Paranoid offers up a shocking murder in its opening minutes – and the cast tease that the show will surprise viewers across the eight episodes. Woodmere Police detectives Nina Suresh, Bobby Day and Alec Wayfield are assigned to investigate the case. Black Sabbath Marks 50th Anniversary of Debut Album With Dr. Martens Collaboration, 07 September 2020 William Flanagan as Luke Benton, Angela Benton's son, Nikol Kollars as Marquito Olivo, mother of Ruben Lukana's son, Emma Bispham as Angela Benton, murder victim, Daniel Drewes as Cedric Felber, Linda Felber's husband, Isabella Pappas as Sadie Waingrow, Nick Waingrow's daughter, This page was last edited on 24 October 2020, at 10:52. Sign up to our newsletter for all the latest on food, drink and entertainment.

Read more: A-Z of Chester's links with the small and silver screens, Producer Tom Sherry added: “Paranoid lays bare the human and emotional story of a group of detectives hell-bent on capturing a killer, but there are unexpected twists and turns every step of the way.”. Linda suspects that Ruben Lukana's death was no accident, and that he was in fact murdered. Who'll help?

A team of detectives from Woodmere Police are assigned to investigate the case, including: DS Nina Suresh (Indira Varma), DC Bobby Day (Robert Glenister), DC Alec Wayfield (Dino Fetscher), and their supervising officer, DI Michael Niles (Neil Stuke). I was stuck in front of the tube due to a storm and it killed time, but not worth the binge. | Paranoid has been penned by acclaimed writer and producer Bill Gallagher whose previous credits include The Paradise and Lark Rise to Candleford. 45 min Interesting? Cop Bobby Day starts receiving anonymous packages with clues. Lesley Sharp was wonderful in her part, but the character Nina is just not likable or believable, actually she is and you don't like her one iota. The show will be set in the fictional Cheshire town of Marshwell, but viewers will certainly be able to do some location spotting when the programme hits screens. That was very much in Bill’s original writing.”. She goes to bed, and hears a noise outside. She's drugged, abused and filmed. Bobby returns from Düsseldorf and seeks out Lucy. Photos of Lucy's past push Bobby over the edge. In Dusseldorf, Bobby and Linda's investigation takes them to Rustin Wade, a pharmaceutical company linked to Ruben Lukana, but someone soon takes a disliking to their digging. Something that starts off quite parochial and small then becomes global.”, 5) It was filmed in Cheshire and Dusseldorf. A seemingly random murder of a mother on a busy playground rattles an English town.

It stars Jessica Alba and Iain Glen. She returns home to her boyfriend Toby (Oliver Milburn) and tells him what a great time she had in New York. You can find our Community Guidelines in full Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. There is a lot of cliché, which is disappointing and generally not what you expect from British crime stories. Manchester-based Red Production Company have also been responsible for Happy Valley, Cucumber and Scott and Bailey. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights.

Great writing, complex layering of story and characters is really missing from this effort. Game of Thrones’ Ellaria Sand, aka Indira Varma, takes the lead role in Paranoid as Nina Suresh – a 38 year-old detective who’s bubbly and quick-witted when she wants to be, but is also struggling with a recent break up and grappling with her desire to have children while she still can. Scenes set across in Germany were shot in Dusseldorf - “somewhere that felt authentic with a large industrial landscape as its background,” Sherry explains. Cop Bobby Day starts receiving anonymous packages with clues. The show is largely set in Cheshire – and that’s where it was filmed, in rural areas including Nantwich, Great Budworth, and Delamere Forest. Fancy yourself as a postman or warehouse cleaner? Robert Glenister in his role as Ash Morgan in Hustle, A-Z of Chester's links with the small and silver screens, first filming for the show began in Northwich, Author disturbs Frodsham by setting a serial killer loose in her new novel, How to get an Amazon Fire TV Stick for less than £5, The deal is part of Amazon's early Black Friday sale, Doves to play Delamere Forest in summer 2021, The Manchester band last played in the forest in 2009, What second lockdown means for The Lanterns at Chester Zoo, Chester Zoo has said it will it's doors for a month amid the news of a second lockdown, 'Worrying time' for Chester Zoo as it prepares to shut again, The zoo has announced it will close from 4pm on Wednesday ahead of the second national lockdown, Cheshire takeaways with zero and one star food hygiene ratings, These takeaways have been deemed as requiring either 'urgent' or 'major' improvements, Chester attraction teams up with historians and celebrities for pandemic podcast, The podcast brings 'warmth, wit and expert insight' into medicine and pandemics, Longstanding Chester country club appears to close as social media accounts and website disappear, The club made some major changes earlier this year, Big changes on M56 in Cheshire as £85million upgrade to start. Episode 1 46m. Lesley Sharp ("Lucy") and Kevin Doyle ("the ghost detective") can also be seen together in Season 1 of "Scott & Bailey.". Paranoid wastes no time in setting up its central mystery – but it’s not like most other crime drama set-ups.

