What Is a Giclée Print?

Contemporary Giclée  Reproductions Explained

contemporary giclee printsA Giclée print is made with an ingenious process that’s similar to the one that a standard inkjet printer uses to spray or squirt ink. This process preserves the hues and color tones of the original image without using screens or other similar devices. You can print on many types of materials, including canvas and paper. The prints can be quite big – a meter wide or wider – and the light fast inks used can stay clear and true for over two decades. 

Here’s how the process works. The artist takes the original image — a canvas, for instance – and then scans the image onto a drum scanner. (Sometimes, a format transparency is used.) This image then informs the process of producing the Giclée print.

A Rise in Popularity for Giclee Prints

Over the past few years, these types of prints have exploded in popularity among collectors and designers, perhaps because of their impressionistic aesthetics or perhaps because the process makes it easy for artists to share their works directly with fans on a scaled basis. Giclee prints are also more affordable for young, burgeoning art collectors than their original oil and acrylic counterparts.

Artist John Nieto offers an array of exciting and critically acclaimed Giclée prints, including reproductions of beautiful works such as Wolf Medicine II (24 x 30 inches), Yellow Thunder (24 x 30 inches) and Turquoise Rabbit (30 x 30 inches). These John Nieto originals are perfect for decorating dining room spaces, offices, and conference rooms. Their rich, saturated color schemes create a feeling of warmth and a rich, spiritual aesthetic.

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