home; Brands; Voxx Road Wheels; BMW TT. I think they have knowledge and production techniques to make a quality wheel. In the United States, there are governmental agencies like the DOT that call out safety standards for wheels. LUMI Matte Black Wheels by VOXX®. Do you want to buy from companies composed of people like this? TURIN Silver with Mirror Machined Face and Lip Wheels by VOXX®. Unfortunately then, that enthusiast is missing out on improved performance… and I think has lack of pride in his or her vehicle build. The time spent brainstorming and choosing a good design, and then designing, executing, and testing that wheel using the safety guidelines –that’s what’s the more time consuming & costly part. A Voxx brand, G-FX Wheels manufactures wheels that meet the needs of both on-road and off-road drivers. Mackin – Yes and no. Mackin – You’re basically playing roulette when it comes to using knock off wheels for the street and track. G-FX applies these same stylish designs to its ATV and UTV wheel offerings, which are available in black and machined finishes. You can refer to websites, forums, go to performance shops, and check out performance magazines. That way – they would meet a market demand/price… and be original. Enkei – I would say so. If an inventor/innovator stayed discouraged by this, then there wouldn't be any new innovation. Riva. It really becomes the choice of the consumer. Copyright © 2003-2020 CARiD.com. Simple logic and basic understanding of chemistry and physics, you should be able to understand why buying certain Rota wheels are dangerous. LAGO Silver Wheels by VOXX®. Mackin – Original wheels do not necessarily cost more. Get what you deserve. http://custompinoyrides.com/2012/03/question-on-durability-of-rota-wheels/. At Enkei, we begin our next-year-designs a few weeks after The SEMA show with the final sample not being delivered to us until a few weeks before the following SEMA show. We’ve seen other companies in this market go under – and we need the original makers to keep going and introducing positive products. The only brand that should sell wheels is ray and volks…? Throughout all the changes, Voxx has held on to its core principles: quality, availability, and competitive pricing. General Manager, Mackin Industries, Inc. Enkei – They take much more research and are regulated by much more rigorist safety guidelines not to mention the time of the creative process where it is designed from the ground up. And they have been making wheels since 1977.. ESTE Bright Silver Wheels by VOXX®. Produced with latest technologies Flow Formed Signature Series wheels are precision engineered, these wheels are much lighter and stronger than your standard aluminum cast wheel leading to better... VENTO Gloss Black Wheels by VOXX®. As an owner and daily driver on a set of Volk Racing wheels, I don’t want to be associated with that kind of snobbery. Voxx Wheels. If you can’t afford the most expensive wheels, which “expensive” doesn’t always translate to high quality, buy something in between with high quality standards and a history of making a long lasting high quality wheel. Voxx Road Wheels Wheels; Riva; video. more attention. ROTA wheels should read this and maybe learn something. So even though the may be hurting the wheel industry in some way. wheels vöxx Road Wheels Vöxx Feather Forged G-FX Truck B/G Rod Works Replica All Wheels virtual rides See On Vehicle Fitment Guide catalog gallery View Gallery Submit Your Ride contact Become a Vöxx Dealer. Voxx wheels are manufactured with quality materials and high modern technology that makes them one of the most preferred brands on the market. Enkei – With knock off wheels, there is substantially less (if any) testing that goes into the product, and there is no need to hire engineers… since the design is already there. These wheels look great on trucks and SUVs used for either highway or adventurous driving, as they feature tasteful spoke designs that complement a wide variety of makes and models. S3 – Instead of a ‘fake’ wheel company knocking off a superior brand’s wheel… why don’t they just create their own designs… and at least sell original products, even if it is a lesser quality at a lower pricepoint? Reel Talk… gone fishing, You guys only interviewed the real wheel mfgs. All I would say is, keep it good looking and don’t try too hard (like -10 degrees camber). We are just trying to shed a little more wisdom into the aftermarket industry… so you, as an enthusiast, have a solid foundation on which you can then make your own conclusions and decisions. They look and perform better and you'll feel better about your build. MGA Matte Black Wheels by VOXX®. CAPO Carbon Grey Wheels by VOXX®. Thanks for sharing your Ideas, a very organized approach you have! This is all verified with the government as well. to stay up-to-date on our promotions, discounts, sales, special offers and more. Mackin – We import and market ORIGINAL Wheels. We want to keep the industry moving forward, not backward. Home » Wheels » G-FX Wheels. Low quality and low performance. Companies with quality wheels pass standards that allow the wheels to bend, instead of break in catastrophic conditions… in order to give the driver the best chance to survive. I had already purchased tires so I had to have something to put them on. But when you slap on a fresh set of real, nice wheels, it just makes you feel real good. Not really fair. Offered in full matte black or gunmetal with a machined weight flange. Being in the industry, it’s not too difficult to spot fakes or decide who