Sadly, I don’t get Nick’s Destination American channel.

This is my opinion and you all have yours but I think we should just keep watching the show because it’s still awesome. PS: Been watching all the latest shows, and I’m not sure what any of this is about, as all three of the original cast members seem to STILL, be there and VERY MUCH, involved with the show. – and I’m optimistically hoping Nick is referring to Ghost Adventures and not Ghost Stalkers (because the project he’s working is Ghost Stalkers, where he normally doesn’t show his face)? His mission is to learn everything he can about the culture, the history, and the mysteries of Paris' Catacombs, especially if it relates to the afterlife. John, the seasoned researcher, and Chad, the para-newbie, travel the U.S. in a Coachmen RV and investigate low-media profiled locations. I’ve never been a host on a show but I know it requires confidence. Thanks for the information. Zak Bagans has opened a Haunted Museum in downtown Las Vegas, housing his collection of haunted and cursed objects. You go Nick. 1. Ugh, just makes me sick!! 75% of people believe, with nearly half stating that they have experienced something the cannot explain. We Aries are um… Difficult – so this ends my long post… Oh after the filming of those 2 shows my friend and my brother both believe in the spirit world – my opinion ( if anyone’s still reading this ) is to cut them all a little slack -things in life change- I do wish Nick would go back but I’m gonna watch the show anyways ( for anyone who thinks the show is faked- watch the “Seattle Demon House” where the whole ep is debunked pretty much OK. You know, I can’t help but wonder if the ones who believe they are simply worm food when they die will be exactly that. He actually wasn't in that one because his daughter was being born, I think they mention that at some point or I saw it on Facebook. GAC concludes their two-part investigation of Alton, Illinois, at the Mineral Springs Hotel. Really? All of the shows can offer something special.

They don’t hide their evidence from the people who work there and the people lurking there ( also I include snick because he’ll always be apart of the show and really needs to just go back ) As they say, time has a way of healing bad wounds! Viewers do not care about the contractual obligations of paranormal reality TV people.

Their investigation reveals unexplained high, GAC head to the old mining boomtown of Mokelumne Hill, California, to investigate. His strong vivacity led him to risk his own life twice within one year, he considers the... Self - Investigator / Self - Paranormal Investigator / Self, Portals To Hell: 10 Best Episodes, Ranked, Ghost Adventures: 10 Worst Episodes (According To IMDb), The Ghost Adventures Embark on Haunted Road Trip In Halloween Special, Celebrity Names with the Letter N: Part 1, Antebellum - Gerard Bush & Christopher Renz, Chad Lindberg's Badass Celebrity Ghost Hunt, The Copper Queen Hotel and the Oliver House, Guest Co-Hostess Cindy McCain/Nick Groff & Katrina Weidman, Ireland Special: Leap Castle and Montpelier Hill.

That’s why they have aftershocks &.extra pulses episodes to fill in the time wile.there shooting their new season…. The last few seasons have become terrible. What I am about to say is only my opinion and it doesn’t make me right; and it may very well may not make me wrong as well; every show or whatever it may be; muscians do the same thing when they sign a big record contract; there is an agreement that so many songs or albums or in this case how many episodes a particular show is agreeing to do for the particular station that signs them.

A community for all thing Ghost Adventures!

Nick sucks and the show is much better off without him and who cares if people think zaks conceited he is and he sucks for it too Aaron is the only one that seems somewhat realistic and down to earth about it. But the guys also stop by and reinvestigate the, The Ghost Adventures Crew, along with Darkness Radio host Dave Schrader and Bill Chappell, travels to a quiet suburb just outside Seattle to investigate the residence of a local, In the Season 11 premiere, Zak, Aaron, Billy and Jay travel to the outskirts of, The Ghost Adventures Crew travels to the remote desert outside of, The GAC split up and investigate three hauntings around, The Ghost Adventures Crew travels outside of.

Looking forward to another great season of GAC! Last week GS ended its freshman season consisting of 6 episodes. GAC get locked down at The Alley, a legendary recording studio established in 1973 where many musicians came to get away from the outside world. GAC go to the Old Alton Bridge to discover a history of Satan worship and speak with four women who claim they were physically attacked by a demonic entity. I do think it has lost it’s edge some what with the introduction of more dramatization over investigation. Creepy stalker fan-girls will be removed. . From what I can tell Nick is a nice guy and I wish him all the luck on his new show. In every episode of Paranormal State, they too are demons (though Ryan Buell is annoying and I won’t watch anymore due to him). I also have learned so much from them and was inspired by them so much I opened my own company and support myself doing investigations at haunted locations.

