The two engaged in a short battle, with Roku finally destroying most of the palace and defeating Sozin. Firebending Fighting styles Roku also manifested himself in Aang to defeat a group of firebenders who waited outside of the sanctuary to capture the young airbender; he seized control of the fire bent at him and sent it back in a powerful wave that knocked back all opposition and melted the chains of those captured.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Subsequently, the Fire Lord approached Roku shortly after the wedding and took a walk with him.
Reign Sozin is possibly based off of real life dictators that escaped justice for their actions.

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Hair color [6][7][8] Thus, he acted as somewhat of a mentor and spiritual guide for Aang.

Biographical information Now that's a better question.. why didn't the dragon save him. When Roku confronted him years later about his actions in the Earth Kingdom, Sozin attacked him by unleashing a massive wave of fire against him, even though he did not have access to the power Sozin's Comet provided. Yun | Shady Shin |


Roku destroyed the Fire Nation Palace once and the Fire Temple twice. At their sixteenth birthday celebration, Roku was told by the Fire Sages that he was the Avatar, and the two friends were forced to separate as Roku goes to learn mastery of the three other elements.

After the comet, he lived 20 more years and had a son, Prince Azulon. [15], While Unalaq was attacking Raava, Korra envisioned Roku among the Avatar lineup she had seen prior to regaining her bending; however, his connection to Korra was severed due to Unalaq's assault on and subsequent destruction of the light spirit.

He told Aang that it was his reluctance to end Sozin's life that initially started the Hundred Year War, and that Aang must not make the same mistake by showing mercy to Fire Lord Ozai. Sozin had Azulon at age 82, very late in life. The real question is why he didn’t try to kill Roku’s dragon. Even though many years had passed, Sozin still considered Roku his best friend, and warmly greeted him upon his return. Sozin was ruthless as Fire Lord, as demonstrated by his ordering the genocide of the Air Nomads simply to locate and destroy a single obstacle to his power, and his decision to start the tradition of hunting dragons despite having one as a companion.

[13], As his reign carried on and the war escalated, Sozin established a cult of personality centered upon himself and the royal family, one that would be upheld through the reigns of Azulon and Ozai after him. [1], Sozin was an intelligent strategist.

Sozin removes the magma's heat.

Let's not forget the initial statement that Azulon was Fire Lord for 23 years, a very heavy retcon. Like many Fire Lords, Sozin was a powerful firebending master. If a restart doesn’t help, your software may be the problem. Tagaka |

The Fire Lord flew in on his dragon to assist his old friend.

Zaheer | By age twenty-eight, Roku was a master of all four bending arts and a fully realized Avatar, able to control the Avatar State and to bend all four elements simultaneously. An early script of the premiere episode included a friendly duel between Avatar Roku and Sozin when they were younger, similar to the one shown in ". New Ozai Society | Twenty-five years later, Roku's home island was consumed in a violent volcanic eruption so massive that even Fire Lord Sozin could see and feel it from his palace a hundred miles away. Seventeen years later, however, Roku discovered the colonies and came to rebuke him. Eska | As it was his native element, Roku was an accomplished firebender and used to practice with his former best friend, Sozin. Therefore, Rina gave birth to Ursa (born 62 AG) at the age of 35-40 (she was 99 chronologically) and was 55-60 when Azulon and Ozai came asking for Ursa to be Ozai's wife. Avatar Extras state that people in the Avatar universe believe that the power granted from Sozin's comet is what allowed Sozin to live as long as he did. Roku and Gyatso trained together at the Southern Air Temple. Where is the place where Roku uses the avatar state but spares Sozin? Image gallery (17) Being his natural opposite, he found it difficult to learn at first, but in time, he mastered it. He and every other Avatar present entered the Avatar State to restore her bending, and disappeared when this task was completed. He told Roku that he firmly believed the Fire Nation had entered a period of great prosperity, and proposed to Roku that together the pair could spread this wealth to the world by expanding the empire. Sozin also tried to get his best friend to confess his love for Ta Min, but Roku never found the courage to do so. Being Fire Lord, Sozin was a powerful firebending master. There, Roku informed Aang of the impending return of Sozin's Comet and described Fire Lord Ozai's plan to harness the comet's energy and gain victory in the War.

After learning of his identity as the Avatar, Roku began his journey to train under masters of the other three bending arts. Hama | Sozin had Azulon at age 82, very late in life. Successor So the end result is that their grandchildren are close in age to each other. War Minister Qin | He wasn't planning to, at first, and though he came to realize the benefit of Roku's death at the very end, he still couldn't bring himself to deliver the coup de grace.

According to Azula in a later recounting of the event, their defenses burned to a crisp in minutes.

His father (as Fire Lord) He spent the last years of his life hunting the new Avatar in vain. They also shared the same birthday, which they celebrated together.

