So, instead, she decides to show them the e-mail she got about being accepted on the trip, but when she opens her inbox, she finds a new letter with an attachment of an altered photo of her holding a sign that says "I missed you, André! After that, Brandon suggests they hang out at Queasy Cheesy this weekend and she agrees. MacKenzie has just shown Brandon the photos of her and André.

Nikki: Thanks, Brandon! I totally understand. Nikki: Well... um, about the dance. In the girls' bathroom. Wednesday, May 28 (10:50 AM) 

Things get even more complicated when she starts to hang out with a cute guy who’s a visiting student. Nikki chases her all around the house and into the yard, causing a mess. Nikki and her friends don't believe that André would resort to stealing, but André confesses that it's true. She's cool, smart, funny and a talented artist.

Nikki happily accepted and suggested the Wednesdays and Saturdays for the training, Nikki told him that Daisy is going to love his company. Brandon likes Nikki's artwork and says that she has 'skillz.'. Was it because of, well, what we did at the kissing booth, at the end of the party? A new photo is posted and is the one of André's selfie with Nikki, Zoey and Chloe, only Zoey and Chloe are cropped out. Nikki went to class ten minutes early to give Brandon his card before class started. Brandon then suggested that he could hand Nikki the books, meaning that he really wanted to talk. MacKenzie: Not going? Brandon invites Nikki to the animal shelter. Nikki can't wait to see Brandon in school so they can be awkward together.

She ruined our first kiss, and now our listening party!" That embarrassed Nikki on the phone and quickly hung up. When Brandon Caught Me At His Locker (Continued). MacKenzie tries to duck her way out of the situation, but Tiffany pulls her back in and reveals that she swapped Brandon and André's letters to confuse them and Nikki. Nikki MaxwellBrandon Roberts

If you decide NOT to hang out today, I totally understand. Her mom said, “Did you go? Brandon and Nikki almost kissed but Brianna interrupted them. Biology isn't the same without us goofing off during class and you laughing at my lame jokes. Read at your own risk! Actually, I'd probably... no, definitely say yes! Brandon: Actually, Nikki, there's just no way I could say NO to you!

Brandon: Sure, Nikki!

She arrives at Queasy Cheesy to meet with Brandon, but it doesn't seem like he is going to show up. Brandon comes by to see what Nikki is up to before school and sees she is having trouble keeping Daisy under control. Do you think he was talking about me? According to, it was released on October 17, 2017.

Brandon asked Nikki to be biology partners. Which she also happily accepted. Zoey said that everyone saw Nikki and Brandon make goo-goo eyes at each other. Nikki wonders if Brandon has the same case of Crush-itis as her. Nikki: So, would you like to, um, have dessert??!! Brandon was disgusted at the fake text that said that he had coughed up a booger and thought of Nikki. The Winter Dance and My Squished Chicken NikkiNuggets! Brandon felt bad that Nikki got in trouble for him. Nikki sends a text to Chloe that gets sent to Brandon by accident: "I had a crazy crush situation today!! To the bathroom? Do you want to ask me anything else?

Instead, she meets Prince Brandon, who asks if he can dance with her. Nikki reveals to them that she knew about the photos all along and that she has a hunch who they are.


Brandon said that Nikki would be perfect at photo layouting. Dear Nikki, It seems like now that I’m in middle school, all of my friends are suddenly more concerned about what they wear. Brandon said that he would go if the right person asked him. Brandon stands up and goes into Nikki's line. I miss washing dogs with you, even though we end up getting more dog shampoo on ourselves than on them. Brandon and Nikki were about 10 cm (about 4 in.)

Nikki decides to continue the entry tomorrow. Friends/Possibly dating Zoey pulls out her phone to show André something. All of us just wore jeans, t-shirts, baggy sweatshirts and whatever. Brandon and Nikki started goofing around through text messages during class, flirting and blushing. As thanks, he gives her some Queasy Cheesy gift cards he got for taking care of a job there. Brandon watched Nikki leave from the window. Brandon: Most kids say that.

Brandon smiles at Nikki and says that he'll text her later. Nikki was still bummed over the text message. Nikki planned to write an apology letter to both of them, but the letters they've received were switched, confusing them both.

Nikki thought that MacKenzie had already asked Brandon to the dance.

Brandon and Nikki spent the whole of class sending notes to each other. It's a rainy day, and Nikki's mom has a new Family Sharing Time activity: board games.

How can you not be going?

