Once an accepted pop is well over 100 population, it will stay put while its factory is closed and slowly shed population over many months and years. 3) Sphering Holstein while defending Denmark. How did you even find this in. In this guide, I shall be explaining how to from the German Empire in Victoria II and also a few tips on how to form "super germany" (which we will discuss later.) Here we can see that the next pop to reach over 100 will be Hungarian, not South German, so we close the factory. Holstein shouldn't be a problem - your likeliest competitors will be spreading their influence around far more than you, if you just focus on your necessary states. Just get to around 25 warscore and the French will give in. -Optional Elections: Ever got annoyed about having to click the election events? Later, I maxed out all taxes and tariffs, and watched as global prices for all goods fell straight off a cliff, with items such as clothing more than halving in value as a result of my crippling taxation. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Not much of a hotfix as much as a minor patch. Then after you form the North German Federation you can sphere all three of the South German states (Baden, Bavaria, Wurttemberg). I agree with this. At first, you can tax the poor at 100% and the middle class as much as necessary to keep the budget green. An alliance with Russia or United Kingdom is ideal, in an effort to make them happy with their alliance count and not seek an alliance with France - such an alliance would ensure that you'd be facing a two-front war when you attack France. -More icons for rebels, CBs, interface, anything that can help and give more flavor. With Persia and Japan, this assumes you annex foreign territories before westernizing. The nation's industry will go nowhere at the start, as Russia lacks literacy to promote craftsmen, and its factory techs are backward. And the best part is that the AI clicks the event for you, so you are not interrupted every 6 years just to click an event. You will want forts on their border and possibly the borders of their Spherelings. Most CBs need at least 1 MIL score to be justified. Alternatively one can force Russia to release Belarus, Poland or Ukraine which will weaken them significantly. ------------------------- Your technological priorities will vary depending on whether you want to play peacefully with a heavily industrialized nation or whether you want to militarily expand. 5) Shedding Managed to form Super Germany by 1852. Don't know if that's right, Well, probably chile also has some extra social reforms or got a immigration boost from an event or decision. The realm rejoices as Paradox Interactive announces the launch of Crusader Kings III, the latest entry in the publisher’s grand strategy role-playing game franchise. Ideally, the non-accepted under-100 pops have migrated but the accepted under-100 pops have not, allowing them to get a head start on reaching over 100 pops when you re-open the factory. Well argued as well. Eventually, when your armies and clergy start straining your budget and you start running into budget issues, you will want to research some Financial Institutions technology to increase your tax efficiency. They also don't promote and poor pops will demote to Serfdom, so they will eventually eat up millions of potential craftsmen. All rights reserved. The upper class should not be taxed to enable them to build up capital to build factories and railways for you. Built using carefully inspected parts of the mods NNM and PDM as a base, the main aim is to correct the 1836 start date in regard to both countries and pops and to add more historical flavor to the game, while taking into account the plausible historical outcomes and the mod performance. A lot of events and decisions were taken, adapted and localized. If you are easily offended by history, historical events, historical images of figures or 19th century vocabulary then this mod is not for you and you shouldn't install it. Don't wait too long. I personally would like to kill the Worldmarket with a sharp axe. We do this in part by only building factories in either high pop or primarily core-culture states. Taking Zulu, Danish Ghana and/or Brunei and building naval bases in them will give you access to additional colonizable land. It wouldn't be a complete release without finding a few bugs that need immediate fixing right after I release, would it? Pop Demand Mod (PDM) is a mod project for Victoria 2, a real-time grand strategy game published by Paradox Interactive and set in the Victorian era. I'd also recommend changing pop type to craftsmen upon migration. This will pretty much take Austria out of Great Power status and make them lose their sphere. Then attacking Denmark. A Comprehensive Guide to the Craftsmen Exploit by /u/inb4username Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). And what made it beautiful to watch was that it played out exactly as I had been taught it should: Less money flowed into savings, prices and profits rose for all my industry, and my subsidy payments vanished completely (falling by several thousand a day). To remedy that there's a GitHub wiki that I've been slowly filling. Because in Vic 2 Austria is a declining power with illiterate pops and serfs. Check the Forums for economy improvement mods or play in Multiplayer. Austria will (like option 1) be isolated and easy to beat. If you sphere them, you will not immediately gain Schleswig-Holstein upon formation of the Federation. In very hetrogenous nations like Austria, to start at least, none of your factories are only going to have accepted pops. In practical terms, this means that your open factories, wherever they may be, are being swamped by migrating craftsmen from across your territory. Repurposed useless provinces in the arctic circle to colonies and more. All in all, make the game as realistic as I can.The first release includes a vastly improved 1836 stat date country composition and a complete rework of the global slave population. In the lesson, we were taught about "marginal propensities to consume" and how transferring money from