To join rally war, embassy building is required. How often is this tax going to occur? Otherwise you lose them in battle.

Increase in the order shown as the most needed take all your rss from your items.You will loose all rss when being attacked! Angry Birds Tennis Has Been Officially Canceled. I’ve been in an alliance for some time now and have not participated in the AVA. Here you can train the troops and build a massive army. I was told that they are not yet available, what does other mean in the combat report. You can increase production by upgrading these buildings or through economic research. How do I join in on the alliance carnival? If you win, you’ll take some of their silver. How do you get these materials? More ammo can be obtained in exchange for gold. The further details for the Permanent State Move Open Time will also be released on our event related Blogs. Thoughts on traps. Once you built a lot, focus on each individual building. Upgrade the command center to increase rally capacity. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our websiteGot it! 2. So, are you ready? Good luck & happy gaming! Increasing the hospital level increases hospital capacity. Incarnacion – Minister of BRU2.

How do we beat bandits in our area that have a ref oval symbol on them? How do you donate to your alliance carnival. How you get to the decision making part such as in the last image above? Do you have any suggestions? Why is the Chancellor of our new alliance being taxed? From these points/tiles, you can obtain gold, speed-ups(After you gather all the resources). The total summary is to develop the town, increase the army power, max out the researches, and survive in the West apocalypse where other Sheriffs can raid your town anytime and loot the resources. You will find everything that a true Western fan expects in this Unprecedented Excitement. You can earn food easily. Executing the captured hostile sheriffs give juicy buffs to the player.

Stay there until your town hall is level 10 leave and make your own alliance (you may do better doing both ie join a new alliance until your at level 10 then start your own.. How to say the sheriff from someone else jail? The Sheriff can carry equipment and give special buffs which help the town. Are there benefits to being in one of those departments? Why are there no limits to attacks? For example – Increase in trap attack, research time reduction, construction time reduction, etc. If someone attacked your town, troops may get injured or killed. You can team up with other alliance sheriffs and attack on a single target by initiating the rally attacks.

That way even if you can’t finish them all before reset, at least you will finish most of them. For example – if someone in the alliance has initiated the war, other players can join him/her by sending reinforcement.

The C.R.I.C. You should send 35k (or more) level 2 (or higher) Range. Example help the lady or turn her in. Also , show how much resources and other items need per level to upgrade Medical center, training centre, research centre, and all others. Send sufficient troops of the highest level and type to defeat them. Please help. At the upper-left corner, tap Sheriff avatar -> skills -> here you can spend the skill points. By maxing out the buildings level for the current Town Center level, this will help you keep your town upgraded to its maximum in all circumstances, so it’s something that I have found works best for me. There’s no excuse.

The warehouse is the most useful building in the town as it protects a certain number of resources from the enemy sheriffs. I suggest that you take this into consideration when you use speed ups so that you won’t waste speed ups to go all the way to 0:00 with the construction timer, and instead leave just about less than 10 minutes to finish the upgrade for free. Learn how to safeguard your silver and other resources. Is there any advantage to forging more than one piece of the same equipment such as Wood cane I have 2 of them but encrusted with different crystels ///, the crystals do different things so you can have one that you boost specifically for fighting and one for Farming, just switch between the two depending on what you are doing. In an attack, you may lose loads of trained troops and resources. To give a player certain title, you need to know his coordinates on the map first. Why can’t I buy bullets? I’ve used them all up after last svs. Is that possible? For example if I am training This factory is responsible for traps, trap repairing, and the guards. To train more troops at a time, upgrade the barrack building. 【How to Move to Another State Permanently】. ... Can you move to another State?

Level -> To increase the Sheriff level, you need Sheriff EXP.

Gears – A Sheriff can carry a number of gears – weapon, accessory, hat, armor, etc. Please stay focused on them. Thank you so much. you can only change states if your town is lower than LVL5. If you want to thrive in West Game, then you’ll have to steel yourself for battle, raise an army of loyal cowboys, and take to the fields to meet your foes.However, before being able to develop your town, train troops, and dominate your foes, you must establish an acceptable production. This is a game that rewards those who know how to defend themselves. How is Hero insight used to up the sills of your hero’s I can’t find out how to use them I have 10 Hero insights too. Join an alliance and ask them. I suggest that you use these speed ups later on in the game, when it takes a few hours to make the upgrades. Keep giving til the color changes. join a big gang and PYOS!! You can earn loads of rewards from these events. I grow slower is all. * If you want to move to another State permanently, please make sure: 2) You have left your Alliance already (if there is one); 3) You have recalled all your troops (if there is any); Why sell hero medals? Airport City: What do I need a Ground Control for.

