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Clean your feet before you enter, said his sister.

Which lists are punctuated correctly? Did he say, "We believe your SMP is perfect?". Commas are also used while listing out items. A quotation has to be in between two quotation marks and a comma is placed just before the beginning of the quotation.

You only need to add an 'and' between the penultimate item and the last item in the series. This is a tricky one as 'and' is appearing twice.

", C. His favorite song by the group Madness is "Night Boat to Cairo.". Reading novels is one of the greatest pleasures in my life. Select 3 options.

Question sent to expert. Why is Nagaland considered a melting pot ? There were several activities to choose from at the resort: snorkeling, swimming, and hiking. Option A is wrong since it uses comma which is normally used to separate items or clauses.

Which sentences are punctuated correctly? His latest film is Shamitabh.’ These two sentences can be combined to form one sentence by the use of commas as:‘Amitabh Bachchan’s latest film, Shamitabh, opens next week.’. The recipe only uses one-sixteenth of a cup of sugar per thirty-two cupcakes. in this excerpt, queen elizabeth says "for the weal, good and safety whereof, i will never shun to spend my life" in order to convince her audience that she is unbiased, intelligent, and rarely makes mistakes. If you wish to subscribe straight away, visit our Join Us page. garcical000 is waiting for your help.

i will give brainliest and. d.

You've had your free 15 questions for today. The coach with the red jacket just paid my brother a huge compliment.

if she stakes the rope to the ground 6 feet from the middle of her tent, about h... A. their living​ room, is painted a bright shiny red. The comma is needed to separate the quotation from the person quoted, in this case the sister. This is why ________that__________. The train stopped at Chennai Hyderabad, Nagpur, Bhopal, and Agra before it reached New-Delhi. We have only one option: move to Paris. D. None of the above.
Check all that apply. She said, "We need to finish the project by Friday. colon. Let us use the meaning of each punctuation used in four options. an absence of love or passion. which e... Why were saint francis and his followers so beloved... View a few ads and unblock the answer on the site. The cake (that I made for my mother’s birthday) was dark chocolate. What a person reads can tell you a lot about him or her. In this quiz we will learn about commas and quotation marks.

We had coffee, cheese, and crackers, and grapes. Select 3 options. A comma is needed to separate the city from its country.
Items in a series need to be separated by commas. We have only one option. Read the excerpt from queen elizabeth's response to parliament's request that she marry. architect of his own destiny. How should the writer revise the punctuation in the sentence so that it is grammatically correct? Which of these sentences is punctuated correctly? Which sentence is punctuated correctly? B. Both are pronounced in the same way, but meanings are different.Cant has several meanings like pious talk,speech delivered in sing song manner,slope and so on which are irrelevant in this sentence. Insert commas around "which the teacher assigned" because it is a nonrestrictive element.

1.Those________ always worried about the results, ________their The coach with the red jacket just paid my brother a huge compliment. she asked. inform her audience that she will work hard to win back the broken trust of her followers. Now, imagine a situation where in a sentence we want to make it as clear as possible and remove any doubt that may be there. B. Select 2 options. In her content marketing lecture (and in her PowerPoint slides), Professor Mays stated that, ideally, content marketing "shifts perspective of the brand" from "SELLER" to " ___________. ", From Chapter 4C: One reason why building consumer relationships through content marketing is important is that reducing "the number of lost customers by just 5 percent a year can increase annual profits __________.". B. Donna practiced for three hours: now she is ready. Complete the following analogy: "fatigued" is to "tired" as "cautious" is to A. Take a look at this sentence: ‘Some trains, for example the Shatabdi Express, do not stop at small stations.’. C. He likes the Beatles; she likes the Stones. The cake (that I made for my mother’s bi... And millions of other answers 4U without ads, Add a question text of at least 10 characters. Select the correctly punctuated sentence. The commas in the other three options are not required, Punctuation 2 - Correctly Punctuated Sentences. Which statement are examples of debatable claims about immigration.

F. Scott Fitzgerald was a famous writer—who inspired many great films. The commas in the sentence help to clarify that the Shatabdi Express train does not stop at small stations.

In Answer 4, there needs to be a comma after 'chocolates' to separate it from 'biscuits' which are items in a list (or in a series) of things that he loved, I stay in Bangalore, Karnataka, and India, The sentence is about a stay in a city (Bangalore) belonging to a region (Karnataka) in a country (India). Check all that apply. Option B is wrong since it uses a word ‘cant’ in the place of can’t(cannot). In the previous quiz we learnt about punctuation marks and their importance in making sentences more meaningful. How does Agard's use of vivid imagery and amusing comparisons focus the reader's mind on his message about racial identity in the poem Half-caste? Find out more.

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