The first time I viewed a paranormal show (and it was GA) and saw the investigator jumping around, acting as if his clothes were on fire, I said this is enough for me. But If you remember in the very first episode, the documentary, Aaron wanted to go home because they hadn’t seen anything paranormal. Not ratings.

Thanks for sharing!

Another one of the firsts was when Nick was in a bathroom at that hole in the ground bar, and he was afraid of a nioise and came running out and Zak went back with him to see what it was and they heard it again. I think the fame has gone straight to his head and he totally shows it.

You’re right. During the lockdown, Zak also uncovers the truth about what happened to the famous outlaw, GAC investigate the site of a 1996 double murder in Los Angeles', GAC travel to Guthrie, Oklahoma to investigate an abandoned prison, built in 1892, which in the 1990s served as the headquarters for the, GAC head to New Mexico to investigate the Double Eagle Restaurant and the, GAC arrive in sunny Los Angeles to investigate the infamous Silent Movie Theatre on, GAC travels to a private residence in Erie, Colorado, along with Bishop Bryan Ouellette to perform an. Groff has since produced his own series; Ghost Stalkers (2014) and Paranormal Lockdown (2016–2019), where he was the lead investigator … Please understand, I am in no way dissing Zak personally or professionally, I just believe, no I know that activity doesn’t happen just ’cause you want it to. And will be loyal and dedicated to ANY, show and ANY, host/investigator who seeks to research this PROPERLY, THROURGHLY and RESPECTFULLY. he films behind the scenes stuff. The young medium you featured at the sallie house was on point and I’d love to see more of her!! We can more shows on different nights and still be educated, enlightened, and entertained. I miss Nick. I was led here when reading up about Ghost Adventure and now it is in my favourites. As for things being faked…I believe most things on ALL paranormal shows are faked.

The last one he's in is S10E03, Zozo Demon. You guys the best!

The guys are shocked to hear that employees recite from a, "Fort MacArthur Museum/Battle of Los Angeles", GAC head to San Pedro for their lockdown inside the, Zak, Nick and Aaron visit the historic St. James Hotel outside, GAC travel to rural Indiana for their lockdown at Fox Hollow Farm, a beautiful mansion on a farm where serial killer, GAC return to historic Savannah for their lockdown at the haunted, GAC head back to the west coast for their lockdown at the infamous, Zak, Nick and Aaron are back in their home state of Nevada when they visit Pioche, an 1860s silver-mining town that is one of the most violent Wild West towns in America. but mostly filming is every other week. True, ghost hunting does not last forever.

Zak, Nick and Aaron look back at the series one hundred most memorable moments and investigations in celebration of the upcoming 100th episode.

I am a strong believer of the paranormal, but I do know that TV is TV and they love ratings. In the second half of the two-part special, Bagans invites three lucky fans to the museum to further investigate the dark entities. Great, he has an ego… So do most of the guys I know in South Florida, and Zak seems to be a lot nicer then these guys are. Then the Kennedy, which has had its share of deaths that seems to be ground zero for hauntings. I know people have to make a living but, for some reason when some of these shows come on and you look up Bis they list them as actor and in some cases like a few of the guys on Ghost Asylum really do acting on some movies.

3. Billy is a stronger person than Zac he steps up to the plate.

Am I the ONLY ONE, out there, who watches these things NOT, to be entertained but INFORMED, EDUCATED AND ENLIGHTENED?! Does everyone understand what I mean here? I also, like you, used to believe the show was real but now it’s becoming so much more obvious that it’s faked.

It will be on Roku and streaming. I truly, feel no desire to be ENTERTAINED, by these programs.

For some of us, it gives us something to pursue.

You’re so right about him being a fake, too. No, it’s only 2 original cast members, Zak and Aaron, with 2 additions: Jay and Billy.

I did more research and found where it is claimed that the story is fake.

The air dates were for Saturday 2/7/15 and 2/14/15. Boring, is right!

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