© Copyright 1998-2020 by Who2, LLC. While some might consider spectral evidence suspect, such evidence was considered to be even stronger. The source of the confusion between Sarah Bishop and Bridget Bishop appears to be the fact that both women were married to men named Edward Bishop and thereby each known as Goodwife Bishop.2 The combining of the two Bishops appears to have been the result of a slightly unclear testimony by the Reverend John Hale, which identified Sarah Bishop only as “Goodwife Bishop…wife of Edward Bishop Jun’r.”. 1632, Angleterre - 10 juin 1692 Salem, Massachusetts) a été la première personne exécutée pour sorcellerie lors du procès des Sorcières de Salem.Environ 72 personnes ont été accusées et jugées. Her first marriage, to Samuel Wasselby, seems to have gone without incident before he died in 1664. the important thing to note about this marriage is that it ultimately led to Bridget emigrating to the newly colonized Americas and settling in the Massachusetts Bay area in Salem. – Her … She was hanged from an oak tree and the town was said to have been relieved that “the Shape of Bridget would trouble them no more.”. Anderson, Robert Charles. But the spectral evidence was also offered, including several men testifying that she had visited them -- in spectral form -- in bed at night. – Her second husband was Thomas Oliver. Bridget's maiden name appears to have been Mangus or Playfer. Though she was accused of witchcraft and consorting with the devil, her true crime, as Bernard Rosenthal’s book Salem Story points out, may have simply been not following the cultural norms of the time. She was the first person executed in the trials. Oliver was already a widower with children and the couple is said to have fought frequently. Who was Bridget Bishop? She married her first husband Captain Samuel Wesselby on 13 April 1660, at St. Mary-in-the-Marsh, Norwich, Norfolk, England. She is believed to have been born in about 1632, which would make her about 60 years old at the time she was hanged. Her husband testified first that he'd heard her accused before of witchcraft, and then that she was a witch. Bridget Bishop has gone down in history as the top casualty of the fear-inspired mass hysteria that plagued Massachusetts in the 1600s. Neighbors and even family members spoke out against Bishop, accusing her of attacking them and killing their children, making pets disappear and sending bewitched animals (including a talking monkey) to their homes as revenge for misdeeds against her. John and William Bly, father and son, testified about finding poppets in Bishop's house and also about their cat that appeared to be bewitched, or poisoned, after a dispute with Bishop.

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