I always like reading your astology blog. 'Mental domination and pattern manipulation', I'd say.

Great question.

A way more powerful Pagan deity before the Romans diluted her into their Goddess, she is the element of Fire itself. I think we need to expland the concept of “virgin” to surpass virgo.

im trying to intuit his ascendant i guessed his sun sign immediately . He was too, but loved another more… Read more », Vests 0 Capricorn, in my fourth house. That was the start of the Saturn return for me (that date is pretty exact since saturn went into gemini on that date). gemini rules my 10. and now the eclipse at 0 gemini. thanks !! Copyright 2000-2013 Anyway, can you give me an example or context of how my Vesta and Ops at 0 Leo and Bacchus at 0 Pisces show up in my life? My 2nd House is ruled by Pisces and I feel that pretty intensely (e.g. It is a powerful influence because of the alignment with Ceres in your Third House, Apollo in your Sixth House and Cupido in your Second House. I have Vesta in Leo conjunct my descendant in the 7th and square my Sun, Venus, Neptune and Jupiter conjunction in the 10th. Where is Vesta in your chart (sign/house) and how do you experience her? How significant is this i wonder? But when it comes to my body, sexuality, possessions, money and values i do exactly as i please. You have many different paths into love and sex, and you don’t have to ‘do’ Vesta. And here we go another gem! It’s hard to comment on your daughter without seeing her chart. You also have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House so maybe they are making so much noise in your chart you are not spotting Vesta patterns.

I always guessed that Jimi Hendrix might have Vesta making exact patterns in his natal chart, because of the cover of Electric Ladyland. I am very connected to my heart. what happens when i have ceres conjunct his north node, his ceres conjunct my ac and his psyche conjunct my mars?

I have also done some looking and have a second part to my query. But unlike a planet, it isn’t big enough for its gravitation to clear its orbit of other asteroids. Dear Jessica I am fascinated that your Gemini ex with the Vesta problem used the internet to (attempt) to attack your reputation. This is always the best way to get an idea of how a particular planetary influence is likely to manifest for you xx. I have this mental picture...animals are so lovely when they rally round like that.... RT @kbeninato: Dear @TwitterSupport, this is election interference and a flat out lie.

That's really the only thing for which I've ever had concern.
Never go away in a tent with King Henry VIII. Persephone is the Spring, the seasons and transformation in the most feminine way, yet she is medusa like in her ability to freeze her opponents. Got killed for transgressing the boundaries trying to help someone. saturd lol) and in this life i am paying my dues in love??? Vesta was at 24 Virgo and Apollo was at 23 Virgo on the day she arrived. One of my teenage loves, who was a friend first and we never could get it together correctly, has his sun at 0*Aries. Another common example is the celibate man who won’t have sex because of his cult beliefs, but plays women off against each other in a harem of ‘friendship’ where all of them hope to shag him, and nobody actually ever does. Mercury at 12 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of learning, studying, the worldwide web, travel and foreign/regional differences is your key. . I have vesta in Aries as well, at 0*.

Vesta conjunct my Venus in 1st house trine Moon 10th = I can lose my identity through helping others. If you were asking me this question a few centuries ago I’d say you were King Henry VIII actually! Well no actually and maybe Vesta’s prescence explains why.

A frank acceptance of the reality of the power issues, when one male is surrounded by two or more females. I can’t remember where it is said here on this site but it is: If the best you can say about a relationship is that it is karmic or you have to ask God for help with it all the time or you have lover you can describe as kicking you to the curb etc i wouldn’t be worrying about Vesta i’d be detaching from this guy, right? This was unique for women in Rome,” adding that “they were also constrained by their positions as guardians of the sacred fire”. More that as a deity, she has been associated with both signs. In a long term relationship, the heart is everything. It is also common in the charts of flight attendants, ballerinas and women who work on magazines like Cosmopolitan (one man, many women). 2) Professionally?

Vesta is sacred love, it is sacred loyalty and reaching god through sex in synastry. and it’s square Jupiter. Obviously it didn’t work. I can imagine involving Vesta WOULD certainly create confusion and for the poor girl to feel tossed about.

I realized what “God” was teaching me was divine love.

