what else do you have, any hermits or crabs? Farmers in places like Ghana are doing fine with it but Nigerian farmers are still trying to get the specie to thrive and prevent mortality. If you are a snail farmer, instead of getting spoiled and disposed fruits and vegetables try to source for your fruits and vegetables from the local market. That's what I call them! I'm not a pro on them!! Maybe I acclimated him poorly? Some Bettas are really mean to snails.

These vegetables and fruits are usually very cheap or free. Most of the disease that affect snails are highly transmittable from one snail to another. If you are a snail farmer reading this you probably understand what it means when your snails die from an unexplained cause. Remove any sick snail and wash hands thoroughly after touching a sick or dead snail. Mystery Snail seems dead but does not smell? I have a 26G tank with a good filter so my water never gets too cloudy.. What does it do and is it a need/must? I was crying because I didn't want him to go, today he was on his back with his foot and face sticking out. If the snail is too scared to come out of his shell when the Betta is around, that would be enough to starve him.

Most farmers who practice the intensive housing system can testify to this. When you feed your snails with such feed they will eventually get infected and your snails will die. It was a fungi infection. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Do not create any opportunity for bacterial or fungi to breed in the farm. Or will it be healthier for them. More research is needed to properly fully understand causative factors of snail diseases. Small white particles coming from my mystery snail. So far Astreas have been the best -haven't lost any- but they do move a lot slower than other species, My survivors are a cerith, turbo, astrea, and some hitchhiker I found, probably a nassarius. Do I really need to let water sit for a day before using it ... My Mystery Snail's Shell is Turning WHite? Wow, thanks for that info! Or it was the Betta. Also do snails have to change shells?Thank you for taking your time to read this and if you can reply! Carry out regular sorting and grade snails into different sizes. Any leafy veggie, you can throw right in. I have 4 snails and one of them died too. Please try again. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. (the algae wafer is a dark green, while Sheldon is a bit translucent) and for my betta, Aqua sometimes tries some of the food but spits it out. Body appears slightly yellow and not slimey at all. My excitement was cut short when I got to the farm and found 300 dead snails. Put it in the tank and after awhile it will sink. They float so you need to find a way to hold it down. Do you think that there is any merit to the thought that corals help manage ICH? Termite is one of the deadliest of them all. I suspect poor water quality is a factor here as a guess. I have a degree in Agricultural Science, worked my ass off to build a successful farm business and I want to show you how you too can do that in spite of your country's economic state. For instance breeding Achachatina Achachatina in Nigeria you have to create housing that will mimic the snails natural habitat. As a snail farmer, you need to carryout some important routine activities to prevent snail mortality. Other than that, I have no other idea what would kill him but old age. You have successfully subscribed to the newsletter. Be sure to separate with wax paper or a paper towel or they will stick together. He hasn't moved for days.

Any clue what happened to him? Can I keep the shell of my dead mystery snail? Wonder why his breathing tube broke? 2 days ago I saw that he wasn't eating and after a couple hours he was spread out on his side. Sometimes you just don't know why they die. I moved him into a container. If you are a farmer who wants to breed a particular species in another part of the world. Most times, your snails die because they have infection/disease. I give my snails calcium in many different ways.. A lot of people use cuddlebone for the water(it's found in the bird section of the pet store).. you read and agreed to the, http://petsnails.proboards.com/thread/9416/feed-snails?page=1. Snails are really sensitive to Ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrates, so major changes in those can cause death. - . If you don't want it floating around till it sinks, put a weight on it. My gold mystery snail is not in his shell. I use my aquarium magnet cleaner to hold it down. Which will help to prevent your snails from dying. Do you think the Betta was picking at him; like did he still have his antenna's? Believe it or not if your water PH is not ideal for your snails, they will die. I learnt this the hard way.

http://petsnails.proboards.com/thread/9416/feed-snails?page=1. I would like to get a bigger one, but I can't because it's more expensive and we don't have a lot of space upstairs(it gets a bit chilly at night downstairs)if it was the water conditions then would have my other fish died? The success of your snail depends on how well you are able to mimic the snails natural environment and control environmental factors.

If your snails continue to eat unhealthy feed from fruits and vegetables, snails will continue to die. Poor housing can also trigger low response to reproductive activities like mating.

Snails don't get sick really; they are just affected by bad water conditions like ammonia too high or a big change in ph. Snail mortality rate can range from 1-1000 snails in one day. He lived with 2 albino catfishes and a Betta. Snails are very sensitive to their immediate environment and could start dying when they is too much of slime in the pen. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Snail disease can be caused by a fungi, bacterial or parasite.

I can still remember how excited I was as a snail farmer because I had thousands of snails that were about 4-5months old. 5 Easy Ways to Control Tomatoes Diseases: Plymouth Rock Chicken: Breed Qualities, Origin, Size and How to Keep…, Araucana Chicken: Breed Characteristics and How To Breed Them, Rhode Island Red: Chicken History, Colour, Egg, Size, Varieties And How…, Breeds of Chicken: 20 Laying Chickens You Should Know, Organic Poultry Farming – The Beginners Guide, Oil Palm Production: A detailed beginners Guide to success, Rice Production: A detailed Guide to Rice Farming, Plymouth Rock Chicken: Breed Qualities, Origin, Size and How to Keep Them, Rhode Island Red: Chicken History, Colour, Egg, Size, Varieties And How To Breed Them, Apply For Gogettaz 2020 Agripreneur Price of $100,000. Low ph doesn't help their shell at all. When mine got that age they were a good golf ball size. The cause of snail mortality will always be a challenge for you as a farmer until you understand different causes of snail mortality. A large rock works or they sell veggie clips that suction onto the tank. I share this factor when speak to snail farmers about the many reasons why snails die. Snails die when the environment is no longer conducive. Disease causing organism breed in dirty environment. Does cuddle bone come in a powder or do you just put it in as a chunk? Did he have some calcium supplement to keep his shell strong so it wouldn't break? Here is a list of snail friendly veggies. Never saw such a thing. I feed then every skip a day, and the algae wafers are too big so they won't be able to finish it, leaving me to throw it out; which is wasting the food.

Then unless the problem is caught right away, they seem to go down hill; staying in their shells. Which can lead to snail mortality. The subreddit for anything related to aquariums!

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