The town center level impacts the march size(total size of the march that you can send at a time), march queue(the total number of marches you can trigger at a time), alliance help, and the number of heroes in march.

The cabin is where the silver is produced. Were at level 15 with only level two troops. Additionally, all the sheriff can attack each other town(if there is no protection) and deal a lot of damage economically as well as military. Then decide what you want to do to build your town. Let’s read on our top West Game tips, cheats & strategies! * STEP 2: Choose a location in the target State and tap the ‘Move’ button. And the occupation countdown doesn’t finish.

The player can also collect the resources from map – go to the map view -> tap the resource tile – occupy, The warehouse also protects a certain number of resources, Defeat the Outlaws(drop rate is quite low), Help Civilian in the town(Like Bob’s Gift), Claim free gift chest in the bonuses menu, Exchange loyalty points for speed-ups in the alliance loyalty store, You can earn loyalty points by helping alliance members, You can receive reinforcements from alliance members, Go to the saloon and claim all the free hero chests, At the bottom-right corner, tap the bonuses option and claim the free daily chest, Claim Bob’s and civilian gift every now and then, Raise Sheriff power(level up, equip gears, upgrade his skills), Research combat type buffs in the academy. Alliance members in West Game can help each other in dreadful time by sending the resources. you have to have a special Teleport that you start the game with, once your town is level5 you can not switch states, advanced teleports only work to cords in your own state. JMO.

What is the best combination of economic buildings and also numbers of hospitals, barracks and cabins. If you are starting a Town Center upgrade (which takes longer than the other buildings) you should focus on doing other stuff in the game and start up the upgrade before you go to bed, and that way it will be finished by the morning. 2020-10-12 02:29:56. Any suggestions?

I’ve been doing loads of research, building and training but I only go up by about 100 force each time one of those things completes. I’m deleting this game but wanted to give my town to another user.

These would be all of our West Game tips and tricks that we have for you right now! In the top right corner of the info screen is a demolish tab. Unlike Outlaws, Gang of Bandits drops treasure maps. MAKE SURE you have plenty of hospitals to take care of your troops!! How much resources& other items need to upgrade from 1 To Max Town Center.? I have searched everywhere. It says that you can still scout or attack a camp. Most games allow you to buy a second or 3rd and I can’t find any such thing is this game. Please note: The Permanent State Move will be blocked when there’s any ongoing event (Ultimate Kill/Super Army Training/Outlaw Hunt/SVS) in your State or target State. YOU Can suicide potion and revive back in 24 hrs. You need an advance teleport to go to a spacific state you will need to enter the coordinance number in by clicking up top right corner microphone glass. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel – Gaming Soul for new mobile game videos. – Get the LEVEL of enemy forces. You need silver for several upgrades & construction. Build your army, upgrade sheriff and take down the high-level Outlaws and Gang of Bandits. Is there a scenario where I could potentially lose them? Can you move to another State?

any advice on building a trap account here? This building provides an overview of all the sectors, for example – production status, buildings, troops, traps, etc. Where do we get ammunition chests for wicked gangs ammunition refills? Doing quests, events, carnivals. Your troops will NOT die if food is zero. No hints…no suggestions….but says increase backpack!!!

You get three free chests daily – bronze, silver, and gold. Please note: The Permanent State Move will be blocked when there’s any ongoing event (Ultimate Kill/Super Army Training/Outlaw Hunt/SVS) in your State or target State. From these quests, you can earn materials, crystals(inlay these crystals to the Sheriff gears), resources, speed-ups, Sherrif EXP, gold, and much more.

For example – To unlock Jane, you need (8) Jane medals. Safely Storing Resources (rss) You can purchase demolition notice in the shop. New to the West game? * STEP 1: Enter the State you would like to teleport. Your army is using a lot more food than what your farms production. Was actually looking for cheats on getting gold. Material chests cost gold. Learn how to play and you will never lose troops or your sheriff. resources listed you get more troops trained. The Alliance Warehouse is the second place to store resources. That was a poor advertisement.

– and gold and is say -9k then go to items, then resource on left and mine above then go to grain and hit the 10K button.

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HELP!!!!! defence calvary men and I want to increase the number of troops, look at the resource list.

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