Rolling Stone As police investigate a mentally ill man suspected of murdering a mother on a playground, anonymous messages suggest all is not what it seems. He tells her that everyone else has gone, but she can stay the night.

TV Mini-Series

[3], Angela Benton, a well-liked local GP in the fictional town of Woodmere, is stabbed to death in a local playground. Paranoid will be broadcast on ITV later this autumn. Principal photography began in Oregon in October 2006. Indira Varma pictured in her role in Luther.

[4], Meanwhile, an unidentified man (Kevin Doyle), dubbed the "Ghost Detective", is sending the team information and clues to evidence which could identify Angela's killer. 2) It stars Game of Thrones’ Indira Varma.

While scenes will also be shot in the German cities of Cologne and Dusseldorf.

What do you think of this story? Paranoid comes from writer and producer Bill Gallaher – and while he’s the mind behind period dramas like Lark Rise to Candleford and The Paradise, this is a totally different affair. After she hangs up, he reveals himself to be her other stalker. A nurse from the drug trial tells Nina a chilling story. Having discovered Lukana was linked to a secret drug trial known as "Mainline", the pressure on Bobby to unmask the killer is made ever greater by taunts from Rustin Wade executive Nick Waingrow.

the American colloquial phrase, "Everyone is out to get me"). Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi on Eddie Van Halen: ‘He Was Always an Inventor’, 01 October 2020 When Appley is later found dead, his brother, Henry (William Ash), becomes convinced that Jacob was not responsible for the murder, and has been framed by a party or parties unknown. Unknown to them, they are followed by Clive. Having an emotional roller coaster to ride.”. Release year: 2016. What starts as a police investigation evolves into something else, tease the cast. With Indira Varma, Robert Glenister, Dino Fetscher, Christiane Paul. Bobby is dispatched to Dusseldorf to help link the two cases together. Deadline Yes. Extreme paranoia is usually the result of a mental health condition. Upstairs, Theresa breaks the window with a chair, and escapes down the side of the house, just as the police arrive. “We very deliberately picked the most idyllic setting, a landscape that was not urban or suburban but a rural idyll.”, 4) It’s not a straight-forward detective show. Paranoid tells the story of a female GP murdered in a rural children’s playground surrounded by eyewitnesses and the hunt to find the killer. Using her barefeet to pick up the phone, Chloe answers, and tells him she is trapped in the house that used to be a hotel. The eight-part series focuses on a group of UK detectives working for the fictional Woodmere police force who are attempting to solve the murder of a doctor who is stabbed at a children's playground.

She tries to escape and is chained. An epic journey based on the New York Times bestseller. When he is found dead face down in his swimming pool, Felber and her partner, Walti Merian (Dominik Tiefenthaler), begin an investigation. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Meanwhile, Niles' interference drives the Ghost Detective underground, but Nina and Alec's dogged pursuit to discover his identity leads Nina right into the killer's path.

Kind of a head case you'd avoid in real life, and scary as a police detective.

He plays detective Bobby Day, who suffers from panic attacks and holds the potential for “a ferocious anger”. Paranoid has been penned by acclaimed writer and producer Bill Gallagher whose previous credits include The Paradise and Lark Rise to Candleford. It starts off fairly well, but around Episode 4 it starts to go awry. Paranoid is a British crime drama which began broadcasting on ITV on 22 September 2016, and streaming internationally on Netflix in 2016.

Paranoid (TV Mini-Series 2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Related story: Author disturbs Frodsham by setting a serial killer loose in her new novel. Linda reviews the bus crash case for an overlooked link to Mainline. The team enlists the help of Düsseldorf detective Linda Felber (Christiane Paul) to look into Lukana. Bobby's search for Crowley leads him into an unexpected showdown with the mysterious assassin. The detectives discover that Angela's former lover, Ruben Lukana also died within a week of her death. When Lucy is forced to reveal her secret past, the revelations finally tip Bobby over the edge. The tranquil lives of a family isolated from the rest of society are disturbed by a terrifying creature, testing the ties that bind them together. Forget shady dealings and night-time trysts – the killing at the centre of Paranoid takes place in broad daylight, as a woman is murdered in front of several witnesses at a children’s playground by a hooded man. When a woman is brutally murdered on a playground, a group of detectives find themselves drawn into a dark conspiracy as they search for the killer.

What will the lockdown rules be at Christmas? [2] Indira Varma, Robert Glenister, and Dino Fetscher star as main protagonists DS Nina Suresh, DC Bobby Day, and DC Alec Wayfield, respectively. “Bill has written some incredibly well-defined characters who embark on a terrifying murder investigation as it becomes evident from the outset that malevolent forces are at play.”. She wakes up in the basement, where Stan handcuffs her to the bed. The film begins at a fashion show, where Chloe Keene (Jessica Alba) takes the catwalk. Paranoid was …

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