Even though he created these cards, Alex still considers them "weak". In the latest edition of the character guidebook (the Millennium Book), Sugoroku Mutou is stated to be 43 years old during the “flashback” chapter that kicks off the final arc of the manga. (Japanese law says that you age one year on the day BEFORE your birthday, hence the subtraction of 2 days from Otogi and Honda’s birthdays. Should be fun. If I find the time, I would also like to apply revisions to the articles so that they all feature the same level of detail. Hiroto Honda – April 19th, 1980 (Aries/Metal Monkey), Yuugi Mutou – June 4th, 1980 (Gemini/Metal Monkey), Anzu Mazaki – August 18th, 1980 (Leo/Metal Monkey), Ryou Bakura – September 2nd, 1980 (Virgo/Metal Monkey), Seto Kaiba – October 25th, 1980 (Scorpio/Metal Monkey), Malik Ishtar – December 23rd, 1980 (Capricorn/Metal Monkey) – stated age: 16, Katsuya Jounouchi – January 25th, 1981 (Aquarius/Metal Monkey), Ryuuji Otogi – February 28th, 1981 (Pisces/Metal Rooster). All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Each monster has a choice of two Guardian Stars, which dictate the element it uses in its battles. For one, aside from the level six and up monsters, they are increasingly weak for their level, with the level five Zodiac Horse and Goat only having 2000 ATK each. Zodiac Rooster, for instance, is a Winged-Beast, while Zodiac Snake is a Reptile, and, obviously, Zodiac Dragon is a Dragon. He was incredibly emotionally deep and caring, almost to a fault, but he was a fearless leader. Zodiac Astral King Drakon, the largest and most powerful Zodiac monster, is incredibly difficult to summon. Tea Gardner, a good friend to both Yugi and Joey, is a Sagittarius for a few reasons. NEXT: Which Dororo Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign. For that reason, I hope to bring the original articles to a wider, new audience and complete it once and for all. We can, however, speculate, which is actually a lot of fun. Just to inject a bit of Chinese astrology in here, if these years were true, then 1981 would be the year of the Rooster, and 1980 would be the year of the Monkey. Miho is a fun character. A quick astrology lesson – Not every astrology book or website uses the exact dates and times for when a sign begins or ends. This list represents my most current collection of books and websites: https://cafeastrology.com/fortunetellingcards.html, http://www.esri.go.jp/jp/archive/e_dis/e_dis170/e_dis162.pdf, http://www.asktheastrologers.com/whats-my-rising-sign/, http://astrology.findyourfate.com/astrology-ascendant.htm, http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art22988.asp, 1st Grade (Year 1 of Primary/Elementary School in Japan), 6th Grade (last year of Primary/Elementary School in Japan), 9th Grade (last year of Middle School/Junior High in Japan), 12th Grade (last year of High School in Japan). Mokuba Kaiba is definitely the Gemini in this list. London, England: Dorling Kindersley, Ltd. RELATED: What Romance Anime Should You Watch Depending On Your Zodiac Sign? Make sense? The Zodiac archetype is a group of (fictional) cards used by the main character, Alex, in dryderson's upcoming fanfiction series, Yu-Gi-Oh: Gravebringers. I include Otogi’s age and birthday even though he wasn’t involved in Duelist Kingdom, because he’s the same age as them, and was, for a short while, in the same class as Yuugi and Co.). If you already have an account, Log in. 12 Zodiac Signs When They See Their Crush. Like many manga-ka, Takahashi probably thought of Yu-Gi-Oh taking place in real-time, even if that wasn’t the least bit possible (since when do duels take several months?). No infringement is intended. 1 of the manga, they’re shown to be in class 1-B, aka 10th grade; by Battle City, they are all age 16 and in class 2-B, aka the 11th grade), then the age roster is as follows: Italicized names are those whose ages and/or birth dates can be approximated, but are not the same age as Yuugi and Co. Those names belong to characters whose birthdays (month and day) AND ages were explicitly stated, rather than their birthday and grade (as it was for the main cast). Technically, there are exact times (right down to the second) when the sun moves from one sign to the next, which is why it’s beneficial to not just know your birthday, but your birth time as well. Because of Zodiac Fusion's second ability of returning itself to the Deck instead of conducting a Draw Phase, it can easily be recycled and reused through cards like Gold Sarcophagus, Different Dimension Burial, or even Zodiac Pig. When she's an antagonist, she's shown to be callous and giggly, despite the fact that she's also meticulous and calculating. The series spawned from this LiveJournal post (originally about Mai, but turned into a brief discussion on characters with birthdays on cusps).

The same holds true for the Yu-Gi-Oh characters, even though we don’t know their birth times. Depending on which iteration of the character we're looking at, we can see more or less pretty Virgo-like traits. Which side character from Yu-Gi-Oh are you based on your zodiac sign? Get notified when Yugioh: Zodiac Signs is updated. Gordon, R., & Stieglitz, N., eds. If all the major characters were in the same grade by Battle City, then the tournament had to have taken place on or after April 1st, 1997. Credit to Stormesp for Deck and Strategy submission. Together, the two of them form a complete picture, just for you. Sera is a young kid who uses an adult avatar when she's invited to be a part of KaibaCorp's Neurons VR system. When we start to account for the fact that most of his life was spent doing whatever he could to avenge the defeat of his brother, Seto. RELATED: DC: Which Sidekick Are You, Based On Your Zodiac? characters, only their birthdates, people who follow the Zodiac will have to find a common element in their personalities. The Chinese Zodiac follows similar principles, with each animal representing a different birth year and character traits that allow people to relate to others on a more personal level. (2002). characters and their relationship with their astrological sign, blood type, and so forth.

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