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The Best Gifts for Art Lovers

Holiday Shopping For Fine Art Collectors

Whether you’re searching for abstract art for sale for a discriminating uncle or shopping for contemporary art prints or southwest wall art to decorate with in the run up to the holidays, here are 5 suggestions for what to purchase for the art lovers in your life.

Things Come Apart, by Todd Mclellan.

This Canadian photographer created an awesome concept for a coffee table book. He found 50 everyday objects, ranging from chainsaws to pocket knives to iPods, and took two pictures of each item. One picture shows the item whole and intact. The other picture shows the item dissected into pieces and thrown up into the air. One of the most fascinating pictures is of a bicycle, which contains a whopping 893 parts.

Phaidon Books.

Renowned for curiosities, Phaidon has produced some incredible print work, including wallpaper city guides and a curated book of contemporary art and culture.

Subscription to artforum.

Even if you have the budget and time to travel from gallery to gallery, you’re bound to miss out on innovative work. Never miss another beat with this awesome subscription service.

3D View Master.

If you grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, you probably remember the “old school” view-masters, which allowed you to check out 3D images of different pictures. The updated version lets you add captions to certain images, among other cool new functions.

Give The Gift of Native American Art Prints!

Neito Fine Art invites you to explore a selection of gorgeous art that will the increase the value (and aesthetic excellence) of any collection. John Nieto is one of America’s most dynamic contemporary American artists. His mastery of bold lines and vibrant color breathe new life into Native American themes. Please browse our catalog online, email us, or call (415) 347-8173 with any questions about gift orders you might want to place for the holidays.


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