Somebody returned these items to The Cave without ever using them. The distance isn't as far as they advertise, but if you've got a ridiculous slice like I do, they tend to reel that in a bit (it's a smaller heavier ball, so it's not as affected by the wind as regular balls). The Volvik Magma is designed for golfers seeking super distance and soft feel, especially for senior golfers with a low swing speed. Volvik Solice is our favorite model when it comes to this. Weight: 2 lbs: Select Color: White, Yellow. Volvik promise to deliver the quality products and they have done the same thing with the Volvik Vivid XT Golf Ball.

However, the fact that you can personalize them makes the product even better. I can't recommend this ball for senior golfers. With that in mind, some specialty golf ball designs will come four or six in a pack. The one-pound weight makes it a lightweight product. Volvik is dedicated to the production of specialized 3 and 4 piece multi-layer high performance golf balls for players of every skill set. With that, we did not just slap ten products together, we thoroughly conducted our research to ensure that these products were well designed and produced for quality.

This product ships DIRECTLY from the MANUFACTURER. Anyone who swings harder than that, well, good for you. So when you hit checkout, please be sure to select a Standard Ground service option! The brand has taken their color golf balls to the next level with this product by creating an item that has increased control around the greens as well as an enhanced flight spin. EXPLOSIVE BALL SPEED AND SOFTER FEEL - Oversized Power Core Provides Explosive Ball Speed. Off the tee, it is a mid to high launch golf ball. These next golf balls are the newer generation of the Vivid series. These golf balls come in five varieties of colors, including Green, Orange, Pink, White, and Yellow. Share Followers 0. Straighter design with more consistent soft feel. However, if it is not durable and designed for quality, it will not be worth it. Plus side, with more distance and control, you’ll lose fewer balls. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. We will be using the email address entered below to contact you with your quote, This price does not include additional charges for select grips and shafts.

Here are two unique features of these golf balls. After four rounds, I gave up and bought another brand. This particular item is made for improved accuracy.

I get the yellow ones, easy to find on the course. With that said, let’s talk about one of the most important layers when it comes to these golf balls. Well, this adorable and stylish golf ball design is known as the Volvik Vivid XT Matt Pink. Additional information. As we discuss cost and value, we can say that these are easily the most costly four balls from this brand. The golf course can be filled with surprises! These vivid balls are so bright in color that the golfer can quickly locate them even in dense grass.

With that, these are made for optimal spin rates as well as solid layers both in the core and exterior shell. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Players using Volvik golf balls have earned millions of dollars in prize money with multiple victories. When choosing our top pick, we like finding a product that can relate to a majority of people in the market. With that in mind, the price of the golf balls can range as well depending on how well designed the product is and what the product quality is as well. You can have the shiniest and coolest product. They are crafted for individuals that want to stand out on the course as well as be able to notice and see their golf balls easier. They are colored golf balls and come in a variety of colors to choose from. Volvik Magma 3 Piece Non USGA Conforming Super Distance Golf Balls -... Volvik Magma 3 Piece Non USGA Conforming Super Distance Golf Balls - White. As we discuss cost and value for this product, individuals should take into consideration that the low compression design creates a valuable experience. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. Individuals have mentioned they do not have a good feel.

The Matte finish helps to minimize the air resistance, which enables the golfer to hit a greater distance shot. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. For instance, the construction quality ensures both a quality exterior and interior design.

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The 95 compressions make these balls fit for golfers having swing speed around 60-90 mph. It has been producing golf balls for quite a long time. To discuss cost and value for these golf balls, we can say that for a bit of color, they happen to be one of the best an individual can buy. Volvik once fell into the second category but is making a hard push to become a brand played by all golfers. While the allure of tour-level balls can be difficult to resist, most golfers will generate more distance with a ball like this. ConcentricDimples 0 Posted October 6, 2016. ConcentricDimples.

We can say that the best golf balls for putting are soft core golf balls. People from all around the world are preferring Volvik golf balls. - Excellent Visibility in FIVE Glossy Color Options. This design ensures individuals can receive a more consistent first shot. With that, what can individuals expect when they are even coated for overall color quality and benefits. That’s good and well, but I think the biggest benefit is that most of the time, no one else is playing the same color ball. Part of what makes this product expertly design is the finish outer layer. Although this item has one of the best designs which ensure a better quality spin and distance, it happens to also have one of the best-putting qualities known to date. The rating is based on the average rating (1-100) from all the criteria in which we rated this product. Alongside this, individuals can expect the color to not chip or fade easily. Volvik Crystal is another affordable golf ball that arises in numerous shades options. Today, they are much more mainstream and higher quality. +  Items that ship directly from the manufacturer, ship via Standard Ground service only. What are the benefits of low compression golf balls? However, how are they as far as design.