the wealthy to the not-wealthy increases demand within the economy, because the wealthy are more likely to save the cash rather than spend it. It was the late game, I was by far the largest industry, and most of my produce was going unsold (propped up by interventionist subsidies). Austria will not petition to join Germany unless Hungary exists. You start stronger than Prussia. We will try to . While your factories are building, use your NFs on promoting bureaucrats in your highest pop accepted-culture states. Like so: The pop in Kaposvar is now over 100, so we close the factory until either For Austria, I have managed to get all states 100% South German craftsmen in about 10-15 years; in real like this will take several hours. Be the first one to write a review. The 100 Pop Limit is a threshold that changes the behavior of unemployed pops. You can take states from the French to weaken them, to lower the intensity of their attacks, but this can be infamy-intensive (releasing their colonies offers minimal benefits - their starting colonies and Madagascar aren't particularly powerful). If you ally the U.K. (which I recommend) then sometimes they add it, so you won't gain any extra infamy. It's still pretty empty, but the minimods section is almost complete, with the Cosmetic Minimods and the Flavour Minimods in already. Accept alliances with the minor Germanic states - it will improve your relations and therefore make it easier to keep them in your sphere should you be delayed in forming the North German Confederation and Germany. I really hope to see some of these implemented in the (hopefully) arriving Vicky 3. You should add on to this as you continue with your studies. The French can, and will, mobilize large quantities of men. Link to Historical Project Mod by selecting a button and using the embed code provided, Historical Project Mod Version 0.4.5 Hotfix 2, Historical Project Mod Version 0.4.5 Hotfix, AWH - Alternative World History 0.97.01 Big Update, Napoleon Agrees the the Frankfurt Proposals. If you plan on going over the infamy limit, forts on their border are also advisable. Once your first round of factories finish building, four more mechanics come into play: The 100 Pop Limit, Shedding, Job Seeking, and Automatic Assimilation. Nice guide. These mechanics, brought together, can be manipulated by the player to ensure that their craftsmen, no matter where in their empire, are always of a desired ethnicity. Among the GPs, with six of the army techs researched, Prussia's army is the most modern. If you tax your capis to oblivion, and refuse to use State Capitalism or PE, good luck getting that industry score up. 2) Job Seeking If you beat them hard enough you can form Super Germany. One of the remaining pops is Hungarian. For now, let us start! But the mod isn't archived for some reason,and I can't extract it to the '.mod' file. For example, I had a lesson on taxation and benefits halfway through a game as France. -New Reforms to try and simulate important questions of the era, improved the old ones: No longer allowing slavery as a communist country, not being able to have the best healthcare system of the planet without even have researched medicine. Automatic Assimilation is the ACTUAL craftsmen glitch, that many people are already aware exists. The Turks are your punching bag. Vic 2 is the closest and best I've seen to an economic simulation, but so far many of the issues could be easily improved. All rights reserved. Rylock for his excellent NNM. Future releases plans are to include a serf pop type and reforms to represent it, other meaningful reforms for the time era, dynamic soundtrack for countries/governments/regions and a 1815 start date, as well as missing flavor and historical events. This Wiki recommends to attack Austria with a Humiliate CB, siege it completely, and wait for it to lose its GP status because of the loss of manufacturing and military scores. The Russians are less likely to attack but will if you go over your infamy limit and they sense an opportunity to raise a second front. Prussia has a long list of unique events and decisions, which will be a great help. I looked up a tutorial and did the things that im supposed to do (I think),but it still doesn't work!If someone can tell me how pls leave a comment here. Your beginning production is primarily coal, grain, and fruit. And national focuses are also capped by accepted population, it tells you if you hover your mouse over your population count at the top. Most countries now have slavery and slaves and the historical number of slaves, as well as their pop composition and religion, was used when available. b) a South German pop is residing in the highest overall pop province (and no other no-S. German pop is close to 100) Therefore, one will have to move fast, and almost attack immediately to regain this core. You will thus get one free state for the same infamy. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. The early German economy mostly runs itself and can, with territorial expansion, easily become the #1 industry within 50 years. In total, the process of opening/closing and “locking in” accepted pops of over 100 accepted craftsmen will take a number of in-game years. If an unemployed pop of one ethnicity in one province of a state has less than 100 members, the entire population will move together to a new province. However, Bratislava is much more populous than Kosice, so it it acceptable to open the factory right now, as it is very likely that the South German pop will get to 100 first. If you are an ally of Denmark or on Friendly terms with them (you begin Friendly), you will likely be able to intervene, defeat Austria, and take your war goals (Admit Hegemony, Bohemia, Moravia) from an isolated Austria. If you have Austria in your Sphere of Influence, and you press the Form Germany decision, the entire Austria will be united with you in Greater Germany, although its land won't get your cores. Hover over their number of brigades and it will tell you their number of army techs researched and military tactics percentage).

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