I said I have a Yamaha 581 H flute with an EC headjoint. Das Kopfstück Typ K ist für einen kraftvollen Ton und großen Dynamikumfang konzipiert.

Update: After posting pictures of the headjoint of my 581H Bruce Bailey and others convinced me that I do not have the EC headjoint. [I'm not sure if my headjoint is also heavy walled or if the it's only the body] The EC headjoint is still restrictive for me but I'm finding that I can do things that I couldn't do on the J1 headjoint and the current outcomes have pleased me. Thanks. Flute teachers and professionals alike note Yamaha flutes as having a consistent, even tone throughout and impeccable intonation.

After I posted pictures of the headjoint many stated that the one I have is definitely not an EC. It is all solid silver. I just got my Yamaha 600 series and it comes with the EC headjoint. Professional Flutes. Yes, they both do.

The one I have from Flute World came with a YFL 684 that I have out on loan -- it's a great flute. Die angezeigten Farben und Ausführungen können von den tatsächlichen Produkten abweichen. I will definitely try a powell -- I've heard they are just wonderful. The Type E headjoint has high, narrow chimney walls. Fluteworld can send you one for trial. I do have a Powell "P" cut headjoint coming, so I can't wait to try that one too. by sinebar » Thu Aug 09, 2007 2:01 pm, Post Yamaha EC Headjoint. I agree with Phineas. What I mean by restrictive is the ability to control dynamics and expression. I tried a Powell Sonare and liked the headjoint, but I'm not thrilled about the Chinese body; I'd like to which Yamaha would be comparable. Before the flute, I played a Gemeinhardt 2SP witht he J1 headjoint that simply did whatever I wanted it to. Please try your search again later. Flutists will appreciate the lighter touch and optimum response of white gold springs, as well as the smooth key action of tapered pivot screws. Does anyone know what markings are on an authentic Yamaha EC headjoint?

got it back in 1975.
It seems the EC cut headjoints are somewhat in demand, but I'd like to know a little more about them.

But, this is just my experiance with it, and others might very well have a different opinion. Sinebar, there is no such thing as "a headjoint for beginners or a headjoint for professionals." Also, I'm really looking at the headjoints to upgrade my beloved 481H -- my parents really sacrificed to buy it for me and I just won't part with it. My favorite is the CY. The 684 is made in Japan and has the EC Sliver Head 925 engraved directly under the yamaha symbol on the headjoint. a big chunk of silver and hand made copies of Henri Selmer's louis lott flute. I'm thinking about buying a better head joint for my YFL 381 that will be easier to get high and low notes but particularly high notes. Who knows. Let me know what you think of the Powell headjoint on the flute. Unfortunately the handcut headjoints can also get screwed up in subtle ways and end up as 'lemons'.

I can't hit the high notes w/the CY.

Nah...I didn't have much fun, I was pretty much a stay at home body and not much of a party animal. I just got my Yamaha 600 series and it comes with the EC headjoint. by Phineas » Sun Aug 12, 2007 8:55 am, Post I just purchased one from Ebay, but I have one in front of me from Flute World and the two aren't the same -- is this possible? I have an Altus on my Yam 674.

Inheriting the many merits of top-of-the-line Yamaha handmade flutes, these models offer rich, nuanced tonality over a wide dynamic range.

My student model YFL-24S which they don't make anymore has a square tone hole like the AC has (and I believe the EC has a square shape too) & I could hit every note w/that one so I tried using it on my pro model & it wouldn't go in, it was too big around to fit in the slot.

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