to trust when purchasing wheels. In other countries like Germany and Japan, you must register each wheel for sale with the government to be allowed to put the wheel to market. Mackin – Knock off parts are cheaper for many reasons. It should be noted Rimstock Plc, the manufacturer of Team Dynamics wheels, is an OEM supplier. Mackin – Good question. Produced with latest technologies, this wheel is built to deliver the handling that your ride's performance requires and please your heart with design and quality. Case study ROTA wheels. - Page 186, Modifications Available for the 11th gen Corolla - Page 79 - Toyota Nation Forum : Toyota Car and Truck Forums. FALCO Matte Black Wheels by VOXX®. Produced with latest technologies, this wheel is built to deliver the handling that your ride's performance requires and please your heart with design and quality. I bought my first set of fake wheels on accident, sort of. No. From there, RAYS utilizes the most advanced method of manufacturing wheels – Mold Forging – to produce wheels. In Kenny Powers’ words – “Don’t skimp and get the Vizio. S3 – Does it make any good sense to spend high dollars on ‘real’ and/or rare expensive wheels, and then stretch a set of mediocre tires on ‘em with -10 degrees camber, and call it good fitment? Voxx rims not only meet but actually blow the SAF Standard J-2530 out of the water. Silver Machined Face. DANZA Silver with Machined Face Wheels by VOXX®. If people want to know more about Rota wheels, just take some time reading this article: http://custompinoyrides.com/2012/03/question-on-durability-of-rota-wheels/. Clearly, we do not see this as we have seen numerous of innovation not only in the automotive industry, but also in technology. It’s a lot tougher to stop or prevent knock offs than it is to educate the consumer to know the differences between real and knock offs. If you look at professional racing like F1, ALMS, Touring car, etc… there’s only a handful of consistent suppliers to these series – like RAYS, BBS, OZ, Enkei. All Wheel & Tire Packages are Mounted & Balanced for FREE and include our Nitrogen Airfill for Max Tire Life!! Produced with latest technologies, this wheel is built to deliver the handling that your ride's performance requires and please your heart with design and quality. Stop yapping Rota haters, if you really love your $$$$$$$ wheels just eat it or do some romance with it then shut up. Produced with latest technologies, this wheel is built to deliver the handling that your ride's performance requires and please your heart with design and quality. I don't think you can lie about beeing a OEM supplyer. and everyone will always regurgitate what they hear or read on the internet. Performance Plus Tire is proud to offer the industry's finest brands of custom tires, custom wheels, tires and wheels packages, and hot rod parts and accessories for the car and truck enthusiast. MILLE Matte Black Wheels by VOXX®. RIVA Matte Black Wheels by VOXX®. COMO Gloss Black with Machined Face Wheels by VOXX®. Riva. Lightweight construction for improved performance, Have the look of an original equipment wheel, TURIN Gloss Black with Mirror Machined Lip, TURIN Silver with Mirror Machined Face and Lip, Posted by Chuk (Baltimore, MD) / April 26, 2016. That’s why these wheels cost more – but you get what you pay for. The person if you do your research used to work for rota and prob still does. LEGGERO Matte Titanium Wheels by VOXX®. Bolt Pattern Conversion Chart (mm to inches), The Scoop on Wheel Billet Adapters and Spacers. Running some tire with a name you can’t recognize is just like getting a knock off wheel. Anyway, I had a set of OEM wheels which were bent. When it boils down to it, you will always have people who do not mind getting replicas [fakes or however one wants to call it] and that should be fine. I guess I just want to hear the other side of the story to watch them squirm. The Vöxx Orso has become one of our most popular wheels in 2020 thanks to a classic mesh design and tons of fitment applications! So happy it came with an installation kit! The emphasis the brand puts on satisfying its customers has led them to rely on Voxx wheels and the company's experience within the industry. Store hours Mon - Fri 8AM - 6PM Saturday 8AM - 5PM Sunday Closed It’s capitalism at the core and at its greediest = There’s a saying, “In business, the best things in life are stolen”, however ethically, these companies show low moral fiber and lack of pride in what they produce… Do you want to buy from companies that steal at the benefit of having a similar product produced with low ethics? That might mean buying used, good wheels… or saving up. It’s like buying a good from someone that robbed a house. S3 – In your opinion, if you were to give wheel advice to newcomers in this culture… would you advise them to just keep their steelies or OEM wheels until they could save up the money to buy a legitimate set of quality wheels? MASI Gloss Black Wheels by VOXX®. There are no designers or planners and R&D departments that develop wheels. 2 weeks ago . Is there a safety issue, or is it more just an issue of them being heavier and therefore not ideal. Find out if it is really what you want/need for your build. Or would you tell ‘em to go ahead and buy whatever knock-off wheel they could afford at the time, have fun, enjoy the car, keep modding, and upgrade later as you gain experience & money? Just like in Forrest Gump, it’ll be like box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get.

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