Another tricky modulation announces the arrival of the third full chorus (at 3:00). That is, the D# major chord creates expectations about what’s to come, and Chicago then tweaks our expectations by heading to a major chord, rather than a minor chord. more ». Listen to the way the modulation feels. Note that F#/A# and B have the same relationship as E/G# and A – you can perform the first two chords, then shift down a whole step and perform them again.

STANDS4 LLC, 2020. The iiø7 chord is a borrowed iiø chord from the key of F# minor, and you should be able to hear the tension in that chord – the climax of the chorus occurs on the word “saying.”, In classical music, the iiø7 chord is usually followed by V, and perhaps the most famous progression in jazz is ii-V-I. The chorus, catchy enough to begin with, therefore feels even catchier because of all the strange chords that preceded it.

Peter Cetera sings while standing in front of a large window overlooking the city. Looking for a universal theme, he decided to write about one of the four elements (air, earth, water, fire).

If we want to modulate to a closely related key, we’ll often do so by introducing a note that is not in the original key but is in the key to which we’re modulating.

So it probably would not surprise us if Chicago wanted to move toward V (C# major, in this case) following the G#ø7 chord. Chicago performs in the music video "You're the Inspiration" from the album "Chicago 17" recorded for Full Moon Records and Warner Brothers Records. (Not F# major, but F major.) The first verse was in the key of B major, and if we want the next verse to be in the same key, we’ll need to modulate again. Directed by Leslie Libman.

That brings us to the “in my soul, baby” ending of the prechorus, where we have another D#/F chord. Chicago (i/ʃɪˈkɑːɡoʊ/ or /ʃɪˈkɔːɡoʊ/) is a rock band from the city of the same name.

The strange chords of the prechorus come at us quickly, too quickly for us to really process them, and by the time the chorus arrives, we’re dying to hear something more straightforward. I / I (first inversion) / IV / I (second inversion) / V. The rest of the song, though, is much stranger, and it features a number of interesting modulations. With Chicago, Peter Cetera. He has been angry, cool, magic, a rebel and, of course, marching home. They were originally founded as Chicago Transit Authority before shortening their name before their breakout second album. If you're still wondering why inspiration porn is so bad, here's a great Q&A piece about inspiration porn by Cara Liebowitz in which she explains it to an abled person. Fortunately, this shouldn’t be hard to do, because F# (which has six sharps) and B (which has five) are closely related.

Video clips feature young and old couples embracing. The major chord still sounds logical, though, because the root of the chord is the same. It’s the V of F#, which happens to be the next chord.

Video This is a familiar template – many artists write complex verses, prechoruses and bridges, all of which give way to straightforward choruses.

Chicago (i/ʃɪˈkɑːɡoʊ/ or /ʃɪˈkɔːɡoʊ/) is a rock band from the city of the same name. Chicago (i/ʃɪˈkɑːɡoʊ/ or /ʃɪˈkɔːɡoʊ/) is a rock band from the city of the same name.

So the C#/E# is a V/V in the key of B major. Get instant explanation for any lyrics that hits you anywhere on the web! This FAQ is empty.

One of the most popular classical vocalists in the land is lining up a trip to space, which is the inspiration for many of her songs.

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