can begin accumulating compelling works on virtually any budget. The key is to know where to look and where to allocate resources.

Ways to accent your home without breaking the bank include:

  •  Explore local galleries and shops. Artists from your neighborhood often charge reasonable prices for their work, and purchasers feel good about supporting the local art scene.
  • Gain an artistic education. Art books and magazines, as well as nearby galleries, colleges, and universities allow the economically challenged to discover which art they most enjoy.
  • Purchase prints. You may not currently have the funds to purchase original artwork, but a print will achieve a similar aesthetic effect.
  • Go with your gut. Don’t feel as though you have to like certain types of art because others do. Purchase only the pieces you truly like and your collection will exude authenticity.

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