Even after the trial is over and he's slated to be executed, he says absolutely nothing about it. And, once again, that assumes that she sprinted to the club immediately after Hajime did; before she could've left, she needed to hide everything she used to fake the feed (ladder, rope, candle, hospital gown), meet up with and explain the situation to Fuyuhiko, then get to the club.

Going off the previous point, the idea that the other memories were forcefully uploaded is full of crap. Mikan later awakens from her coma and together with her classmates helps the Future Foundation in stopping Ryota Mitarai from brainwashing the world with his Hope Video.

But you can't do that at Hope's Peak because every player on the team are Ultimates, they're already champions. With all of the innuendo implied.

Maybe he was impersonating Byakuya before entering Hope's Peak?

However, when Junko brainwashes Mikan without Ryota knowing, she attempts to molest him, completely traumatizing him in the process. This may be incorrect, but I remember it coming up that the motel keys were all the same. I really want this theory to be real because I ship Ibuki and Mikan with every fiber of my body. So how can executions be allowed? Nagito didn't seem aware of what was about to happen in the flashback which suggests not, but if that's the case isn't Makoto massively violating their free will, effectively erasing the person they've become and replacing them with someone with very different values?

In the library when Sonia talks about serial killers, Hajime and Sonia seemed to know beforehand from their pre-Hope Peak Academy memories that Genocide Jack is female, and Sonia even knows that Genocide Jack is specifically a middle or high school girl wearing a sailor uniform.

^ I know, you're completely right. Wouldn't that imply a suppressed memory is resurfacing? 2. Just because the school is bursting with Ultimate Athletes doesn't mean they have nothing to work on. Afterwords, Mikan didn't resist, and also didn't explode on her rocket; instead it vanished into space, leaving her to suffocate in the atmosphere, like how the chemicals in the injection would eventually have consciousness fade away. All of his classmates?

Ok so i always asked myself: "Why did Mikan kill Ibuki? I bet there'll be consequences for people who break the rules so the executions are a punishment for breaking the rules and are therefore allowed in some kind of contradicting way.

He is also very humbled during the first trial when he mistakenly assumed that Mikan complimented his appearance when she pointed out that there wasn't any blood on him. That it's a simulation, and not actual keys is probably enough to explain why they would all be the same. When finally backed into a corner and revealed as the culprit, Mikan ultimately finds solace in her beloved, and says that her motive for murder was simply her affection for them. Mikan later makes up for this by rescuing Hiyoko from a brainwashed man when she comes back from her comatose state. Then Chiaki's information shouldn't really be in it, since she was never existed before then. Mikan is an extremely meek, paranoid and fragile individual who suffers from hazardously low self-esteem as a result of severe abuse and bullying. nothing even happened between them. right?""No! Prior to The Tragedy, Ibuki was one of Mikan's first and best friends, which was later revealed in Monokuma's second motive, "Twilight Syndrome Murder Case". What was the whole point of the card reader thing if he was just planning to kill himself?

Her development started with her sort of forgiving Fuyuhiko, but it didn't have a chance to fully develop since the second victim was swapped at the last minute. But as soon as Junko came in the picture, she could've split the two up, probably causing Mikan to go back to her, "Please don't hate me I'll do anything spit on me if you want." Maybe it's foreshadowing for a future game? Accidental murders still count.

