That time can be anywhere from 16 minutes 30 seconds to 21 minutes. The strength training exercises are divided into a two-day cycle. Don't! Your safety and the safety of others depend on your being fit for duty every day. Back Exercise Applicants then have to perform a push a 70-pound weight off the ground and swing the weight in six controlled 180-degree arcs without dropping Post Cancel. If possible, try to set a mock obstacle course and train on it. Muscles get more powerful only within the range in which they are used. The test ends when you miss two consecutive warning lines. Calculate the time you have to prepare. Quite often agencies use the Copper Institute fitness standards to measure the performance of the candidate. Push-ups: the number of push-ups performed, following specific form-rules, in 1 minute (standard is usually 20). Commitment and preparation are required in order to pass. Originally posted by Florg. That risk should motivate you to get you fired up.This test is nothing like gym class or working out in your athletic club. Preparing For: Do not slow down before passing the finish line. This means that you will be faced with physical simulations that are often present in the job of the police officer, such as running at a short distance, dragging a body, climbing up and down the stairs or overcoming obstacles such as walls and windows. The majority of police, sheriff and state trooper departments in this country use all, or parts of, the "Cooper Standards". Get good sleep and drink plenty of water to ensure hydration. Make sure to ask for this information in advance. It focuses on selecting particular exercises, performing specified repetitions for each exercise, and using specific amounts of weight for each lift. You must be ready to perform as though lives depend on it. In the first station the applicant runs through an obstacle course making a 5 foot jump, climbing up and down 5 stairs, leaping two knee high barriers and climbing a 3 foot barrier followed by a controlled fall. Police Officer Hiring Process – Medical Exam The medical exam will only be given to those ready to be offered employment. The following information pertains to the different exercises found in the suggested 6-week exercise regime. An example is the work of Arvey RD, Landon TE, Nutting SM, Maxwell SE – “Development of physical ability tests for police officers: a construct validation approach“, which gives an insight of how different activities are selected and tested, prior to being approved as part of a physical ability test. Keep in mind that the main purpose of the obstacle course is to test your ability to pursue and subdue a suspect. Fortunately, on test day, only your life as a continuing candidate is on the line. Try and complete the required number of repetitions and sets at this new weight. Here is the example of the Springfield Police Department’s Police Academy:Click here to view video. Pre-Exercise Clearance and Informed Consent.

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