More than a year later, she was cast in the Broadway hit All Over Town. Whilst in Cowtown, Flo had worked as a waitress, and was considered one of the best. When presented with the "grits" phrase, Polly was initially skeptical and complained that it sounded odd. All the waitresses in the various restaurants would get excited and say, "Oh, I want to send her something.

View production, box office, & company info. [1] In the movie, Flo was played by actress Diane Ladd (who would later play Flo's replacement, Belle Dupree on the Alice TV series. Title: Flo's Farewell Stage 3, Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA, The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. Where Flo was outgoing and graceful, Fran was introverted and clumsy.

The show really worked well, and it all ended with laughter and smiles. Sometimes, Flo would get insanely jealous over male attention being given to other people. Looking for something to watch?

Luckily, the powers that be at "Alice" didn't follow that bad practice. In the movie, Flo was played by actress Diane Ladd (who would later play Flo's replacement, Belle Dupree on the Alice TV series In addition to performing, Polly also finds herself making regular rounds to colleges and universities, speaking at acting seminars and instructing graduate students. Jimmie Joe fell madly in love with Alice in the episode of "Alice", "Love Me, Love My Horse". Mel was the only character from Alice who had made a visit to Flo. Whenever she was angry at him, which was often, she would often floor him with her famous catchphrase, "Mel, kiss mah grits!!!" They are not for sale and no challenge to ownership is implied. After three extremely unsuccessful marriages, (all three were in front of Justices of the Peace, she said that those three quickies didn't seem to take) Flo became a waitress at Mel's Diner in Phoenix, Arizona, a roadside diner run by one Mel Sharples. Many sitcoms of the 60s - 90s didn't do a good job of writing out characters, even ones that were instrumental to the success of the show. She was nominated for a Tony award for her starring role on Broadway as Big Mama in "Cat On a Hot Tin Roof" in 1990. Her film and television credits include All the President's Men, Gremlins, Mrs. Doubtfire, Mr. Wrong, The Client, and regular appearances on Home Improvement. Her scene with Vic Taybac was especially good.

Polly, born in Jasper, Alabama, on July 2, 1937, is an accomplished stage actress. Says Polly, "there are a lot of people who relate to waitresses, because, well, they're just regular people, working away every day at making a living and dreaming of one day getting ahead. On Flo, her most frequent adversary was the tightwad banker, Farley Waters, who held the mortgage on Flo's Yellow Rose, an old rundown roadhouse that she remembered fondly from her chilhood that she decided to by and renovate. All Rights Reserved. (24 Feb 1980). It was hard to see her leave, but they did so in the best way possible. But I liked Diane Ladd. Florence Jean Castleberry, better known as Flo, was a character in the movie Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, and on the long-running CBS-TV situation comedy Alice as well as the CBS-TV series spin-off, Flo. "People ask me to say it, but the way I get out of it is by suggesting that they should say it to me," she said.

Anybody can relate to that.". The Flo character was vital to the show and it's overall chemistry, and was more popular than any other character.

Flo was the old-hand waitress and took on a motherly role when Alice Hyatt came to Phoenix and began to work for Mel.

By this time in the show, the scripts were at their strongest (no Mary Tyler Moore Show, but they were good nonetheless), and the actresses had fine tuned their characters and performances to be the best they could. She was played on the TV series by actress Polly Holliday. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Use the HTML below. However, she was sidetracked and opened her own place, which was the basis for Polly Holliday 's spin-off series Flo (1980). They respected one another, but Flo wouldn't stand for Mel's sexism and greed.

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When she gets an opportunity, she watches reruns of the show. In the beginning, producers of Alice were not out to flaunt her trademark phrase. Then, of course, they wanted to use it in every show." In 1973, Holliday moved to New York City and appeared in Alice Childress's play Wedding Band at the Public Theater. This set the stage for her spin-off series, Flo. Polly Holliday did such a great job as Flo...perfect coming timing and funny delivery of her lines, balanced with the very real bittersweet feelings that she was moving from her beloved friends in the show. Not cool. As Polly relates in an interview, "If you remember the movie Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Flo was pretty blue in that. To this day, she still receives lots of fan mail from all over the world, due in large part to her bond with the working class. After several years at Mel's Diner, Flo left Phoenix, to take a hostessing job at the Thundering Herd restaurant in Houston, Texas, but stopped back in Cowtown and, on a dare, bought a roadhouse from her girlhood days, renaming it Flo's Yellow Rose.

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