In chapter 2, why did Peko choose such an absurd story for her alibi? IIRC, in the official stage play it was indeed because Ibuki was the most convenient victim (she walked up to Mikan and had just been cured (which actually doesn't make sense because they were only cured in-game when a murder had taken place)) and Mikan was almost gleeful when Saiyonji saw them and she could therefor kill her off (I mean it was mentioned in-game that there was probably no hesitation when Saiyonji's throat was slit). Is it possible that since they couldn't retrieve her body, they simply imposed her image onto an anonymous body, just so they can get some sort of satisfaction? Because they bring up the point that it's strange that she didn't leave any footprints despite there being blood on her slippers, yet they never give an explanation how that could be! That isn't actually how the New World Program works. Though nervous and stuttering at first, she gradually lightens up, even asking him to come back and talk to her again.
Why exactly did Nagito join Ultimate Despair in the first place, if, even in Chapter 0, before he lost his memories, he calls Junko his enemy and attached her arm to himself out of hatred for her? It still doesn't make sense to me because Fuyuhiko explicitly says he was searching several areas around the Third Island with Mikan before they ran into Hajime and Chiaki. Ibuki is the murderer." One of which involves Chiaki Nanami, one half of the AI overseers. Mahiru was usually the one who tried to cheer Mikan up after she fell in a compromising pose and told her to be careful next time. Ibuki has a style of clothing that is very unlike what one would think a Light Music Club member would wear. Doing so was the traditional way in which Japanese courtesans tied their obis, with the intent that clients could more easily untie them and undress them. Mikan seems to have formed a liking for Hajime as he is the first person (on the Island) to have gone up to her and spoke to her, not wishing to bully her but only to have a casual conversation.

He tells Mikan to give it up, so he can still believe in her in the end. And no, he didn't meet Byakuya during the killing game in 1 but how likely is it that losing his memories made Byakuya turn into such an uptight condescending snob? Following the fall of Hope's Peak and the beginning of The Tragedy, Mikan joined the rest of Ultimate Despair in spreading chaos across the ruined world. Right after Mikan explains that she was happy to be able to play with a friend, which is one of the few instances where Mikan does not apologise for assuming that someone is her friend. She wears a sailor uniform with a black pleated skirt and ripped thigh highs (the right one i… There is a beauty mark under her left eye's corner. But Mikan's personality has already changed, and she was executed, leaving nothing but her malice for Hajime and the others. For example, in Danganronpa 3 manga, it was revealed that Hiyoko accidentally hurt Mikan when she and Mahiru ran into her while walking to school. How did it happen?

That's ironic from a literary perspective, but not from an in-universe one.

My overall question is how much exactly did Nagito know in Chapter 1, and post-4/5? Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad.

Mikan admires Nurse Joy and she helps her treat the sick and injured Pokemon.

But she could have easily just skipped the strangling part and hung her; then, the most decisive piece of evidence against her, the rope, wouldn't have proven anything, and she wouldn't have had to lie about Ibuki's cause of death! In the third trial, she uses him to give herself an alibi in the morning when they first discover the corpse. Take your pick which one you like the best. People could use the shower after having swum in the sea. While Nagito may have made out to Teruteru that he was going to commit murder, it is apparent from his gloom at Imposter dying, his longing for death and to be a stepping stone for others, as well as the blasé manner he reveals the entire set-up to Teruteru, that Nagito actually intended to be the first victim. The other students used to have “worth”, because of their talents. This is proven in Chapter 4. Nagito, just like he doesn't believe he can be saved from his worthlessness, doesn't think the others can either. Sonia is a serial killer enthusiast. If her body was flattened during the Detention part of the execution, how was any part of her that salvageable? was it really because it was the easiest way because of the Despair Disease or was it something else?

Most likely a jab at Yugoslav wars. The Detention execution didn't dismember her, it squashed her!

Super High School Level Health Committee Member).

Yeah, her clothes were in disarray, but they were on!

Due to a specific strand of the Despair Disease known as the Remembrance Disease, Mikan recovers her lost memories during Chapter 3, reverting her back to a Remnant of Despair, accompanied by a drastic personality shift which gradually reveals itself as she begins to be suspected as the blackened during the Class Trial. It's heavily implied that the murder weapon was a scalpel, but the trial focused more on Ibuki's murder.

Mikan probably just threw the weapon away at one point while she was running from point A to B. Their friendship comes to a complete end due to this, and Mikan joins the Ultimate Despair whereas Ryota joins the Future Foundation.

Moreover, Japanese is known to avoid pronouns whenever possible, so her actual gender is easily obscured in casual conversation. (So he made a plan under the plan under the plan. Country name is vaguely Slavic, she mentions castle (read: not East of Europe) and that the country is very small. He expresses considerable respect for him during his free time events, so he at least knows.

She has long multi-coloured hair consisting of black, pink, blue and white, some of which is tied into two oni horns on the top of her head.

Junko's the ultimate analyst, but she doesn't have a photographic memory.

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