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Unfortunately, there are no details about customers or delivery locations. 2020 Serial number / stand + recipient / place of delivery / accessories / date of delivery / produced by + date. The instrument type should first be identified before research can be conducted into the production lists. 2016 An attempt was made to use the document origins as a guide to the greatest possible extent. Pages 27, 28, 45 and 46 are missing in the original. Looks a lot like my opton inverted black beauty. After use, the image files and any copies must be destroyed. But first, I notice that for a certain lens type I found a list of online, there are ever increasing serial numbers on the cell, then a lens code and for these lenses the years of manufacturing are provided also ever increasing. I recently inherited a Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/2 with serial number F17134 and am trying to date it. The Story of the Planetarium Reation Books, 2017. MFT Community | 153 1938-1941 1875 PORRO II, WITH OCULAR FIELD LENS CEMENTED TO PRISM, 8 x 60T 160 1942-1945 2400 PORRO II, KRIEGSMARINE, MARKED blc, 8 x 60 160 1943-1945 2500 U-BOAT WITH ONE PIECE CAST HOUSINGS AND INTERNAL FOCUS, 15 x 60 DELFORTEM 81 1940-1943 1280 CENTER FOCUS VERSION OF DELFORT, 15 x 50 PENTEKAR 81 1950- 1060 FIRST POSTWAR DESIGN FROM JENA, 15 x 50 PENTEKAREM 81 1950- CF VERSION OF PENTEKAR, MODELS FROM OBERKOCHEN AND WETZLAR UNTIL 1972, 8 x 30 150 1954-1971 480 TELE-OBJECTIVE, PORRO I, 6 x 30 150 1955-1961 410 TELE-OBJECTIVE, PORRO I, 7 x 50 130 1956-1961 900 TELE-OBJECTIVE, PORRO I, 8 x 30 150 1957-1964 580 MILITARY VERSION, INDIVIDUAL FOCUS, GREEN, PARTIAL ARMORING, 6 x 30 150 1957-1964 MILITARY VERSION, INDIVIDUAL FOCUS, GREEN, PARTIAL ARMORING, 8 x 50 130 1957-1960 1050 PORRO I, AFTER 1961, EYEGLASS WEARER S MODEL, 10 x 50 130 1957-1969 1000 PORRO I, 1981, SPECIAL SERIES 25 OF 1000 PIECES, 8 x 30B 110 1958-1978 480 PORRO I, EYEGLASS WEARER S MODEL, AFTER 1968 130m FOV, 15 x 60 80 1958- 1260 PORRO I, RUBBER ARMORED VERSION GAT STILL MADE, 8 x 30B 1958-1968 PORRO I, MONOCULAR, TELE-OBJECTIVE, FOCUS AT OBJECTIVE AFTER 1964, 6 x 30 D.F. 12X50 72 1917-1919 1280 ABBE-KONIG PRISM - FORM SIMILAR TO NOCTAR, 18 x 50 DELFORT 49 1919-1930 1180 PORRO II, 7 x 50 BINOCTAR 128 1919-1971 1160 1937, 830gm LIGHT WEIGHT METAL VERSION, 7 x 50 D.F. The serial number of a Zeiss Triotar 7.5cm f/4.5 fitted in this Art Deco Rolleicord. MODEL 95 82 1895-1906 600 36 DEGREE FIELD, LEATHER COVERED, FLAT PRISM COVERS, 8 x 20 D.F. Carl Zeiss Jena Serial Numbers. So do all Zeiss telescope lenses share the same serial number sequence? SCHMIDT PRISM. The three parent companies G, F and P relocated to building 6/70 once the investments were complete and were consolidated in "Factory 2". Re: Zeiss serial numbers #3 Post by 75RR » Wed May 15, 2019 7:15 pm This pamphlet would seem to indicate that the Standard Juniors were built from 1952 up to around 1958

4X20 182 1914-1926 CAVALRY GLASS - SAME AS TUROL, NARROW SPACED OBJECTIVES, 4 x 20 TUROLEM 182 1914-1938 302 CENTER FOCUS VERSION OF TUROL, 10 x 50 D.F. All of them that have Nr. In 1990 only 3 devices were assigned: numbers 50,393 through 50,395. Failed to save quote. Large document volumes are allocated by tasks and responsibilities on the lowest level.

