There, Turtle foreshadows Sky and Wren because he reveals his mother read scrolls to him about many things, including “scavengers who spoke Dragon.”.

Don't get me wrong: I love the IceWing aristocracy. i … However, the moral of Winter Turning was that the circle rankings are meaningless, and that there are other ways to value a dragon.

I also like Winter’s sanctuary as evidence and I made this theory before Dragonslayer so I used Book 9 for evidence. 7. Jerboa II is the one who stopped animus magic. That is, until a storm of unidentified dragons arrives on her shore, looking for asylum. If the dragons need to make alliances with scavengers, then Sky is the perfect protagonist. Apr 30, 2020 Quin Young rated it it was amazing.

Where did you hear that the protagonist of book 15 will be Pantalan? Lmao are you sure you didn’t just get an early copy of the book?? 5. And other questions. We've seen that burning the Breath of Evil just creates smoke, which can still infect and control dragons, so MudWings, SandWings, SkyWings and NightWings won't really be able to do anything. By Feather/HER NAME KEEPS CHANGING HELP HER LIFE and Snowfeather/Typhoon Published …

I'm not married to this reason, though, and I'm sure the real one will make a lot more sense. If you'd like to join, we also have a discord server! Hopefully, being in close proximity to Winter and Lynx, perhaps the only decent IceWings (Hailstorm is ok too), will help her in being a better queen and helping others. If you'd like to join, we also have a discord server! This will let Sundew, Cricket, etc into the kingdom to protect everyone from the Breath of Evil, and also set the stage for a Game of Thrones-esque last stand in the Ice Kingdom for Book 15. I’m pretty sure this whole magic not working thing is Jerboa’s fault, More posts from the WingsOfFire community, This subreddit is dedicated to Wings of Fire, a New York Times bestselling fictional series by Tui T. Sutherland. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if at least half or more of these turn out to be true.

Moon is kinda just a hunch. The foreigners are strange and, Snowfall is certain, utterly untrustworthy. Who better to be with him than the one IceWing who was nice to him, Lynx? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. If my hunch about scavengers being the key to the dragons' salvation is right, then they'll need someone more qualified than Winter to communicate with them. 4. Discussion. Lynx's parents are just minor nobles I believe. I suppose SeaWings could take refuge in the Deep Palace and the RainWings could use venom (even though they won't), but we'll likely see IceWings using frostbreath to safely shrivel and destroy the Breath of Evil plant which will be brought over by the infected dragons to infect more.
you're giving people notifications for a thread that's died. Just show me all your theories :) (edited by administrators) 2.

She's a previous POV, plus she just got together with Qibli, and is a beloved character. Necroposting is adding to a thread that no one has posted on for a long time. First, the Icewings have a very paranoid queen that would not appreciate strange dragons in her kingdom. I don't think so., Press J to jump to the feed. Snowfall will have to decide whether or not to (somehow) take down the wall to save everyone or remain isolated while everyone else dies.

GUYS STOP REPLYING DO I NEED TO GET A MOD TO CLOSE THIS, (edited by Glasswing the HiveWing-SilkWing). We've seen that burning the Breath of Evil just creates smoke, which can still infect and control dragons, so MudWings, SandWings, SkyWings and NightWings won't really be able to do anything. Here it is. Lynx has been confirmed to play a major role (she'll even be on the back cover! In the same vein as realizing that IceWings are not superior and understanding that cooperation between everyone leads to success, Snowfall will also get rid of the Circle and judge people based on their character, not their rankings. My money is still on the SkyWings, since we haven't had much with them (MudWings too, but let's be honest… no one likes MudWings lmao). You don’t need to comment, if you are not going to share your opinion and are just going to keep saying that this should die, then just stop posting, we are not affecting you!

Good evidence and very logical assumptions!

Explore Wikis; Community Central ... but i think that would be in the actual plot of book 14, and as i said before, it would be a little too much icewing.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Sequoia, maybe, but certainly not Blue, and probably not Swordtail.

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