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The Trends of Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art Decor

Contemporary art defined is simply this: art created and produced by artists who are living in this present age. Art today comes in a variety of forms – paintings, performance art, conceptual art, videos, pop art and more. Contemporary art steers away from the idea that “good art” is aesthetically pleasing or pleasant. Instead, most contemporary art is meant to challenge societal perceptions and be portrayed as interesting and compelling.

Many contemporary artists constantly respond to societal changes and shifting cultural norms. Emphasis on diversity, technological advancements, human rights, equality, poverty and more shape today’s art scene. Contemporary artists’ creations in the postmodern movement reject the idea of art being mainstream or assimilated. Instead, artistic pluralism is the norm, and the goal is a variety of styles and practices that best represent the artist and the story they want to tell through their works. 

Native American Artist John Nieto is one example of a contemporary artist that responds to the current landscape without assimilating. Through is paintings, he reflects upon and depicts traditional Native American concepts such as spirituality, family, hunting, dance, basket weaving and more. Yet, his themes still speak to American Indians of today.

Nieto’s contemporary American Indian art maintains the dignity and honor of long-established Native American tribes by keeping awareness of their beliefs and practices alive and present. Bold, bright colors, strong paint strokes and depth of field give dimension and personality to each character depicted in his art decor. Some of his paintings revolve around time-honored tasks such as hunting and gathering that are no longer practiced on a regular basis. Still, Nieto’s art draws a parallel from traditional Native Americans to modern American Indians through the common thread of cultural pride and human respect that is shared and revered. His paintings tell the story of ancient and modern Native American culture, thus making his art timeless.

The Artist John Nieto

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