This biography profiles his childhood, family, death, and other facts. You mean to say the erudite, out-spoken ex-PM of Canada could not issue a statement himself? I have listened to Little Grey Cells you tube videos on Trudeau Sr. & on the FLQ crisis and also a citizen journalist who worked with Abel Danger and discussed Sr.’s involvement with the creation of snuff films at the BC pig farm. The body was never found and sometime later, the family had to call off the search missions. Disgustingly consistent for this CRIMINALLY CORRUPT COWARDLY TREASONOUS TRUGROPER CASTRO PEDO FAMILY. On Friday the 13th, Michel Trudeau died. Wish it would all come out so this family would never come back to power in Canada or anywhere else. Trudeau struggled in the water but did not make it. The family suffered another big loss two years later when Pierre, Michel’s father died. The grim task ahead is to recover Michel's body, but low cloud cover is preventing a search team from getting to the remote site. Justina Trugroper Castro is very adamant and open as well as supportive of illegal and privileged corruption that his “father” Pierre then you lies by abusing his power and although he was no longer in politics used his leverage and privilege to try to sway the prosecuting Crown attorney and judge to squash the charges against Michel…. As far as deceased younger bother Michel Trudeau goes, he really didn’t live long enough to flower into a full-fledged communist like his brothers have. They yelled at Mike[Trudeau] “to swim, swim, swim’ but basically just watched him go under the water,″ Paul Sinclair, who was with the group a day earlier, told the National Post. Love forever and ever and ever." However, his life came to a tragic halt at the young age of 23, when an avalanche took his life during a backcountry skiing trip at the Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. Evan Manners, manager of the Canadian Avalanche Centre in Revelstoke, B.C., said that “before the Trudeau death he had never heard of an avalanche pushing someone into the water who then drowned. How far should we go to ensure public safety? Michel Trudeau’s death, and all the related circumstances which suggest this to be one giant media cover-up. After the Incident He was the youngest of the three Trudeau sons born to Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Trudeau. It well appears that neither father Pierre, nor mother Margaret Trudeau, travelled to the location of the death to see the situation with their own eyes. Michel Trudeau all so died in the ”avalanche”on the hottest recorded summer in bc history with lowest recorded snow fall in that year and the year before. grave 'where he was destined to be,' In a ski chalet during a heavy snowstorm, Margaret Trudeau spoke out yesterday about her grief over Michel's sudden death more than a … • Born in 1975, Michel (known to his family as Miche) left two brothers, Sacha and Justin. Generally, in accidents like these, the names of the survivors are made public. So, why were the names of the survivors withheld, and why have did their families remain silent all these years? Such strange, sketchy circumstances surround the death of Michel Trudeau is 1998. A full three days later, an article was published by reputable media organization, Associated Press. In an interesting co-incidence, that may not be a co-incidence at all, Michel Trudeau was nearly killed on July 17th, 1998—   five months before his actual death when his motor vehicle was broadsided by another vehicle while he was driving in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.”. C’mon get a grip! The body was never found. Was Michel Trudeau, Brother of PM Justin Trudeau, Murdered In 1998? • Members of the Trudeau family have since said they believe the glacier is a fitting resting place for the outdoors-loving Michel. [4] When talking about her sons each having distinctly different personalities in an interview in 1977, Margaret Trudeau said, "Justin, 6, is a prince — a very good little boy. HQ in Vancouver, BC, Oh Canada! sent a dive team into Kokanee Lake to search for his body, but a long winter, cold summer, and snow in the Rockies hampered search efforts. On Friday the 13th, Michel Trudeau died. • RCMP divers, who probed the lake shortly after the accident and again the following spring, found no trace of Michel Trudeau. The accident that claimed the lives of seven Calgary-area students. Castro nicknamed him Miche. ‘He had a huge friend circle’, said his brother, who went on saying that everybody would be surprised to know that he was the son of a former Canadian Prime Minister, as he was such a down to earth person. He was swept down into cold Kokanee Lake, where he is presumed drowned. The lake's hig… You can opt-out at any time. siblings: Alexandre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, place of death: Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park, education: Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, Dalhousie University, See the events in life of Michel Trudeau in Chronological Order. The Canadian Avalanche Centre, which tries to keep Canadians safe, finds itself in peril from government cutbacks. True, or not true? The day of reckoning is coming. Michel Trudeau was born at the Ottawa Civic Hospital in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on 2nd October 1975. Who Is The Greatest Female Warrior In History? Michel always was very ‘kind and adventurous’ one of all her