We think you’ll like what else they’re putting on the course. No one confusing their ball for yours, that’s what I like best. As we discuss cost and value, this product happens to be one of the best-designed tour golf balls to date. One aspect that makes these golf balls one of the best is the overall matte finish design. This particular golf ball design boasts the 322 dimple design that has made the previous golf balls as popular as they have been. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. With that, the product has a unique matte finish that is also high quality and will not chip easily.

Well, we are eager to share with you. - Outstanding Driver Performance with Reduced Spin Rates & Mid-High Launch Angle. This pattern allows for the product to have a better overall aerodynamic design. The reason being is that they are expertly crafted and designed for individuals that want a better off the tee experience.

© 2019 GolfClubGuru. This brand has designed different golf balls for different purposes. Volvik Vivid Golf Balls Review. For this article, we want to talk about one of the most notorious and scandalous brands in the golfing industry, Volvik! This next set of golf balls have been designed for quality and are known as one of the best in the tour. Soft feel golf balls made with a urethane cover tend to be some of the most costly. - Double Digit Numbers: 00, 11, 22, 33 The putting feel is due to the optimal spin rate design alongside a durable and powerful zirconium cover with 466-Octahedron dimples, the largest number from this brand. While this isn’t a strict recommendation of who can, and cannot use this ball, it should be taken into account. With that in mind, the price is not as much as many other golf balls sets from this brand. This means those who are brand new to the game, as well as golfers that have been playing for years. Volvik developed the world’s first matte finish golf ball - the Vivid. It is for mid and high Handicappers. Share On Facebook. Total … Volvik Vivid golf balls are catching the eye for more than just the obvious reasons with the new 2020 range offering more performance than ever before. On the Volvik Magma, dimples are fewer in number, but deeper. Then It most likely is a Volvik golf ball! A new take on the ball that made them famous, the Volvik XT AMT is a matte finish option that offers solid all-around performance. Volvik takes out the need for artistry with a 360-degree alignment system. It is among the suitable golf ball for golfers, having a swim speed of around 75-95 mph. When it comes to picking the most bright golf ball, it is widely recommended to stick away from the blues and the green colors. It happens to be the exact number of the octahedron dimple pattern that the brand has used to design these golf balls. When it comes to the design, these golf balls are expertly crafted with an improved larger core which allows for greater and better distance. For the price as well, we can see why they have five-star reviews and are highly touted. In many cases, these are golfers who otherwise might have trouble getting the ball high enough to maximize distance. Smaller than legal golf balls, which leads directly to yards gained with every club in your bag, Rare for a three-piece ball designed for beginners, this is an exception, Non-confirming according to USGA sizing regulations, but hey, you’re a beginner, you aren’t playing in many tournaments anyway, This is a plus every time I see something like this.

Now, for the fact that it only comes four in a pack, they are quite expensive, making them more of a collectible. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. The overall quality of their golf balls is found in the design and the technology of the product. With that, they have been improved for quality and better visibility.

I have years of semi-professional golf playing. Some people may not like the extreme colors. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Part of their fan base may be due to the fact that they actually have been around for close to forty years. The suits of cards around the numbers are pretty cool, Low spin off the tee, high spin around the greens; a match made in heaven, This is a tour performance golf ball; it’s also priced like a tour performance golf ball, Shallow dimples help with flight stability, keeping longer shots straight, High launch design thanks to dual power core, Many golfers do not like matte finish the first time they use this type of ball.

In case you want a golf ball with low compression, then try out the Volvik Vibe Golf Balls. The Ionomer cover has a dimple pattern that ensures a more stable and quality flight. Lastly, it only does come in two color choices, but it is still well designed for quality and durability.

With two quality colors to choose from, these balls are beautiful, colorful, easily recognizable, and perfect for amateur and seasoned golfers. In order to achieve this, Volvik sets this up to be a high launch, low spin ball. Perfect for a gift or for the golfer looking to stand out, we want to share the Volvik Skull and cross Bones Golf Balls, a quality set of golf balls expertly crafted for design quality and benefits. Thanks to a softcover and a mid-range compression level (85), it’s easy to add a few yards off the tee. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. But, it only lost out on the top spot since some players don’t like the plain white ball we’ve known all our lives. It has been producing golf balls for quite a long time. Overall, the core is also expertly crafted for better spin and control once on the green. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question.

*Please note that while your order may be packed and ready to go, our shipping carriers don't pick up on Saturday or Sunday. We are impressed and pleased by the overall design of these quality golf balls. The design of these golf balls ensures better performance quality overall for individuals. All rights reserved. Improved flight design and more stability.

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