As the wedding festivities get underway, the phony waitstaff work their way to the safe. The same way you can say someone has a problem with his leg, you should be able to say someone has a brain problem. Sometimes if they say I should fast and I drink water or take food, they (the church staff) put me on a chain,", Similarly, an Islamic faith healer in northern Nigeria told HRW that he whips patients, leaving scars on their body, as a way to, "If you are treating someone who is mentally unwell and he acts in a way that is causing a disturbance, you will have to treat him. A judge hears Zulema's request for a deal. Go to Solution. You can change (your cookie preferences); by clicking accept, you accept all cookies. To pay back Anabel's favor, Macarena is forced to undertake a risky mission. Other characters will return and join Maca and Zulema in their criminal endeavors, this time outside the prison’s walls. Sole's exit strategy hits a snag. President Muhammadu Buhari also said in October of the same year that he would look into the. Fox Network Groups in Spain and Globomedia, the Barcelona-based parent company of production house The Mediapro Studio, have announced a spinoff to Mediapro’s flagship Catalan series “Vis a Vis” (“Locked Up”). Teenager Vivi has a disturbing encounter. An oppressive new head of security forces Macarena and the other inmates of Cruz del Sur to do whatever it takes to survive. Keeping someone locked up will not only harm them physically, but they will start to feel low and dehumanized too," she said. Rizos steals a phone to bring a joyful moment to the inmates, but gets a brutal punishment. As the scene in the woods plays out in flashbacks, Rizos learns she must get a job on the outside, and Zulema reveals a secret to Saray's family. The choir performs at a retirement home, where some of the singers use the opportunity to stock up on drugs. It should be like every other illness," she said. Rizos gets an offer she can't refuse, even if it means betraying Macarena. Goya immediately preys upon Fátima. A smuggling malfunction causes chaos in the henhouse. During her first night, a kindly cellmate disappears. Rojas shares her bad news. Palacios makes a confession to Fabio. She also added there aren't enough mental health professionals in the country, making it difficult to access mental health care. Rizos proposes a sexy fundraiser for Macarena's legal defense.

Fans of the hit series have been clamoring on social media platforms for more, and will be thrilled to know that eight new episodes will release next year.

An inmate says a difficult goodbye.

Altagracia's investigation of the cash found in Unai's locker puts a target on her back. An accident scares Macarena into fleeing overseas with the other escapees. When his fiancée disappears, he must uncover buried secrets — or lose everything. He added that when they realized on the way back home from camp that the expected healing didn't happen, they brought in another pastor to pray for him at home. Chained and locked up, why some Nigerians turn to religion first to treat the mentally ill . Mercedes's daughter goes missing. Miranda picks a security chief. "There are drugs and medical facilities that can help with mental illness. For example, with a population of more than 200 million people, there are only. Sole is scared off by the hope Fernando offers her. Encarna brings the Egyptian's ashes to his mother. Javier Pons, head of TV at The Mediapro Studio described the spin-off as a “final showdown,” praising the work series creator Iván Escobar has done in shaping the series. For the three days, I had no food or water. "I don't just want any mental health bill to be passed. Not saying you live in a shitty place, but I've NEVER seen bath products locked up were I live. Leopoldo and Román track down the Egyptian's camper van. Based on Elísabet Benavent's bestselling novel series "Canciones y recuerdos." Locked up for trying to take his own life, in a country where it's a crime to attempt suicide.

So they took me for prayers with the hope that I'd be cured of whatever was wrong," he told CNN. Saray receives shocking news from her mother. Data on mental health in the country is hard to come by, but an estimated, And in 2017, a World Health Organization report found that Nigerians have. Karim forces Zulema's lawyer to give him a lead on the Egyptian. Fabio pays Macarena a visit. Zulema learns about the Chinese gang's escape plan and drug-smuggling method, and takes steps to hijack both. Zulema contrives to destroy Susana's loyalty to her husband. Learn more about our use of cookies and information. When Rizos is jumped for taking over the drug trade, Macarena searches for a way to strip Anabel of her power. But Zulema has one last heist in mind, and they'll need expert help to pull it off. 1. Rizos takes her exam. It wasn't my choice, but the pastor said it was good for me. Sole tracks down the family of the heart donor. Saray's big day arrives. By Aisha Salaudeen, CNN. Castillo turns against Leopoldo and breaks his promises to help Macarena. "I felt irritation all over my body.

Macarena agrees to be Rizos's girlfriend.

Dump Bin Download v3.f3d. A flashback recalls the day Zulema was released from prison.

Sandoval shares a suspicion with Miranda about her husband. Mercedes learns who was actually behind her daughter's disappearance. Sole seeks to avenge her husband's murder. Updated 12:09 PM ET, Sat October 10, 2020 .

Under the guise of a conjugal visit, Zulema shares a secret plan with Román that will benefit them both. Altagracia uses her knowledge of the prison's inner workings to devise an escape. Dead Mosquito 74m. Mental health awareness is needed to combat the widespread use of religious and traditional healing centers for mental care, according to Dr. Orjinta. Perhaps, you should stop shopping in your local prison PX.

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