So, I ended up calling 1-800 number and got the automated voice that wanted me to unplug the modem and let it reset, which I did. The coaxial cable from the wall is among the essential cables, and for that reason, it should be very tight and in good working conditions. If you have questions about your services, we're here to answer them. Need a few things before we can help out. Now it is broken. Xfinity can’t keep their story straight, and some reps say 30 days after a switch, others say 60 days. 3. Photo: Comcast I have come across some users claiming their Xfinity Box shows boot and then turns off after plugging it in a new room. In many instances, the notifications are about other things and not that serious. Help & troubleshooting for channels on your Roku device, including adding/removing channels, logging in to, authenticating, or activating a channel, channel-specific playback issues, assistance contacting channel publishers to report issues, and adjusting channel-specific settings. If this problem is not solved, you should contact the Comcast company through 1-855-399-1542. For immediate assistance, check out the Xfinity Assistant. Verify all power cords are connected and plugged into a working outlet or power strip. If you are encountering an issue using their channel, you'll want to contact their support team to report the issue and request more help. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Press J to jump to the feed. Sometimes the box can get stuck while in the booting process. We can help with: technical issues, general service questions, upgrades & downgrades, new accounts & transfers, disconnect requests, credit requests and more. Have they added the new modem MAC address to the account and is it in enabled status? As a reminder, Xfinity requires their customers to be using an Xfinity internet connection, and have the additional streaming service added on to their subscription, in order to use their Xfinity Stream app/channel on devices such as a Roku. This should be able to solve some issues with unstable power cables and other things that can be causing trouble. just to see if it'll activate. Get "This video cannot be played. You have to be connected to the Comcast network at YOUR house to use this. At Mom's, my phone app will not work while on her wifi, but does when I disconnect and go to mobile data. I can’t seem to activate my Apple Watch series 4, I have an Apple iPhone 6s it’s paired I turned off wifi on both the iPhone and the Apple Watch. After some research I found out that that particular modem had a glitchy chipset issue so I ordered a replacement, which is the modem I was attempting to activate today. All lights were appropriately green and solid. Check to ensure the outlet and the power strip is working. If you any more issues please reach back out. Garbage. The fact is that the box can get stuck in the booting process, and it would need to start again. What Internet Service is Available in My Area? That stated information is … yes on the block sync. I told her I was swapping out modems. It's been in "beta" for years. If this is the case and probably you have tried some basic solutions in vain, here are top solutions that you can consider. I’ve deleted app. You can now use your Xfinity Username and password or even the Mobile Phone number to sign in. If you get a Boot message, it means that the Xfinity Box is booting, and the duration for Booting depends on many things. Xfinity customer service is poor so I don’t have high hopes that this is fixed soon. What do I do when my Xfinity box says boot? If yes, then this means there’s a message from Comcast. We actually just fixed it a couple minutes ago. At 5:30p I walked out with both phones activated and my 12 with its own number. Give it about 5 minutes and put it back to power.

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