I am more than aware of the popularity of treadmills, especially curved ones, with sprinters and runners. For beginners, curved treadmills may be hard to run on at first. Treadmill running is about conditioning, not top speed development. To cut a long story short, the AirRunner gives you the best combination of feel, features and warranty conditions. The Trueform Runner is another excellent curved treadmill that is great for speed training and improving your running form (hence the name, Trueform Runner). One of the things you will often hear from curved manual treadmill (CMT) companies is that their product will “make you a better runner,” or “place you in better position to run more efficiently.” My personal experience indicates that these types of claims are both inaccurate and irresponsible. The main benefit of the custom surfaces is that it allows you to use different types of footwear. While they use the Woodway Curve for these specific purposes, they are very careful to not over-rely on the machine, particularly given the fact they are training finely-tuned world-class sprinters that must be intimately familiar with running fast on solid ground. Basically, it means that the runners had to use 38.4% more fuel/oxygen/energy in order to maintain a particular speed on a curved treadmill. I looked at four systems, all having various friction levels of the treads and slightly different designs of the curve, including radius and slope. Thanks for you help. I did find it easier to get the treadmill up to speed and maintain a moderate velocity. To download a printable PDF copy of this article, please select the link below: I was late getting onto social media. While not exactly similar to over-ground running, CMT running at higher velocities imposes greater hamstring involvement and can be likened to loaded upright running. If the TrueForm can do this at slower speeds, the next question is how much influence it has on sprinting. In many ways, this was the best treadmill to start with, as it appears to offer slightly greater belt resistance than most of the other brands. My favorite of the five studies shared the effects of running on the ground after spending a few bouts on the TrueForm, and the results were subtle but still notable. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, A curved treadmill works more muscle groups –, Another huge benefit of curved treadmills is that it uses more muscle groups than a traditional treadmill. This is great for improving your cardiovascular fitness and your V02 max, but it makes it harder to assess your training performance, especially if you are preparing for an upcoming race. 2. An advantage of curved treadmills is that by working the muscle groups highlighted above, a curved belt manual treadmill promotes a natural running form which is a massive bonus when you transfer from the treadmill to the roads or track. The best way I could characterize the feel of the Assault Air Runner is a combination of the TrueForm Runner’s deck geometry and the slick quality of the Woodway Curve’s belt. There have been some studies done to explore how a curved treadmill could be used in testing athletes, but they are more about reliability in conditioning tests than ground reaction forces or running mechanics. Assault AirRunner Treadmill: In-depth Review, Garmin Forerunner 745 vs Forerunner 645 – Product Comparison, Garmin Forerunner 745 vs Garmin Venu – Product Comparison, Garmin Forerunner 745 vs Forerunner 945 – Product Comparison. To put that in perspective, let’s recall the belt warranty for the other treadmills in this list: In terms of actual performance, the Trueform runner is just as good as the other curved treadmills in this roundup. Know that you can probably get a cheaper flat treadmill option, but it won’t be self-regulating. My biggest complaint while using a motorized treadmill for my personal tempo runs, or prescribing them for an athlete, is that I was required to manually adjust the velocity of the belt between each interval run. Your email address will not be published. Anyone that tries to go super fast on a True Form for instance will know that the treadmill will give you immediate feedback I’d you have poor hip position, leaning torso angle, or a bunch if kickback. For instance, you could comfortably use: This is definitely the standout feature of the Trueform Runner. If your clients are not looking for a high performance solution for their fitness goals, and simply want to run intervals at a slow to medium speed, one of the less expensive CMT machines might be the best option. Should I stagger my use of one throughout the week? I am still kicking myself for not getting on board with Bitcoin at $300 when my friend told me about it four years ago, but these oversights are rare occurrences. Convenient Self-Regulation of Velocity. It also reinforces pushing behind instead of up unnecessarily, beyond what is needed. For the ease of discussion purposes, I will refer to the curved manual treadmills as CMTs for the remainder of this article. There is no “one-size fits all” winner among these individual brands as it currently stands. They set out to determine whether exercise performed on a curved treadmill provides greater physiological stimulus than exercise performed on a motorized treadmill. The Assault AirRunner is a well-manufactured curved treadmill that excels at interval training, speed training and short distance endurance training. One common negative review, however, is that the screen stopped working after a few sessions. A few acceleration treadmills exist, but most of them are incline options that use support bars and one of them— the HiTrainer—uses a chest support. He has had the privilege of working with great athletes that have been All-American and school record holders. To me personally

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