Modern Art vs. Contemporary Art: What’s The Difference?

A Lesson In Art History

contemporary art for salePopular culture often treats modern art and contemporary art as synonyms. But each school boasts unique facets. However, unless you’re an art history buff, you may struggle to distinguish the boundary between modern and contemporary art. This brief guide clarifies the differences.

Modern Art

The latter half of the 19th century witnessed the birth of the “modern art” movement, during which impressionism, cubism, and surrealism became marquis styles of artistic expression. Some art scholars describe modern art as the beginning of liberated artistic expression.

Contemporary Art

Since the 1970s, art that is currently in the process of being created is considered “contemporary art.” Once modern art became passé, contemporary art gained ground, as artists sought a new perspective and detached from traditional techniques. Emerging artists belonging to the contemporary art movement are more likely to use artistic expression to comment on politics, social issues, and the economic state. Contemporary artist John Nieto, for example, paints Native American themes to shine light on Native people and their culture.  

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