When she is arrested for treason before the Queen of Hearts (Victoria Steel) and is about to be executed, Prince Brandon comes with Sleeping Beauty (Jenny Chen), Rapunzel (Marcy Simms), Snow White (Violet Baker), Goldilocks (Chloe), and Red Riding Hood (Zoey) to defeat the Queen of Hearts and MacKenzie the Wicked Witch of the West. Nikki says that Brandon is an awesome photographer. When he leaves for a moment, Brandon is revealed to be there with a take-out order. Nikki is already having a bad feeling about playing this game. My Mall Scavenger Hunt With Chloe and Zoey!!

Brandon has not yet asked Nikki out officially in any of the books in the Dork Diaries series other than saying how he felt.

I put a lot of thought into what to give you. But it would me happy if you please give me another chance.

He picks up the glass slipper Nikki left behind. Zoey and Chloe hope they'll get their own TV shows from this, which Nikki seems skeptical about due to a past experience, but she is willing to support them all the way. Nikki's second day with André is a little crazy. She says "Yeah, MacKenzie strikes again!

She hugged one of the airport security dogs, waited impatiently to take off on their flight, started to panic over the possible incidents that could happen on a plane, wore the emergency life vest for extra protection, constantly annoyed a businessman she and Nikki were sitting next to, and pretty much just acted frantically and impatiently till they arrived in Indiana and got to their destination at their aunt's house. Did MacKenzie Pull Brandon to the Dark Side??

After he leaves, Nikki decides to read the e-mail she got and it turns out that she made it onto the trip to Paris. Nikki and her dad try to get out of it by saying their favorite shows are coming on, but one glare sends them back to joining in on the so-called fun.

When he goes to pay for the pizza with a gift card, André returns to talk to Nikki about the letter she gave him. Brandon started noticing André and Nikki hanging out more and more, this made it worse when someone had posted pictures up on the internet showing off how cute André and Nikki was, claiming they were a couple. Nikki wanted to tell Brandon what really happened. Chloe knew that Nikki would ask Brandon to the dance. Nikki sees Brandon in slow motion, with wind blowing through his hair. Nikki wishes she could have been an only child after such an experience. Before you ball up this note and toss it away, please read it to the end. Nikki was mad that Brandon had lied to her.

Whenever the players move, instead of the player drawing a card from the top of the deck, Brianna picks out a card for them. Brandon laughs at the joke and Nikki knows that he likes her.

They both blushed and smiled at each other for what felt like forever. She does and Andrea replies back, ending her letters as "A-". She is also hoping to be joining the NHH trip to Paris so she can see the Louvre. BranKenzieBriandonNikloey Nikki was annoyed at the accidental text. Ages What Was in That Box MacKenzie Gave Brandon?! MacKenzie dumped water on Chloe as a distraction while.... What happened after Nikki, Chloe, and Zoey sneaked backstage at the concert?

Nikki thinks that the flowers are for her. Nikki got jealous and mumbled "If she likes you, why would she say no".

Brandon: Gee, thanks, but I’m not going to the dance this year.

Wednesday (4:30 PM)  Brandon takes Nikki's hands and gazes deep into her eyes and asks if she was okay. Nikki giggled to Brandon that she felt the same, making Brandon extremely happy according to her diary. Brandon was on verge of tears about the thought and hugs the dog, making Nikki concerned. Brandon must have ran inside because he was embarrassed.

Takes place during the last weeks of school and into the summer.

Brandon later asked Nikki out to the CupCakery, hinting that she was the girl who he likes. But I knew you'd be okay. Nikki arrives to biology only to find that she's too late. You said something about how you don't even know me.

Nikki's schedule has been very tight as of late.

In class, Nikki tried to ask Brandon but got distracted. I wanted to ask you... if you... um, think, er... WE... will have another blizzard?! Brandon said that he's allergic to mean people AKA MacKenzie.

Brandon: Hot fudge on the side, with whipped cream? They blushed, smiled and made goo-goo eyes the entire hour. Nikki's face turns red so she goes to the bathroom so Brandon won't notice. Brandon: I heard there was a mix-up with your costumes too. Thanks for being a good friend, Nikki.” Nikki said that Brandon was being very nice, sweet, and helpful. Nikki thought it was cute that Brandon blushed. She closes it and tells them that she has to go home right away. Nikki knows that MacKenzie had something to do with it. Brandon grins and tells Nikki why she was thinking about that now.

She ruined our first kiss, and now our listening party!

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