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Contemporary art in home

The sun is out and it’s time to break out the summer decor! John Nieto’s contemporary wall art is full of rich, vibrant color schemes and can add the right amount of pizzazz to any room. But if you’re wondering how to incorporate the best color combinations into a room without overwhelming the senses, apply these general rules when decorating your home.

Get Mathematical

In decorating, using both the left and right sides of your brain has its benefits. Allowing mathematical “technicalities” to influence your creative process can assist you along the way. Consider dividing the room into 3 different percentages when choosing a color scheme: 60% dominant color (walls), 30% secondary color (upholstery) and 10% of an accent piece (abstract art prints). This can create a sense of balance which is very important when choosing colors to decorate with.

Complementary Color Schemes

The combinations of colors and/or contemporary art you choose can create impressions and help set the atmosphere. Complementary colors sit across from one another on the color wheel and tend to create a feeling of contrast and separation. This can make a room feel more formal and visually compelling. Complementary color combinations range from red and green, blue and yellow, purple and orange, etc. If you want to decorate a formal room like a living or dining room area, consider complementary color schemes.

For a more relaxed area like a family room, bedroom or den (where you typically hang out with family, rest or regroup), consider using an analogous color scheme.  Analogous colors are paired next to each other on the color wheel, such as yellow and orange, green and blue, and so forth. The lack of contrast in the color schemes creates a softer impression on the senses, causing the atmosphere to appear more relaxed. Adding the right amount of color will help create the setting you want.

Focus on a Piece

Choosing a favorite art piece, like a John Nieto print for example, and then pulling colors from the artwork can take the headache out of picking a color combination. For example, let’s say you love Southwest art decor and want to decorate your room based on the John Nieto Original Camille. You may focus on a strong red and white color scheme to compliment the rich combinations demonstrated in that piece.

Decorate for Summer with John Nieto Prints for Sale
Decorating your home for the summer months doesn’t have to be daunting or expensive. John Nieto’s prints are an affordable way to incorporate contemporary Native American Art into your summer art decor. The depth found in the unique color schemes and rich combinations is sure to add the perfect amount of color to any room.

Complete your Art collection with Contemporary John Nieto Prints

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