[2] His affectionate nature remained even after his death as he offered his successor, Aang, a warm hug despite Aang damaging his connection to Roku and his other past lives.

I wrote, (well, series bibled,) four different series in the same universe that I knew the general order like Series C is set a decade after Series A, etc., but then writing the timeline had me realize, "Fuuuuuck, This character had to be born at this time and that group had to being that at the same time as the other group was doing this!".

Aang had promised to Zuko that he would end his life if he ever developed ridiculous plans just as his father had; the young Fire Lord appeared to be in such a mental state when he withdrew his support of the Harmony Restoration Movement. In payment for his near destruction of the Fire Sages' temple, Roku rebuilt parts of the temple and carved new underground passages out of the island's magma.

[1] Domestically, Sozin preferred to silence, but not to completely destroy, opposition to his policies. In Zuko Alone, Azula stated that Azulon wasn't the fighter he used to be. He reunited with Sozin, who had since been crowned as Fire Lord, greeting each other with a hug.

Enemies Right before the pyroclastic flow engulfed him, Fang curled up with Roku, and the two died together.[2]. He excelled in the art, eventually being able to best his master Sud in an earthbending wave race up a mountain. As they embraced, he told the young Avatar that his past lives could only advise him from their own perspectives and that he had to find balance, not just between human and spirit, but also the past and present. While Roku may have had a child at a normal age, his daughter Rina had Ursa very late in life, similar to Sozin. Infuriated at this act of war, Roku confronted Sozin. Roku and Sozin at their birthday celebration.In his youth, Prince Sozin and Avatar Roku were best friends and even shared the same birthday, which they celebrated together.

Ming-Hua | He was his friend and wanted to help hi., but since Roku was so unstable that you did not know if he'll be alive He thought he can take the chance.

Type of Villain

And they will call you mother. But wouldn't it make more sense to injure Roku, hold him hostage for 12 years, and then kill him after the Air Nomads are gone? After leaving the Southern Air Temple, Roku traveled to the Northern Water Tribe to learn waterbending. Avatar Genocidal Warlord. Successor Despite an initial struggle, Roku mastered waterbending. His control was not only powerful but precise – he could leave a single rock pillar standing while he leveled a building, and melt chains on others while leaving them unharmed. His immediate successor, Aang, was informed of his status at the age of 12, while the last known Avatar, Korra, was discovered to be the Avatar at the age of 4 and taught the other elements at a secluded.

Tokuga | After Roku's death (12 BG), Ta Min, fearing Sozin's next move and the possibility of him coming after her and her daughter Rina (born 37 BG), took Rina with her to the Spirit World (it wasn't hard for them to move because their home had been destroyed by the volcano eruption) to hide for an indefinite amount of time (they were allowed shelter because of their relation to Avatar Roku).

Seventeen years after Roku's wedding, he discovered that Sozin had proceeded with his plans and set up colonies within the Earth Kingdom.

Additionally, when Sozin wanted to eliminate the Fire Nation's ancient history to legitimize his policies, he chose not to destroy the historical corridors of the Dragonbone Catacombs but to simply seal them, believing that he could still learn from the past. It's like Ask Science, but for all universes other than our own. However, he was still no match for Roku, who had the other three elements and the Avatar State at his command. This is exemplified in the fact that he did not execute Fire Sage Kaja, a known friend of Roku, when the latter declared that the new Avatar had not died during the Air Nomad Genocide.

Despite having died years before, his actions caused almost all of the events of the series and its sequel The Legend of Korra. It could be that either Azulon was his only son or he did have older brothers but they all died fighting in the war thus leaving him to inherit the throne after their father.

Azula | Roku spared his life because of their past friendship but warned him never to move forward with his plans again, or it would result in his "permanent end.".
According to "Avatar Extras" an early script of the premiere episode included a friendly duel between Avatar Roku and Sozin when they were younger, similar to the one shown in ". Gilak |

It is also possible that Sozin's father was mentioned once in ". On your terms. Sozin began the tradition of hunting dragons, the original firebenders. At that point he was quite old. He told Roku that he felt insecure about killing Phoenix King Ozai, as he was taught by the Air Nomads to respect all life.

This task was particularly difficult for Roku, as water is the natural opposite of fire.

Voiced by This led to the near-extinction of the dragons.

Jet | Young However, after Sozin took up the throne and Roku became a fully realized Avatar, their friendship became strained, as Sozin desired the Fire Nation to encompass the entire world, a plan to which Roku was strongly opposed. However, Roku was greatly disturbed by this, telling Sozin that the four nations were meant to be separate and that he should not think of this again. [2], Roku eventually settled down and began living out his life with Ta Min,[2] with whom he later had a daughter, Rina.[4]. First appearance Short, simple answer: Bryke screwed the dates up or Writers Can't Do Math.

One of his lesser-known military accomplishments during this period was the Battle of Han Tui, which was applauded as a magnificent display of skill and military cunning.

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