How to Incorporate Southwestern Style into Your Home

Southwest Art In Design

When decorating a home, homeowners want to adopt a style that reflects their unique aesthetics and characteristics. For those seeking a modern design rooted in tradition, Southwestern art and motifs can be quite compelling options.

Southwest art decorElements of Southwestern culture are more popular than ever, making it easier to incorporate its palettes, arts, and furnishings into your home. Here are five simple and cost effective ways to evoke a Santa Fe style:

  • Neutral foundation. To effectively capture the spirit of Southwestern design, start with walls and furniture in earthy tones and materials, such as leather.
  •  Bold accent colors. When choosing accessories, such as paintings, pottery, and furniture, opt for bright, distinctive colors like red and turquoise. These will “pop” against the neutral base.
  • Stay down-to-earth. Rustic details are a vital component of Southwest design. Twigs, logs, and other natural wood accents bring an outdoor aesthetic indoors.
  • Think expansive. Whether your space is small or large, seek to emphasize its size with furniture and accents to open it up.
  • Add Southwest art. Pieces made by local artists with a deep knowledge and passion for the form — such as John Nieto — can encapsulate bold colors and Southwest motifs to enhance any space.

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