How about make it original at only $13.9/page? The human slave trade also provided employment, but that was no argument for perpetuating it. Some people say that caging the animals is a money-making gimmick and it is unethical as it deprives them of their freedom. It can raise the awareness of these people about these animals. They put a balance to the growth of prey. And while I don’t demand that every chicken I consume be certified to have enjoyed an open meadow and a vibrant social life, if I can eat free range, I will. Zoos contain animals such as elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes, penguins, and gorillas which are placed in cages for human observation and studies.

We will never know exactly what was going on in Tilly's mind, but we do know that he has been in captivity since he was about two years old – he was captured off the coast of Iceland in 1983. 05/2014 Animals in Captivity as well as Animals Outside Captivity, Oprah Winfrey: a Personality Analysis Using the Cognitive-Experiential Domain, Essay about Causes of the French Revolution, Essay Inquiry in to Shell Company's Code of Ethics, Effects of Violent Video Games on Children Essay, Essay about informative speech Bill Gates, Essay about Points of View in Realism...Hedda Gabler. One example of this comes from a zoo in the United Kingdom. Moreover, the degree of confinement in an aquarium is extreme, for no tank, no matter how large, can come close to meeting the needs of animals who spend their lives in social groups swimming long distances in the ocean. WHY EVOLUTION IS TRUE Attempts to defend amusement parks and circuses on the grounds that they "educate" people about animals should not be taken seriously. Jerry A. Coyne

An adult elephant consumes about 3 quintals green fodder daily and 30-50 gallons (150-250 Its) water. Is it right to keep such large animals in close confinement? Movies such as Black Fish and Unlocking the Cage showcase some of the troubling behaviors animals in captivity portray. There are reasons behind these animals called to be wild. It is migratory in nature in. They are unnecessarily confined in unnaturally small spaces, and kept from the society by cages and bars.

Report a Violation 10. From management point of view, the habitat should be improved in such a way that it can meet its food and water demands. The cheeseburger question we leave to our progeny. Wild polar bears are confined in spaces that are more than a million times smaller than their natural, With Reference to 1 Modern Farming Technique.

To raise its population, the habitat-improvement is the most important. Something needs to be done about the small enclosures, lack of entertainment to keep the animals occupied and the fact that animals are dyeing when they are finally let back into the wild. Animal Cruelty can be expressed as the infliction of physical pain, suffering or death upon an animal, when not necessary for purposes of training or discipline or (in the case of death) to procure food or to release the animal from incurable suffering, but done wantonly, for mere sport, for the indulgence of a cruel and vindictive temper, or with reckless indifference to its pain (MSPCA). Until our governments take action, we should avoid supporting places where captive wild animals perform for our amusement. Management, in order to enhance its population, should be done in developing the habitat as per its ecological requirements. It is reasonable to suppose that the sudden separation was traumatic for Tilly. That is his nature, and it would take years of evolution to change that fact. "You must agree to out terms of services and privacy policy", Don't use plagiarized sources. Though, when their time comes, they should refrain from moral preening. The management of bears should be as per their required ecological-conditions of the habitats to enhance their population. By the time rescuers arrived, Brancheau was dead. People do not go to zoos for educational purposes they simply go to be entertained and diverted by weird and wonderful creatures seen as objects of beauty and entertainment. In December, President Obama said that he wished to see Iran ultimately become a “very successful regional power.” His wish — a nightmare for …, It was but a year and a half ago that Barack Obama endorsed the objective of abolition when he said that Iran’s heavily fortified Fordow nucle…. Sometimes you have to choose. They are prevented from leading their own lives such as gathering their own food, developing their own social orders and generally behaving in ways that are natural to them.

Several countries – among them Austria, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, India, Israel and Sweden – ban or severely restrict the use of wild animals in circuses.

Today, the enclosures are more forgiving, the bars largely gone, the running space more ample.   If the mating habits of the Arctic caribou have to be disturbed so we can produce 1 million barrels of oil a day — on a drilling footprint the size of Dulles Airport in a refuge the size of Ireland — I say: Apologize to the amorous herd, then drill. It also requires little amount of water and can remain without it for several days but needs more water than the blackbuck. Photograph: Chris Park/AP, International Marine Mammal Project for the Earth Island Institute. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website.

It, most commonly found exotic pets in many homes. It prefers dry and bushy savannah habitat but also lives in open grassy field near the forest. Their living conditions are deplorable, especially in travelling circuses where cages have to be small so that they can go on the road. In hilly areas, it is found below 1500-1800 m height. A famous wild animal is the tiger. They generally live in places where fallen boulders and rocky out growth are found to take protection from hot sun. In most countries, it is possible to visit zoos and see bored animals pacing back and forth in cages, with nothing to do but wait for the next meal. Zoos and aquariums are huge attractions and can be found all over the world. Although it may seem to a lot of people that belonging in the zoo can be good for these animals, it is not always the case. Likewise, you cannot have a happy fish out of water. Although it may seem to a lot of people that belonging in the zoo can be good for these animals, it is not always the case. Edge-effect and Interspersion of the habitat are very much preferred by this species as it gets favourable natural facilities in such conditions. It is expert in climbing the trees and nocturnal in nature. They could be the friendliest animal a person can pat on the head on. What happens behind those closed gates is much harsher than anyone can imagine. • The examiner will have already provided you a writing answer document on which to write your essay.

He does not need any human being to feed him, or to clean him. Moreover, people visiting zoos get to know the animals from close and encourage research which helps in conservation for the wild animals. A study in 2008 found that Asian elephants in European zoos have a maximum life span of just 18.9 years compared to 41.7 years for wild elephants in an Asian logging camp. To its credit, Barnum & Bailey is retiring its elephant acts.

Undoubtedly, aquatic animals should NOT be held in captivity; they’re part of nature and should not be bought, sold or thrown in an aquarium. When living behind bars, no matter how much space is given to them, they are not free. To save from epidemics, it should be introduced in other habitats which will also help in raising population. Make sure you have filled in your name, your signature, your birthdate, and your registration number. Please subscribe to keep reading. Real Past IELTS Exam

Moreover, people visiting zoos get to know the animals from close and encourage research which helps in conservation for the wild animals. It, in return, can be very unpredictable.

Rate this post Animals love being in their natural habitat; the wild. Animal captivity has been an ongoing debate for over 60 years. For the necessities of water and shelter; cheetal is restricted to live in the forest area having less than 30″ (762 mm) rainfall and, hence, prefers the habitat of large meadows mixed with dense forest in between for shelter and so found in open forest of secondary-succession. Though in general; antelopes require little water, but blackbuck consumes very littler water and, therefore, water is not the limiting-factor for this species.

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