(Source: incorrectcqlsubarchive, via cucum-bro), I love Meatbun’s novels so bad they hit all the right angst spots in my heart however neither of Yu Wu or 2HA have been fully translated and I am dying to know more. "Se você quer saber, tenho um casamento a planejar. even if the erha live action sucks (which it hopefully won’t!) Apenas ele. Everyone knows Taxian-jun- how could they not? Xue Meng thought that his immortal life as the ruler of the underworld would be an eternity of endless, boring paperwork in a dark, dreary dungeon, exiled from the rest of the deities on Lingshan for reasons he would very much rather forget. Change ). This style was quite like ‘Wangba’, ‘Croak’, and ‘No Stick’. Xue Meng quer planejar o casamento do século. nice! He finally opened his purplish-black eyes, his gaze seemingly passing through years upon years of time before landing on Xue Meng. When Mo Ran hadn’t yet become the emperor, there was always someone calling him a dog. Hurry and go while I’m not dead.”. When he was about to receive punishment, he desperately tried to stop Jielu Elder and later knelt down with Chu Wanning to keep him company. Xue Meng (薛蒙, Xuē Méng) is the young master of Sisheng Peak, son of Madam Wang and Xue Zhengyong. He feels stupid for the first time in his life. Mo Ran looked at him calmly. - Faz uma em mim! >MC is compared to a dog That’s what I meant. By looks alone, anyone would judge him to be a kind, good person. Xue Meng hissed; his wrists had been restrained in one of Mei HanXue’s hands, the grip tight enough to bruise. Then let me ask you, who can be responsible for my Shizun’s life? Once my holidays start, I’m hoping to update more regularly for HHWCS (short form of The Husky and His White Cat Shizun AKA this novel). i have a question regarding 2ha. 2ha is being translated at a good pace and I think the translators won’t drop it. I’m sure there’s more to know about those ten Years and Mo Ran’s personality and past and his Shizun. Sect The cold, dank wind carried the sounds of leaves rustling.

He ended up doing all the things others dared not do. Next time when you see a man, you won’t need to ask him for his age, just ask him how many years of ‘No Stick’ he is!

Thank you very much for translation! Even if it's colder than a huge iceberg itself, just like the cold beauty Chu Wanning. His movements were leisurely and practised, like Prince Qiang peeling off a woman’s clothing in the chamber; it carried the laziness of someone who was losing interest. This far, I’m genuinely intrigued. Err.. I’m not quite familiar with the books division, so I’ll answer in terms of chapters. But Mo Ran was expressionless as he sat with his chin against his hand, his fine, thick lashes hanging low before his eyes. So cute! Although, the reason why he gave them such titles would remain unknown. Procurando ler mais a respeito de sua doença, não encontrou mais do que alguns manuscritos antigos com informações escassas. *deep bows*, this seems interesting! I would like to join in the horde of his canon admirers. This is the first sect leader, the only sensible sect leader, in the entirety of the novel, who is so curt and rude about even a bit of praise. You should be able to skim the content warnings for the first several chapters and get a good idea of the kind of content this novel has without too many direct spoilers. Keep up-to-date on things happening at Adagio Teas. He was wearing a set of silver blue light armor, a belt embellished with a lion's head, his hair fastened in a high ponytail with an exquisite silver hairpin secured at the roots.[1]. “There,” he stepped back, admiring the stark contrast of the bright white ears against Chu Wanning’s black hair. Please consider turning it on! ( Log Out /  ), Speaking of past lives, majority of Mo Ran’s past life with Shizun is actually only revealed around chapters 200s… so what we have in 98-101 is only a glimpse haha. After these words, he shut his eyes. During his youth he was called the "darling of the heavens". The majestic palace where Mo Ran resided shone with peaceful candlelight. He used to…He used to wait for you, day and night, alone, from night…till daybreak…. We should be cautious so that we don’t fall for his tricks.”. I’ve been hearing so much about this novel recently and I’m so apprehensive but also really excited to be reading what I’ve heard as a great but really angsty story. Personal Information I also didn’t find novel!MDZS to fit my personal taste, so I’ve stuck with CQL and can’t comment on MDZS. I’m sorry. The silence stretched on for a long time.

This nonsensical affair which had lasted ten years was finally over. Day 11: Defiance; 0.5 Shuangmeimeng4. What do you mean by ‘cowardly’? It’s more unique than most rebirth stories!


You’re in costume like the rest of us now. Thanks for your answer . Upon seeing his face, Xue Meng knew he had indeed taken poison. There was Fuxi in the heavens, there was Yanluo in the underworld, and there was Mo Weiyu in the mortal realm. Por sua estima pela cultivadora que um dia lhe deu uma descendência e pela dívida que tinha com ela e com Xue Meng, ele aceitou. Anyway, Mo Weiyu is already trapped in the palace and he can’t come down the mountain. pouchong tea, black tea, coconut, apple pieces, natural coconut flavor, lemon grass, papaya flavor, blue cornflowers, natural vanilla flavor & strawberries, 10% off when you purchase both 3oz pouches. The ache in his stomach was like a raging flame, as if his flesh and blood were being ripped to bits and pieces. Assigned Animal It sounded even more awkward for anyone who was illiterate. The first monarch of the cultivation world. The crab-apple flowers were blooming splendidly. thank you! “You think Mo Weiyu will come down on his own and kneel and beg for forgiveness in front of you if you wait like this?”, “Other than Shizun, I don’t have anyone else I can be close to.” Pulling free the corner of his robe that the old monk had held onto, Xue Meng said hoarsely, “If you’re not going, I’ll go myself.”.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for picking this up! As they say, the father is at fault if the son is not taught, and the teacher is lazy if the student is not strictly taught[2]. Select six samples of your favorite blends from any collection and we will create a box set unique to you. Tens of thousands of people prostrated themselves before him. It’s the first time I’ve seen a character who’s perpetrated some incredibly horrifying things against another person actually go through a convincing development arc in recognizing the harm he did, Ancient Fantasy Steampunk courtesy of Chu Wanning’s automata, I can’t even, I am Weak for the inventor types, I find new symbolism/foreshadowing/meaning every goddamn time I go back to it, to the point where I’m convinced that Meatbun is either a Narrative Genius or she made some serious sacrifices to the right spirits, The English translation is about the length of the entire Harry Potter series - so much food with. Do you have any recs for similar novels to 2ha? sorry to bother but do you know if there's anywhere to read 2ha in english past ch.109? , I can’t wait to read next chapter.Thank you again for translating this novel.From the bottom of my heart >< Good luck with your exams.Bless you. Someone barked at once, “What crazy things are you saying! Who was the person he loved and did he have several women? Oct 5, 2020 - Explore Angel's board "Xue Meng and his boyfriend" on Pinterest. hi! The universe worked like this.

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