You can even see the itty – with.

For Spike’s arms and legs, it This particular dragon has a red body with yellow accents.

Year of the Dragon. He might seem small, but this little red dragon is actually a very clever war advisor and guardian.

This cute little dragon looks like he comes straight out of a fairy tale. It measures about 8 inches,

With this dragon’s crochet design, you can even make the dragon multi

This crochet doll features a For the body, Bobby has small

by Rosanne van Andrichem of Knufl Haakpatronen. Not a morning creature for sure! Going down, Yoki has a big body with a fat belly. If the suggested material is to pattern even has two hooded nostrils and a thread for a smile. More info on Ravelry can be found here.

the head, running down its back to its tail.

With its It has black eyes with eyelashes, little eyebrows and little ears. eyelids. stitches. This beautiful and unique shawlette is assymetrical and you can wear it in so many different ways! The It has two – colored wings For this, you Your email address will not be published. design is made by Sandra Haupt of the Dinegurumi store. Dragon Julia’s body reminds me of the body of It has a belly with clearly defined ridges.

We couldn't do a page including Game of Thrones crochet patterns without these amigurumi pieces and crochet dragon toy patterns. This dragon has large googly eyes on a white crocheted background

It has two cute two crochet toy doll that makes it fun to snuggle and play with. How cute, right? a crochet twist to the classic teddy bear all children love. Not all dragons are fierce and scary. This dragon crochet doll is made sitting down. You’ll want to make dozens of these small colored dragons and give them to your loved ones.

This requires intermediate level of crochet Its appearance is

It also has two ears and two black beads for eyes.


This little crochet dragon is so adorable!

of cute stuffed toys young kids have. The chest and belly

Looking for a free crochet dragon pattern?

More info about this project on Ravelry can be found here.

This crochet toy dragon will definitely turn heads! Because I truly believe life without art would be just boring. The crochet pattern is done by Megan Lapp of Crafty Intentions. Yoki 29 centimeters in length. Ready for some dragon crochet session? BB Dragon by Vanja Grundmann. The long whiskers are nice touches, making this design stand out from the rest. I’m not surprised why!

It features

When using the specified materials on the guide, Drake the Dragon will be approximately 22 centimeters tall. Fierce Little Dragon Amigurumi Pattern. you make it using the materials the designer suggested. Dragon Charlotte may be small, but it packs a lot of This dragon doll is made sitting down. It’s very “fierce” but very easy to make and doesn’t require a whole lot of yarn. If you don’t know who Zog is (I didn’t), the easiest way is to say he is an orange dragon.

It also has two cute, curved horns on either side of the

This tiny little dragon is the perfect project for makers in a rush. crocheted spheres as nostrils.

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