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Non-Traditional Places to Hang Artwork

Decorating with Wall Art

Does your Bay Area home need an aesthetic update? Consider this intriguing solution: hang art décor in unconventional locations. Here are some non-traditional places to get creative with art prints and explore the possibilities hidden in your home’s structure:

In front of windows. Nature provides an excellent backdrop for artwork. This tactic works in rooms with large windows or rooms that may benefit from a pop of color.

High up. Artwork does not have to hang at eye level. Place artwork above a bookshelf or other fixture that does not take up too much height in a room. Try placing wall art in strategic locations near a vaulted ceiling or above a doorway. But do so strategically and with a unified aesthetic end goal in mind, lest you want your home to look like an ill-conceived college dorm room.

Outdoors. Hanging art on a patio or porch can make the area feel like an extension of the home itself. (Just make sure you hang a well-protected art print, and not a valuable original!)

Staggered up staircases. Create an eye-catching assembly in a space normally reserved for photographs. Large and small pieces can fit beautifully and create pleasing spatial illusions, depending on what pieces you use.

Layered over other pieces. Overlap pieces for a truly original display. Try using pieces with complementary, but not matching, color schemes. The look will be warm, and it will create depth and color.

Bathrooms. Enhance a relaxing soak in the tub with a serene piece of art in eye view.

Kitchens. A landscape portrait placed over a windowless kitchen sink can bring luxury even to something mundane, like the dish washing experience.

Find the Perfect Art Decor for Your Home!

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