11364 - 50395, Astro 1 (ZEISS Archiv, BACZ 28507), Astronomische Geräte, Nr. From

buyers, equipment) were combined until 1904. BTW- there about 10 to 15 pages in the Diarium I do not understand since my German is horrible. 18X50 49 1914-1919 MARINE MODEL PORRO I - SAME AS TERSEX, 6 x 42 D.F. The following is a collection of serial numbers for large format lens manufacturers. What does that say about the year of production?
You can also access this page with:, #1 25 and goes consecutively (I think) to 13,655. Of these, more than 120,000 have already been scanned. zip-ing72 is using Hatena Blog. Focuser and accessories have their have their own Nr.'s. Quick question on Zeiss lens sets and the serial numbers inscribed on them. Before your initial visit, please make an appointment: Phone: +49 3641 64 2759 Email: his tory @zeiss .com. Apparently Bob Trotter of Western Australia is recognized by even Zeiss as the master of these serial-date-type relationships and from his comments in this thread it sounds like he has production run records to draw from. The book is structured as in Astro 1. The collection of product literature up until 1945 is almost complete; only some of the brochures for military instruments are missing.

I was not able to find a comprehensive list of serial numbers, so maybe some one on this forum might help me with the number I found on my camera... the lens is a Novar - Anastigmat 1:4,5 / f=11 cm, the shutter is a KLIO, and the serial no on the body is L 1239. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. 4X20 250 1927-1928 820 PORRO II, NAVY - SPECIAL AND RARE, 8 x 24 TURITA 110 1928-1943 425 MOLLER PRISM, FLAT FORM, 3.5 x 15 THEATIS 192 1929-1980 165 SPRENGER-LEMAN PRISM, MADE IN JENA UNTIL 1980, 3.5 x 15 THEATIS 192 1934-1980 SPRENGER-LEMAN PRISM - GOLD PLATED LUXURY MODEL, 10 x 50 DEKARIS 128 1929-1990 1200 1936, 860gm VERSION, 10 x 50 DEKAREM 128 1931-1990 1350 CENTER FOCUS VERSION OF DEKARIS; 1936, 890gm VERSION, 8 x 40 DELACTEM 154 1931-1943 1200 CENTER FOCUS VERSION OF DELACTIS - NOT SOLD COMMERCIALLY AFTER 1938, 7 x 50 BINOCTEM 128 1931-1990 1300 CENTER FOCUS VERSION OF BINOCTAR; 1937, 860gm VERSION, 18 x 50 TELAR 65 1931-1940 1200 PORRO I, LIGHT WEIGHT METAL, 18 x 50 TELAREM 65 1936-1943 875 CENTER FOCUS VERSION OF TELAR, 6 x 24 SPORTUR 150 1936-1943 330 LIGHT WEIGHT METAL SUCCESSOR TO TELEXEM, 8 x 40 DELTAR 198 1937-1939 950 SUPER WIDE ANGLE FOR AERIAL OBSERVATION, 8 x 40 DELTAREM 198 1937-1943 1000 CENTER FOCUS VERSION OF DELTAR, 8 x 40 D.F. ... storie.htm. Binoculars, Photography, Digiscoping, Art & Equipment. no. If you are interested in taking part in one of the projects on a voluntary basis, please send an email to: wolfgang .wimmer @zeiss .com. by MicroBob » Thu May 16, 2019 7:25 pm, #9 As well, these lenses are all of the same type, but varying apertures. It may not display this or other websites correctly. The internal organizational structure of the laboratories and development offices had hardly any impact on the new setup. In the first few years, the foreman of VEB Carl Zeiss Jena was also top executive of this VVB. 128 1938-1945 1000 SAME AS SEPTAR, PORRO II, FOR ARMY AND NAVY, LENS CEMENTED TO PRISM, 7 x 50H D.F. The topics and some of the staff initially moved to the X department, then to WEH, and later on to WEK. Among them are catalogs, brochures, and instruction manuals, as well as price lists and circulars for retailers. 's and dates. Chronicle of OpticsIn the early 1950s, archivist Fritz Ortlepp put together a chronicle of optics. 's were too high to represent the number of optics made. Carlos Alberte, there are many lists of Zeiss serial numbers with dates of manufacture.

