It may just be due to the fact that your population is 6 times greater so there are 6 times as many people to offend. I did not read all the responses but I do want to add a technicality. But that word has never been in my vocabulary for that reason. God is the only one but the Bible is read, is practiced, is lived in the whole of it! Maybe some will get my point. What does the first commandment mean?. At least that's the way I see it, and not being a Christian, I might well be completely wrong. The American Heritage Dictionary defines the verb “to damn” as “the act of pronouncing an adverse judgement upon.”, To call upon God to damn something is neither sinful nor unbiblical. But, as we know, there is no Baal or Marduk. Informations sur votre appareil et sur votre connexion Internet, y compris votre adresse IP, Navigation et recherche lors de l’utilisation des sites Web et applications Verizon Media. So, goddamn isn't really bad, it just has a particular harshness to it that doesn't lend itself to casual use nearly as much as other words. I’ve heard many comments about how God seems mean in the Old Testament. Shouldn’t Christians Avoid Every Form (Appearance) of Evil? I don’t know what your agenda is but you are an idiot. It’s four letters, which is a sign that it’s a bad word, and it means that you’re cursing somebody or something to Hell. that everyone is saying these days….so many times per day and for everything…u see it in tv shows, movies and real life……… What does this mean for us? Damn is like cursing someone, so you could (literally) consider it a curse word. You should say God Bless you instead , it's much kinder. Though our speech is a reflection of how we may respect (or disrespect) God, I have always felt that God had a greater intent for this commandment than simply regulating how we use His name in our daily discourse. He has been in ministry for nearly twenty years as a pastor, author, speaker, and blogger. Hi everyone, The grand prize winner will take home the console and game. They take religion christianity more seriously than most here do, it's silly though.
You think it – therefore, what ever one thinks is so is he. I’m only making you aware of the offense taken. I say it about a million times a day but I cuss a lot more than normal. So let’s take a look at Christianity. charged with blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, we should beware of professional weaker brethren, “God says that if you send in this much money, you will be blessed.”. I’m not advocating that we should take the Lord’s name in vain, but that our understanding of what this commandment means is mistaken. Some consider it to be in bad taste, especially when religion is more highly regarded here in the U.S. The whole reason I brought this up is because as you can see, based on the simple word you used in relation to God offended me, but I’m not judging you based on it. Here is an example. I hang out with people that say it, so I wouldnt say its that big a deal. In fact, from a purely objective standpoint, I don’t believe that this phrase causes God to even bat an eye. I prefer "gosh fucking dang it" because mixing profanity levels is fun. You’re right.

I don’t know where you got your biblical education but it doesn’t seem to be from any actual study of the bible and the context of the verses you cited. First, we must try to understand what it meant when it was written. There is only one who knows why you are there. In the model prayer that Jesus taught his Disciples to pray Jesus initiated the prayer with, “Our Father which art in Heaven …” He did not throw in a lot of interjections and fillers with God’s name. It is different if you say “Dear G-d, will you damn it.” He might. Why is saying God Damn so bad in the USA? my mom didn’t care what four letter words i used as long as i didn’t take the lord’s name in vain. To no avail; without success: Our labor was in vain. >>>There is only one who knows why you are there. , Be careful what u say. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I hear that all the time here. 2 years ago. I don't care about vulgarity, but profanity really bothers me. I would suggest that the meaning would cover the taking the identity of Christian while not really living a truly Christian life, just for appearances–vanity–rather than to love God and serve To advance His Kingdom and be an example for others in need of the Grace of salvation. I guess I'm one of those weirdo Christians who avoids it. Your email address will not be published. This topic is locked from further discussion. Would you have the same offense if someone were to stub their toe and say “Yahweh damn it!” I doubt it. Remember… judge not lest ye be judged.

Even the Bible transcribers would stop and wash, etc. Most of them put there by you and by me.
It damages His reputation and character through false and unsure claims. Hence “You will not take the name of your Lord G-d’s name in vain”. I'm pretty sure it's breaking one of the Ten Commandments. It does us no good to anachronistically impose our understanding upon an ancient text. Our actions make a false claim on who He is and what His character is like. All are worthy of death. Lord forgive me. If God did something, then He has a sufficiently wise and moral reason for doing so. Thanks for writing this I think it provides much needed clarity. This can be seen even today as the name Jesus means very little because of its constant misuse. With all the talk about cursing pastors, the evolution of swearing in the blogosphere, and the general confusion around this issue (even in Christian circles), I thought I’d take a stab at explaining what it really means to take the Lord’s name in vain. If all one needed to do to keep the third commandment was to avoid saying certain socially unacceptable words or phrases, it would be the easiest of the Ten Commandments to keep! In this light, murder breaks numerous Commandments, not just one.

If Jesus is the God of the Old Testament he is guilty of some of the most barbaric, horrific acts of infanticide and genocide known to man.

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