children, as recalled by his mother. This is much more than ‘sketchy’…WAY more. A year later, the Trudeau family called off the search for Michel and accepted with bitter hearts, that Michel was no more with them. Three Trudeau brothers - Justin, Alexandre and Michel - would spend their summers in the camps, mostly at Algonquin Provincial Park’s Camp Ahmek. As recorded, Michel Trudeau died on the previous Friday. Whatever the circumstance, a truism remains. The body was never found and sometime later, the family had to call off the search missions. By all appearances, it was a miracle that Michel Trudeau survived. Could Jagmeet Singh’s NDP MERGE With Liberals To Preserve Trudeau’s Pseudo-Dictatorship? The truth shell set you free. Michel, on a three-day backcountry ski trip with three friends, was pushed off the trail by an avalanche in Kokanee Glacier Park, B.C. Elections: Colourful Characters, Pivotal Points, Northwest Territories: Voting in Canada's North, P.E.I. Out of all media cover-ups, spins and obfuscations, little compares to the shady circumstances surrounding the death of Pierre’s youngest son, Michel Trudeau. By all appearances, it was a miracle that Michel Trudeau survived. Softwood Lumber Dispute, Breaking the Ice: Canada and the Northwest Passage, The Confederation Bridge: P.E.I. Michel Trudeau was the youngest child of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and the younger brother of the current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. Elections, 1952-2005, N.B. "We feel it's the most beautiful place," his mother said in January 2001. His friends found themselves unable to help him and Michel drowned into the lake. Okay, thanks for this. At the time, he had been working for about a year at Red Mountain Resort and living in Rossland, British Columbia. The behaviours, scandals and various rumour-based gossip surrounding both “royal families” is something to behold. anyone convicted of marijuana charges and make them retroactive in order to totally expunge and clear his disappeared and reported dead brother Michelle’s blemish of a convicted criminal when other convictions are not retroactive when they receive a pardon to totally remove it from someone’s record…NOTHING IS TOO CORRUPT FOR THE TRUGROPER PRIVILEGED CONVICTS.. Of course not. — Alexandre Trudeau’s work as a film maker for the theocratic government of Iran, as well as a lifetime dedication to China and Islam. Before beginning the search, the R.C.M.P. After his death, a newly discovered varietal of rose was named after him, dubbed the "Michel Trudeau Memorial Rosebush," with proceeds from sales of the new flower benefitting the Canadian Avalanche Foundation, which helps survivors and victims of Canada's many avalanches recover after getting caught in one of nature's most destructive natural disasters. The FORTY YEAR MEDIA Cover-Up Of Pierre, Justin and Alex Trudeau’s Dedication To Communism, BLM, NBA "Merger" Transforms Pro Sports Into Race-Based POLITICAL WEAPON, Trudeau Has Created “Socialist Revolution” In Canada: Conservative PM Leadership Candidate, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh EXTENDS LIFE Of Trudeau's Liberal Dictatorship, China's Covid19 DECIMATES Economy In Preparation For Trudeau's Socialist-State Transformation, Justin Trudeau Sells Canadian Embassy SECURITY CONTRACTS To Chinese Government, "It's Okay To Be White" Brings POLICE Investigations, Racist Accusations In Canada, CPC Leader Erin O'Toole's Campaign Manager Walied Soliman Branded "Shariah Law Promoter", Get the Facebook Likebox Slider Pro for WordPress, Soon To Be in All Provinces and Territories, Help maintain English and French Canadian identity. — Brad Salzberg, Founder of Cultural Action Party of Canada(est. A spokesman for Pierre Trudeau issued a statement from Montreal saying Michel’s parents were “deeply saddened.”. I’m sure it won’t come to no one’s surprise that after this corruption runs full course and his name is cleared of his drug charges and convictions on his record he will reappear elsewhere and mysteriously either came back from the dead or was in hiding possibly on a resort island where helicopters and Aga Khan run in abundance… Trudeau died as the result of an avalanche on November 13, 1998, aged 23. His comment proved prescient: divers would never find his body, and he is there to this day," Justin Trudeau had said about his brother in a 2014 memoir. Has Confederation Been Good for Newfoundland? Not of them ever issued a public statement, nor did their parents. More mystery follows: As it happens, in warm, shallow water, decomposition works quickly, surfacing a corpse within two or three days. The location where Michel entered the lake was easily accessible, and devoid of heavy currents. His companions were unable to effect a rescue, and Trudeau drowned. Dr. Neil Basraba describes how he survived a deadly avalanche in British Columbia. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. • Michel Trudeau was wearing a heavy backpack, cross-country skis and cold-weather clothing when the avalanche hit the men as they traversed a steep slope above Kokanee Lake. After his younger brother, Michel, was killed in an avalanche in 1998, Trudeau moved in with his father and cared for him at the end of his life. All rights reserved. "Newly discovered rose gives back to the BC community: Michel Trudeau Memorial Rose raises money for avalanche awareness".

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