WNAC owner, Shepard launched other radio networks to serve a host of regional radio stations with news coverage and more robust programming. All Rights Reserved. Mel Phillips, who replaced Bob Henabery as program director, served in that position from 1967 to 1972 before being replaced by Scotty Brink. The radio station operates a talk-radio format out of their studio located at Cabot Road in Medford. WRKO also carried Boston Celtics basketball broadcasts from 2005 to 2007, when WEEI assumed the flagship station role. The Financial Exchange with Barry Armstrong, a regionally syndicated financial talk show, airs in late mornings. WRKO’s weekday programming includes Boston’s Morning display with Kim & VB (6-10am), The financial change with Barry Armstrong (10am-noon), The Kuhner record (12-3pm), The Howie Carr show (three-7pm), The Dave Ramsey show (7-10pm), The Jim Bohannon show (10pm-12am), beyond truth Radio (12-2am), Coast to Coast (2-5am), and This Morning with Gordon Deal (five-6am). _Hasync.push(['Histats.track_hits', '']); WRKO’s weekday programming includes Boston’s Morning display with Kim & VB (6-10am), The financial change with Barry Armstrong (10am-noon), The Kuhner record (12-3pm), The Howie Carr show (three-7pm), The Dave Ramsey show (7-10pm), The Jim Bohannon show (10pm-12am), beyond truth Radio (12-2am), Coast to Coast (2-5am), and This Morning with Gordon Deal (five-6am). _Hasync.push(['Histats.start', '1,4237837,4,0,0,0,00010000']); The signal from their station is highly directional during night time, so they don’t interfere with other radio channels like CFTR 680 located in Toronto, Canada. The station was licensed to operate in Lawrence, Massachusetts. 1937 saw WNAC become an NBC Red Network member as an affiliate after CBS moved on to WEEI. In effect, this new WNAC (680 AM) licensed to Lawrence became the successor to WNAC (1260 AM) licensed to Boston.

The FCC license hearings culminated in the loss of the company's license to operate WNAC-TV;[27] RKO General sold the station assets to New England Television Corporation, who was awarded a license for a replacement station. WRKO AM 680 Boston is a radio station in the United States. This format was adopted by other stations across the country, including RKO General stations KHJ Los Angeles, WHBQ Memphis and WOR-FM in New York (now WEPN-FM). playerInstance.setup({

[63] iHeartMedia acquired WRKO, WBZ, WZLX and WKAF as part of a multi-market station and asset swap between it and Entercom; to meet ownership limits set by the FCC, WKOX was designated to be divested. WRKO's other main competitor was WMEX, which was Boston's original Top 40 station, starting the format in 1957. WRKO AM 680 is a talk-radio station located in Boston, Massachusetts. "Modification of License." A year later, WNAC would be the first channel to organize a network broadcast with another radio station, WEAF in New York City. WAAB became a member of Mutual Radio Network in 1935 as an affiliate.

[30][31], After a long and protracted battle, FCC administrative law judge Edward Kuhlmann ruled on August 11, 1987 that all of RKO General's broadcast licenses, including WRKO's license, be denied renewal;[32][33][34] this excluded WOR-TV, which had its city of license changed from New York to Secaucus, New Jersey, in an attempt to avoid the loss of its license, then was divested to MCA Inc. nine months prior to the ruling. [43] American Radio Systems merged its station holdings with CBS Radio in 1998;[38] WRKO was spun off to Entercom, along with WAAF (now WKVB), WEEI (850 AM), WWTM (now WVEI) and WEGQ (now WEEI-FM), for $140 million.[44]. The Red Baron was both the pilot and traffic reporter, flying at 1000 feet over Boston, in a fixed wing aircraft. [28][29] WNAC-TV signed off permanently on May 21, 1982, with WNEV-TV (now WHDH-TV) taking its place the next morning. Ventures under the umbrella of the Winter Street included two radio networks, four AM stations and two FM stations owned by John Shepard III; and his brother; Robert Shepard’s department store in Providence. WNAC offered a full range of entertainment all through the 20s to the 50s, with news, sports, game shows, dramas, and comedies featuring regularly. Good For you Jeff I love your afternoon show, but now I may come back and listen to WRKO in the morning like I used to in the 1980s. In a three-year period from 1978 to 1981, WRKO lost a chunk of its audience. WRKO is one of three AM stations owned by iHeartMedia in the Boston market that features a spoken word format; WBZ (1030 AM) has an all-news radio format during the day and local talk all night, while WXKS (1200 AM) carries an entirely syndicated conservative talk line up. iHeartMedia Boston announced today that Jeff Kuhner’s The Kuhner Report is returning to morning drive on WRKO-AM 680, The Voice of Boston, effective November 26. Channel Website; Login to Save as Favorite; WRKO AM680 website address is www.wrko.com. Not all radio station feature for 24 hours daily.
It was founded by a Boston businessman, John Shepard III. WRKO 680 AM Boston MA WRKO 680 AM Boston MA. abouttext: "RadioLiveNews",
var hs = document.createElement('script'); hs.type = 'text/javascript'; hs.async = true; He bought into the idea of publicizing himself and his stores on his son’s radio station, so much so that he helped him out financially. The move to a Top 40 format in March 1967 was an enormous success. "width": 540, aspectratio: '16:10', The WRKO studios are located in the Boston suburb of Medford, while the station transmitter resides in nearby Burlington. [61], On February 2, 2017, CBS Radio announced it would merge with Entercom;[62] that October 10, CBS and Entercom placed WRKO, along with WKAF, WBZ, WBZ-FM, and WZLX, up for divestiture as part of the process of obtaining regulatory approval of the merger. Boston Herald, January 31, 1967, p. 35. During the age of radio success with the top 40 hits format, AM 1510 WMEX was the main competition WRKO had. The network broadcast was facilitated by a 100-foot antenna connected to the roof of the building by a clothesline. Virtually any station using the Drake sound rose to the top of its market. This proved popular with the audience in the 18-34 age range, and they were rated as one of Boston’s top audio broadcasting stations. For the next decade, WRKO was one of Boston's top-rated radio stations, and absolutely dominant among its target audience of listeners in the 18-34 demographic. In contrast to other Top 40 formats at the time, it featured a limited playlist of only the top hits, with strict minimal talk and a more music approach presented in a straightforward manner. Give away WRKO T-shirts!

His second Network radio was called The Colonial Network. WNAC’s 1260kHz license was sold that year, and it took over WLAW’s 680kHz AM frequency. 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 324 total reviews. [35] Gencorp initially appealed the ruling,[36] but was advised by the FCC that any appeal would be denied, and that their stations should be divested instead so as to avoid the indignity of additional license stripping without compensation. Known to its listeners as "The Big 68," WRKO was home to such well-known personalities as longtime morning man Dale Dorman, Chuck Knapp, Joel Cash, Johnny Dark, J. J. Wright, J. J. Jeffrey, Harry Nelson (Afternoon Drive and later PD of WRKO in 1978), Shadoe Stevens, Frank Kingston Smith (who was known as "Bobby Mitchell"), Steve Anthony and many others. It is authorized to Boston, Massachusetts and spreads broadcasting region of New England.

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