Hey Sydnie! However, if you have all of your power supplies and lights and are still unsure about calculating the correct fuse Amp then please see the below guide. Would I be able to use a 250 amp T-fuse, because I don’t see anywhere that has a 240 amp T-fuse. When you wire your solar panels in series, you’ll be pushing nearly 40 volts. Now that you know how to size the fuses in your DIY Camper Van electrical system, it’s time to put everything you’ve learned to work. Amperage = Power/Voltage. Are your LED Drivers suitable for mounting onto Combustible Surfaces? Fuse & Wire Sizing Example. The main solar components for my DIY van build project will be: 600W panels (2 X 300W), One 12V 400ah Lifep04 lithium battery, the 2000W Victron inverter charger, the Victron MPPT 100/50. Use a tape measure to measure the length of the wire you intend to use. Follow the amperes column down and the distance row across until they meet. Work out how many LED lights you intend to wire. Using this formula, we can now move on to LED Strips. All with appropriately fused with properly sized wires.Step 1: Find the wire size for the 12v fuse block.In description of the fuse block, it says the block has a 100A minimum. Check them out here: https://www.explorist.life/solarwiringdiagrams/, Remember, this is just one part of a full camper van electrical educational series. In addition to 120V LED lights, there are also various LED spots, spotlights and other light sources, which are operated with low-voltage.Usual operating voltages are 12V and 24V.An LED power supply is required to operate the low-voltage lamps on the 120V mains.

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are efficient, power-saving lights that last years. // Leaf Group Lifestyle, The Engineering Toolbox: Amps and Wire Gauge. I’m using three Renology 160 Watt solar panels and four 100 Ah LI batteries. Using this formula, we can now move on to LED Strips. 24 watts / 12.6 system voltage = 1.9 amps for the whole string (which we will round up to the nearest whole number). I would definitely go ahead and size the charge controller for future expansion if that’s your plan. I have a wire sizing calculator I use and I just plugged in your parameters and 9 amps at 38 volts (panels wired in series) allowing for a max of 3% voltage drop, 10 awg will be good until you get to 105 feet. For this example, we are going to wire the 12v distribution block to the bus bar then wire a string of lights to the 12v distribution block.

I have 600 watts of panels on my Ford Transit , the MPPT 150/45 and the 12v 3000w 120 amp Victron. I have one question, why is the resettable breaker in between the solar panel array and the charge controller rated at 15A? Thanks, Your email address will not be published. ANL fuses come in sizes from 35 – 750 amps. Kinda lost right now. I am getting close to starting it up. The top row refers to amperes the side column refers to wire distance. I’m a bit confused on what fuse to get or if there’s anything I’ll need to change to have my van build work. I’m planning to wire up 2 x 200W panels in series and for the future, I am counting on a max amperage of 10A coming from my panels. For example, if one LED uses 250 mAh and you are using 20 then multiply 250 by 20 to get 5,000 mAh.

Three years into the journey already.

From what I can tell on the installation sheet, is that I need 2/0 wire, and it calls for a 240 amp T-fuse no more than 7″ from the battery. This is all great information as I’m starting my project. Find the size of fuse by multiplying the amps required by the device (2) by 1.5. The blog post & video on that will be out within 2 weeks. Now that we know how big of wire we are going to use, we need to determine how big of a fuse we need. 2 amps at 15 feet is calling for 12ga wire. What are the different types of dimming for Mains Dimmable LED drivers? Look at the yellow row and find the corresponding amperes. As always leave any questions you have in the comments below and subscribe for updates. It’s important that you use the correct wire size for your LED lights, as a wire that’s too thick has greater resistance, reducing the effectiveness of a light that requires such a small amount of electrical energy. Most of the electricity an LED light consumes is converted into light, unlike regular light bulbs, where a lot of energy is lost as heat. A lot of components will tell you how big of wire and what kind of fuse to use. Affiliate Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, EXPLORIST.life earns from qualifying purchases.. Fuses protect your system from catching on fire in the case of mishaps such as a wire rubbing through it’s insulation and grounding itself to the frame of your camper. As before, we need to multiply by an additional 1.2 to give 86.4W. You’re post really helped me understand my requirements better. If we start with a common household item, let's say a vacuum cleaner, this can be quite high in Watts. This is an in-depth fuse tutorial explaining everything you need to know about fuses and how to size a fuse. For this example, we are going to wire the 12v distribution block to the bus bar then wire a string of lights to the 12v distribution block.All with appropriately fused with properly sized wires. They are typically less expensive than Re-settable Breakers. As you can see, 5 amps is well within the 52.5 maximum fuse size threshold.

Commercial and industrial LED products include fuses, LED Protector PLED 5 & 6 and surge protection modules. You won't need a fuse for LEDs, but let's do it anyway: Power = Voltage x Amperage. The amperes are likely to be measured in milliamp hours (mAh) because LEDs use very little power. Thanks. If you've read our article on Plug Safety, then you'll have a rough understanding of how to wire up your fuse safely to its plug. However, we must also allow for an additional 20% higher Amperage fuse, much like we would add to our LED Strip calculation when determining the correct Drivers. Step 1: Find the wire size for the 12v fuse block. LED circuit protection online at Littelfuse. Now that we have the total amount of Watts required, we divide this by our 240V power supply: 86/240 = 0.358A.

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