Still worried for her, Valentine began mixing angel, particularly Ithuriel's, blood into her food, hoping to alleviate her despair.

Status Affiliation, Fate She credited the relief brought on by not having the burden of a double life as her inspiration and for her new works' quality. Though neither acted on their feelings because of their love for Valentine, Luke still felt that part of the reason Valentine's personality took a drastic turn was because he noticed their bond and suspected that they were having an affair and that he began experimenting, injecting himself with Downworlder blood, to earn Jocelyn's heart back. The morning after he first Changed, he came to their house; Jocelyn had wanted to console him, but Valentine stopped her, apparently worried for their unborn baby, and took Lucian to the woods. Jocelyn then went to the local High Warlock Magnus Bane in hopes of having him remove her Inner Eye. * Though this was originally written as part of City of Glass, it was too long, explained too much, and had to be shortened and altered. Her long, curly red hair is a few shades darker than her daughter's. Sometime later, Ragnor Fell sent her a message, telling her that Lucian was still alive and had become the pack leader in Brocelind Forest. After the Mortal War, Luke finally reveals his love for her, but when she doesn't say anything back he suggests they "forget it" and leaves. The next morning, Jocelyn left with Isabelle for the Adamant Citadel, home of the Iron Sisters, oblivious to the fact that Clary had already left with Jace and Jonathan. While she was with Valentine, however, she was a little naïve to his true nature at first before she finally saw his dark side. Afterwards, she and Luke attended Valentine's funeral. She began secretly meeting with Lucian, and, together, they plotted against Valentine and the Circle's planned Uprising. She loved her daughter Clary "more than words" and treated her mundane best friend Simon as if he were her own son. [8], Jocelyn eventually picked up painting once again, and her work greatly improved to mastery. Painter Luke Garroway (husband)Valentine Morgenstern † (ex-husband) During her disappearance, Clary frantically searched for the cure; with the aid of the Shadowhunters of the New York Institute, she was able to uncover parts of her past.

With Jace, Clary was able to retrieve the Book of the White. During a conversation later that evening, Clary kept insisting that Jace meant him no harm, Jocelyn, concerned for her safety, told her that everything that had happened to them so far was proof that they did not belong together, putting even more strain in their weakened relationship. His sister, Amatis, realized that Jocelyn loved Luke and told her to tell him. She was angered that her daughter continues to care about Jace due to his taking off with Jonathan. Though she wanted to leave, she could not bring herself to, knowing that Valentine would follow them if she did and came to the realization that he had to die. Also, like her daughter, Jocelyn tends to blame herself for things that are not entirely her fault. Red The truth was revealed soon after, however, when Clary stabbed Jonathan with the heavenly fire-infused Morgenstern sword. Though Jocelyn remained in the state for weeks, her friend, Madeleine, heard of what happened and came to Clary in New York to tell her that she knew what will wake Jocelyn. Father:

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