L-Mount Community | Always shop for the best pair of optics that you can easily afford to avoid dissapointment later on with low quality optics. 1954-1972, CARL ZEISS IN LENS 1972- ZEISS WEST GERMANY, IN SQUARE. AT THE SAME TIME, THE PRISM COVER WAS PROVIDED WITH A LIP TO WRAP AROUND, THE BINOCULAR BODY AND THE BINOCULAR WAS MARKED WITH THE MODEL NAME. There is a source of data that Bob Trotter uses called the Diarium, mentioned in the above referenced thread..  Can't find anything related to that and Zeiss on the net, but maybe a reference to the Zeiss Archives online at That's why this document plan is not suitable for all archive searches. The patents are to be linked to the inventors and products. For this reason, precise reconstruction of these organizational changes is not important for document indexing. You cannot quote because this article is private. The first measuring instruments were collected in the book “Mikro 1” (Micro 1). In books 2 through 7, the microscopes are listed in numerical order, from 5,000 to 69,460.

He was last active on CN in Mar of 2015. Not all products are approved in every market, and approved labeling and instructions may vary by local country. Major changes were commonplace at Research and Development. Parts of the Virtual Museum will be translated into English.

The same process was applied to the documents from Research and Development (see also the Research Operations section). For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. For selected ZEISS products, this may be extended to three years after registering with ZEISS Online Registration if done within four weeks after purchase. Post You can also find reprints of scientific articles discussing Carl Zeiss instruments. 2017 The content was arranged by topic and formal aspects (e.g. It was mentioned that the high Nr. Due to the enormous amount of data and for data privacy reasons, it is not possible to upload the photos themselves to the internet.
ZEISS in Oberkochen has thus far collected the product literature for the Microscopy business group and the former Geodetic Instrument business group, which has since been taken over by the company Trimble Jena GmbH. There was no way to distinguish between the "different management levels" such as combine and enterprise management. Any use for a different purpose must be approved in advance. Tactical Scope Finder Every Leupold riflescope is made in America, tested to the same rugged performance standards, and guaranteed for life. 6X42 160 1915-1918 940 NEVER OFFERED IN CIVILIAN VERSION, 7 x 50 D.F. If you divide 13,655 by 25 years you get an average of 546 optics per year. Edited by Stew44, 13 December 2017 - 01:17 PM. In collaboration with the Thuringian State and University Library in Jena, digital scans of these books  were published online to enable independent research. One of the greatest construction projects was that of building 6/70. You should get the build year from the serial number. Thanks! This card catalogue is currently being processed so that it can be made available as an online database. 128 1939-1945 860 SAME AS SEPTAR, PORRO II - MANY VARIANTS FOR VARIOUS MILITARY GROUPS, 7 x 50 128 1938-1945 1750 U-BOAT BINOCULAR WITH ONE PIECE CAST HOUSINGS AND INTERNAL FOCUS, 8 x 60HT D.F. But first, I notice that for a certain lens type I found a list of online, there are ever increasing serial numbers on the cell, then a lens code and for these lenses the years of manufacturing are provided also ever increasing. The responsibilities of the specialist management teams was consistent across all the enterprises of the combine.

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