By continuing to use this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Billy made fine electric and beautiful hand made acoustic guitars that are cherished by his Kramer fans.

ex: A A1234 The Kramer Baretta was the flagship of the Kramer line and helped popularize the single-pickup 1980s superstrat guitar design. Strikers sometimes had serials that prefixed with "S" or "SB" and other neck-thru Kramers were "sometimes" serial marked Bought it from a friend who bought it new. prefixing the number. I have owned it since the late 80's (I thought it was 1985?). BTE banked on the Gorky Park guitars to help promote the group.

Kramer partnered with a German inventor named Helmut Rockinger, and installed his bulky tremolos, precursors to Floyd Rose systems, on its instruments. Cast overseas plates are smaller in width compared to American Series He was to sell back his interests and receive royalties, and then represent the company out west, but none of this seems to have happened. here is a rundown of serial numbers, with year models and distiguishing Kramer, under license from Excellente, manufactured a line of guitars which were marketed as 'The Kramer American Showster Series'. AA1234, AC1234, FA1234,FC1234, SA1234) Kramer, under license from Excellente, manufactured a line of guitars which were marketed as "The Kramer American Showster Series". Enter text in the Model Number or Description to restrict the search to only those records which CONTAIN your text in that field. The hardware was also from a known quality brand: Schallertuning keys and bridges; Schaller and DiMarziopickups; custom-made strap pins; aluminum cavity covers. Encouraged by the resurgence of interest in the Kramer brand, Epiphone has been reissuing classic Kramer models, including the '1984 Model;' (a homage to Eddie Van Halen's famous '5150' guitar used from 1984-1991) the 'Jersey Star;' (a homage to the Richie Sambora signature 1980s Kramer) and most recently, the '1985 Baretta Reissue (A standard slant-pickup Baretta)'. If the serial number of your Kramer starts with the following serial numbers, it is NOT a USA Made or "American" series Kramer: 1) Two letters followed by a serial number (e.g. For more information, see our Privacy Statement. Introduced in 1976, early models featured the trademark 'tuning fork head' aluminum-reinforced necks with a fretboard made of Ebonol—material similar to one used in bowling ball production. had stickered serial numbers on the plate. I have a Kramer Focus 3000 with the serial number 'A28571.' You can search for one serial number by typing in the EXACT serial number. (Please Note: Kramers listed below were not built in USA post 1986. In addition, Kramer embraced the excess of the late 1980s—producing slick and fluorescent guitars, losing its thought leadership in the guitar manufacturing arena, and damaging the image of the brand. You can search for one model by typing in the EXACT model number. - mid '86 - late '87, Fxxxx-Fxxxxx The Kramer Fatboy has been featured in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and Guitar Hero Aerosmith. cast plates. A notorious firesale of surplus necks, bodies and hardware was held out of New Jersey. The company had been spending huge amounts on advertising and endorsements, and then lost a lawsuit with Floyd D. Rose over royalties. Eddie was interested in a tremolo that stayed in tune, which the Rockinger system offered.

of old Vintage Kramers. Jersey Stars with serials on the neckplate begin with 040050, first We thank everyone for contributing their Kramers through the years. These serial numbers - late '85 - late '86 !984 Reissues up until mid 2004 - 200000 - 200500 or less Kramer continued its success into the late 1980s, promoting hard rock and glam metal artists from Mötley Crüe's Mick Mars to Whitesnake's Vivian Campbell as major endorsees. FC - '89 - '90 Gibson's Epiphone division has produced guitars and basses under the Kramer brand since the late 1990s, mostly factory-direct through the now-defunct website. In late 1983 Kramer switched from the 'beak' headstock design to the Gibson Explorer-like 'banana' headstock design. You can search for similar models by leaving off the final digit(s) of a model number. Overseas Tuning keys and vintage fulcrum tremolos were made by Gotoh in Japan, while the necks were made by Japan's ESP Guitars and shipped to New Jersey for fretting and finishing. 2005 - All reissue models - 050001 Hit the "Search" button to being your search of the database. Kramer collectors held a Kramer Expo every year in Nashville, Tennessee, near the Gibson plant, from 2003-2008. The original intent of the registry was to attempt to get an idea of the history of Kramer since serial. The rest of the account is murky: Kramer says he was supposed to increase production but was too inexperienced in that area, and he wanted to move back to the West Coast. By 1975 he had hooked up with a friend from New York, Dennis Berardi, and the two founded BK International, which engaged luthier Phil Petillo to make prototypes for them.

These guitars were sleeker versions of the more traditional shapes of the day, and utilized Excellente's patented "tear-drop" body taper and "metal loading" insert feature to increase tone and sustain.(U.S.Pat.4,635,522). By 1987, Kramer was using ESP Guitars exclusively for manufacturing its necks and bodies. Kramer's improvement consisted of two wooden inserts in the back of the neck.

But supply was not consistent and promised new models were either seriously delayed or never produced. During 1987, Kramer also commissioned guitarist Rich Excellente, designer of the '1957 Chevy Tail-fin' guitar, to create a series of guitars based on the patented features Excellente developed on his 'Chevy Tail-Fin' guitar. These high-end instruments are assembled in the USA from American components. A meeting between Eddie Van Halen and Kramer execs took place, and Eddie was sold. The 'American Series' of instruments were ESP parts, assembled in Neptune, New Jersey. Falcon Custom Guitars came to an untimely close at the end of summer of 1999 when Billy died. Only Assembled. Vector NTI Express v1.1.1 (Mac & Windows); Vector NTI Advance v11.5.2 (Windows & Mac w/PC Emulation)/ September 20, 2012 ( 2012-09-20)10.6+,Suite of Sequence Analysis & Design Software Tools (Curate, Discover, Design, Provision, Confirm)ProprietaryWebsiteVector NTI is a software package used by many to work, among other things, with.

