Making an Investment in Contemporary Art

Contemporary Wall Art

Investing in art is exciting, since you can hang your investment on a wall while it rises in value. However, the art market is as volatile as any other with no guarantees of profit. For the experienced art investor or for someone just getting started ,contemporary art can be an excellent investment choice.

Contemporary art generates tens of billions of dollars of revenue each year, and it is a key component of a diversified art portfolio. Smart investors:

  • Work with a gallery they trust. While traditionally this is a brick and mortar business, many online art galleries have become specialists at helping investors create and curate their pieces.
  • Select contemporary works that are expected to rise in value. This strategy may seem obvious, but some artists are over-priced, so seek the advice of an art expert or trusted gallery.
  • Use online resources to access the sale history of a specific work of art.
  • Recognize that not all pieces by an artist are of the same quality. When selecting a piece, purchase the best one you can afford, rather than the least expensive.
  • Buy low but sell high – with a caveat. Bargain prices usually mean the piece didn’t sell at auction, and it is considered “burned” or unlikely to rise in value.

John Nieto Paintings

Many galleries and critics recognize John Nieto as a contemporary artist worthy of investment. His paintings and signed/numbered prints are an excellent way for new investors to begin their art portfolio and for experienced investors to diversify with an American artist. Visit the Nieto Fine Art Gallery website to see this artist’s amazing work, and select the piece that is right for you.