He tries his best to control the panic, risking his own life to help passengers escape before the ferry sinks. Guest Stars: Felix Williamson, Imogen Annesley, Roger Ward, Treffyn Koreshoff, Carmen Warrington, Steve Jones, Steve Le Marquand. Dean Gallagher and Chase are brothers. Attending a bush fire at a coastal national park, the Nemesis crew notice bloodied tracks in the sand and find a man digging a body in a shallow grave. Rachel has an important decision to make regarding her future when Michael proposes - her lover or her partner. Rachel realises how little control parents have over the lives of their children when she and Frank investigate the death of a 22-year-old girl at a party. A swingers' party at a harbourside home is interrupted by two masked robbers. Rachel and Frank investigate when the owner of a shipping company is killed by a bomb down on the waterfront. A spate of armed hold-ups have Goldie and Jack chasing a robber dressed like a cowboy from the wild west. Rayne Constatine. 10. Mockumentary about the organisation of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Rate. Rachel and Jack investigate when a gym bag containing a man's severed head is found washed up on a beach. When Sam Jones is found murdered in his home, Frank immediately becomes the prime suspect. 4. Rate .

That's the world of the WATER RATS, and elite bunch of 70 brave men and women guarding the harbour against all the elements that threaten to foul the blue waters. Gavin pulls the body of his girlfriend from her car after he sees her vehicle plunge into the harbour.

Reilly's friendship with Sydney madam Susie Abromovich results in them both being taken hostage by a pair of armed robbers. As the conflict between Madigan and Formica intensifies, Frank's life hangs in the balance and he is forced to rely on his arch enemy, in Madigan, to survive. Dave and the other divers find a number of human bones at the bottom of the harbour, which belonged to a child. Rachel loses access to her son David, when she is late for a custody hearing. Having discovered who killed Sam Jones and Ronny Jefferson, Frank decides to set himself up as bait in an attempt to catch the killer. This FAQ is empty. Rachel and Helen investigate the disappearance of a young girl and the subsequent murder of the woman suspected of her kidnapping. 8. Cons. With Ward 17 closed down, the team from All Saints face big changes as they are split up and some are moved to the fast paced world of the Emergency Department, headed by Director of Emergency Frank Campion. That's the world of the WATER RATS. When a smoke bomb goes off inside a waterfront restaurant, Rachel and Frank find out that the owners are being blackmailed. When a body that was cut into pieces is pulled from Sydney Harbour, and is found to be that of a Melbourne woman, Rachel and Frank travel to Melbourne to investigate. But feelings between the pair sour when Frank becomes involved with the wife of the dead man. The death of a friend and a forgotten dream prompt Frank Holloway to farewell the Rats. Beneath its surface exists a playground for the murky underworld, pollution hazards, the remnants of huge drug hauls, and a graveyard of bodies from years of suicides, accidents and murders. Ronny is a witness to the Melissa Davies murder, and the only other person whose evidence can convict Travis. Billy Pope's girlfriend is found murdered on the eve of giving evidence in a enquiry into police corruption. The divers recover Cheryl's body from the harbour. 9. Watch Water Rats Free Online. Watch all 26 Water Rats episodes from season 6,view pictures, get episode information and more. 6.

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