We thank everyone for contributing their Kramers through the years. … Fewer than 1,000 of these guitars were produced between 1988–1990, and the line was discontinued during 1990 due to manufacturing problems which began to plague Kramer during that time. By 1989, Dennis Berardi had started Berardi/Thomas Entertainment, Inc—an artist management company. Original Kramer guitars are now highly collectable, after being considered undesirable in the early-mid-1990s. These guitars were sleeker versions of the more traditional shapes of the day, and utilized Excellente's patented 'tear-drop' body taper and 'metal loading' insert feature to increase tone and sustain.(U.S.Pat.4,635,522). While

'The Kramer Stagemaster'. Kramer Guitars If the serial number of your Kramer starts with the following serial numbers, it is NOT a USA Made or "American" series Kramer: 1) Two letters followed by a serial number (e.g. on the headstock since they had no neckplate. Vintage Kramer Baretta Guitar- USA - serial number is Fxxxx which is from late 1987 to late 1989. Other features of the necks included aluminum dots, and a zero fret. Seeing promise in a young band out of the Soviet Union, Gorky Park, BTE started managing the group. We collect the personal data of the following types of Personal Information: first and last name, country, email address, first name, last name, phone number and website. By 1995, Henry Vaccaro Sr. owned the Kramer brand; in addition, he was the only one of the original partners interested in continuing in the guitar business. do not pertain to the new line of Kramers from Musicyo. Kramer first released wooden-necked guitars in late 1981, following Charvel's lead on producing instruments that essentially copied the stratocasterheadstock shape from Fender, in violation of Fender's US trademark and design patent. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. You can use this database for researching parts and original job information for KRAMER equipment produced between 03-14-1974 to 01-31-1990 or having Serial Numbers between E44400 to F79063. Kramer was the only guitar company offering Original Floyd Rose tremolos stock on their production guitars, a competitive advantage of Kramer over other guitar manufacturers of the period.

At the meeting, he reportedly quipped that he would help make Kramer the '#1 guitar company in the world.'. More recently however under guidance from a dedicated Kramer team at Gibson, new models have made it to stores, and now includes the budget priced Baretta Special (a model touted on the MusicYo pages but never released until now) plus designs never seen before including the Pariah & Assault (including FR tremolo models) ranges brought out to bring the Kramer name to a new generation of rock musicians, while homages to vintage models like the Stagemaster in the form of the SM-1 and Classic Pacer Imperial now simply called the Pacer Vintage are also still produced. Vintage Kramer Guitars Serial Numbers 126049 Kramer by Gibson '98–'08 – Korean Made Models (1998–2005) [edit] also known as 'The Yo Era Guitars'** Kramer Pacer (2xx) Kramer Striker (fr/s 4xx) Kramer Baretta Neck-Thru; Kramer Baretta bolt on; Kramer Vanguard (fr/s 4xx) Kramer Assault (2xx) Kramer Imperial; References [edit] ^ a b Wright, Michael (December 2014).

This was my #1 guitar for a very long time, so it is a player. There is some dispute over the company's early history, but it begins with Travis Bean, a California luthier who was building guitars with aluminum necks. Gary Kramer's inserts, set in epoxy, were usually walnut or maple. Kramer American Models Serial Number Registry - Archive. In connection with your providing me with your personal information, we must advise you that information about Rheem’s practices regarding your personal information is located in Rheem's Privacy Notice located here.

The Kramer Registry is now closed for new submissions. You can use this database for researching parts and original job information for KRAMER equipment produced between to or having Serial Numbers between E44400 to F79063. Generally, the ratio of basses to guitars produced was about 4:1. FA characteristics for I.D. Other involved parties were Henry Vaccaro, a real estate person who invested money in the venture, and Peter LaPlaca, who had experience with Norlin, the company that owned Gibson Guitar Corporation from 1969 to 1986. The Kramer Registry is now closed for new submissions. Numbered plates that are chrome with the banana logo are overseas plates, Exxxx-Exxxxx In addition, if you have registered your telephone number with other companies or organisations, you are able to at will turn off anytime by means of adjusting your web browsers may allow some control of cookies through the Kogama website to integrate social media. In the early '90s, Artist Relations manager Billy 'Falcon' Connolly left New Jersey and moved to Princeton, West Virginia and started a small guitar company called Falcon Custom Guitars. After only a thousand or so instruments were built, in May 1981, Kramer received a cease and desist order from Fender to halt the production of strathead guitars. The bodies were usually made of high grade Walnut or Maple, with the earliest instruments made of exotic tonewoods including Koa, Afromosia, Swietenia, Shedua, and Bubinga. there are several places on Vintage Kramer to learn about serial numbers, In January 2009, Gibson shut down the website, instead promising that Kramers would be available through dealers and in music stores by the end of 2009. To help promote the band, the infamous 'Gorky Park' guitars were made, reportedly to be given to guitar dealers as promotional pieces.

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