Khorasan is located to the northeastern part of the country and it was much larger than today during the Sassanian period. The rest of the story is the same as the first one: disappearance of the innocent people (particularly girls and women) inside the suddenly opened ground. The primary religion in Iran today is the Shia sect of Islam but the far older faith of the prophet Zoroaster is still openly practiced, particularly in the central and northwestern regions of the country. This was probably the case, if they had lost their horses or mules and had to continue the rest of the journey by walking. Fearing capture, she prayed to Ahura Mazda to protect her from the enemy. The fire kept in that fire temple for 700 years but again it transferred to another fire temple in nearby Ardakan and kept there for 300 years. Shrine legends tell of a conquering Arab army that had pursued Nikbanoo, the daughter of the Sassanian Emperor Yazdgird III, to this region. The fire temple is also 6 km away from the Yazd International Airport. The official Facebook page of Zoroastrian Society of Washington State The holiness of those places were created afterward either by local people, who were interested in keeping the treasures safe, or by the survivors if any. Approach through the great desert to Chak Chak, Zoroastrian temple of Pir-e-Naraki, near Yazd, Zoroastrian temple of Chak Chak, near Yazd, Door of the inner sanctum, temple of Chak Chak. Then, in relatively recent times, they were rediscovered by a shepherd, child, or other person in need, to whom a spirit or saint (pir) appeared in a vision or a dream. The isolation was due to the occurrence of extensive deserts and kavirs around the Yazd-Ardakan area and this area (with Nain) was geographically the central part of the Iranian Plateau. ... We take pleasure in inviting you to join the Temple Beth Ami family. The Greek historian Herodotus, writing in the 5th century BC, made the comment about the early Zoroastrian use of their mountain shrines, "It is not their custom to make and set up statues and temples and altars but they offer sacrifices on the highest peaks of the mountains." more, Sacred & Religious Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Historic Sites, Historic Sites, Art Museums, History Museums. The Most Popular Urban Mobility App in Toronto. This remote site is the holiest and most visited of the Zoroastrian mountain shrines. Although the archaeological evidence is absent in these places there are some evidence from nearby areas. Fire is, however, not regarded as a symbol but as a holy being that comes to man's assistance in return for nourishment and worship. Considering the geographical, geological and historical conditions of the Yazd-Ardakan area, the holy places may were functioned as temporary shelters for Zoroastrian caravans travelling towards India. For example, the period of Sultan Hosain Safavi, the last king of Safavi dynasty, was one of the darkest sequences of Zoroastrians history. Each year from June 14 to 18, many thousands of Zoroastrians from Iran, India and other countries flock to the temple of Pir-e Sabz. Possibly the older buildings or structures had been demolished naturally or during rebuilding process. The Bundahishn mentions as existing at this mountain a "Bridge of Judgement" or "Bridge of Moral Discrimination" which is a pathway leading to the Otherworld.

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