Austen’s way of handling Vesta in her chart was to see the funny side – and to write a classic romantic comedy. Together these young people will change the world as your daughter will discover when she grows up and they become her role models. CAN’T STAND IT! I could not say or do anything in those years. Reply ↓ amiann Post author March 11, 2019 at 8:19 p… Or could it be just about the effect of the past? I also have Vesta in opposition of Chiron in Aries/5th House. In previous incarnation, whether passionately, life and death love, whether how anguished i am, whether how regret he got, after departing this life we all will forget. Opinions as to what the astrological Vesta indicates in your chart are insanely broad…Here is a smattering: That Vesta is the Goddess of the Hearth, hence her presence in your chart shows where you keep the ‘home fires’ burning. If there is an aspect which can substitute for Moon trine Moon, it would be Moon/Mercury. The aspects to this conjunction are that it sextiles my Saturn in Aries in the 10th and trines my Eros in Libra in the 4th, squares my Lilith in Taurus in the 11th, and squares my Juno in Scorpio in the 5th. Women can act out the toxic side of Vesta’s ruthless female competitiveness and betrayal, just as much as men can act out the power-tripping, controlling side of this pattern, too.

And how about Ceres exactly conjunct Pholus from person B to A?

He is my only Aries. Yes, this would be powerful. Squares my Sun

And it’s just been over my Mars.

Sometimes astrology can be staggering, it’s so literal! Then he went abroad, 3 days ago he came back then they met again on the street.


Oh; the Nessus conjunctions are in my 5th house; the Vesta conjunction in my 6th.

That seems awkward?! I did past life on a life as a vestal virgin in Rome. Posts: 49915 From: Pluto/house next to NickiG Registered: Sep 2010 Sulking usually ensues and the man in question may even have to leave the room. Thank you for re-posting. Next – and this is where an ephemeris comes in handy – i am going to backtrack and see what was occurring when Vesta hit my Venus, Ascendent, Moon etc.
I’m repeatedly posting this only because i think there is something important for me to know here. Vesta can turn up when we see feminism in action, but she is also there, when you see a toxic atmosphere resulting when women or girls compete with each other, for a man’s approval. You don’t say if you are a man or a woman, but most of my readers are female, so I suspect your issue is being put in a situation you do not want, where one man (usually a boyfriend or husband) wants you to devote your time, energy and attention to him, using another woman (usually his former lover, sometimes a new lover) as the spur to make you try harder. That Vesta in the chart is where you give away sexuality and/or romance in order to be fiercely independent.

In actual fact, your reputation or appearance is the least important part of this story.

It was always unconsciously purposeful and deeply transformative. I am sorry your comment has been in the queue for such a long time.

Which of the above Vesta theories most resonates for you? On the surface it seems so contradictory, but in light of all of the Virgo musing my Scorp self has been doing as of late (see: Astro Ga-Ga Comp, and Happy Gemini post), it’s more synchro than contradictory.

Vesta symbolic of the consistent, immortal, human dramatic act of human of manifesting safety/home for our tribe. We don’t have any vertex touch. They’d put a girl on a mountain top – a living mother earth. Dig more deeply into the meaning of Minerva and Proserpina in your chart, and you will see that your wisdom, your role as powerful go-between and your ability to ‘play’ gender politics will always assist you with your money and your job. Once I knew love like that was real, even if the romantic relationship wasn’t, I knew Source was real. but in the Synastry, these people are Adding more Vesta to my mix and in the first house, as well as parallels..(my husband's is in my second house.. with a wide aspect to venus) Others are Adding their "Solar" energy to my Vesta as well as adding their Vesta to my first house..its making me more... like that "11th house" model I think.. Perhaps it’s not surprising. I’m sorry, nothing is being lost, it’s just that I now have 1,158 questions to answer and people usually visit our website about 1 million times a month! Tradition also doesn’t feel right, that was not the motivation, it was about keeping the flame lit on all… Read more », Forgot to add my name to the above answer to Creatrix’s Vestal memories….

Vesta has levels of intimacy that get peeled away with maturity. They are about those three heavenly bodies, and the more you find out about them, the better. But don’t let the word “virginal” throw you off. There has got to be a lesson in there somewhere. Sex was something i was drawn to rather early in life (despite strict family confinements imposed to keep me from getting out),… Read more », Vesta in the 2nd house (Kataka) and in opposition to Mars (Cap, my moon and 8th), trine Saturn and Chiron in my 10th (Pisces).

Mercury is also at 12 sagitarrius retrograde.

Okay, so you do have an epic Vesta pattern. What about jupiter instead of mercury ami? Jessica you have such a vast knowledge and you amaze me how you apply it to astrology and through astrology to life. I need loads of space to do what I do and I definitely hate to be trapped in any way regarding my creative life. Hi Jessica, reposting as it seems to be stuck in moderation. But I think it also reflects my very deep need to retreat from the world on occasions and just nurture myself. To take, and to take over. I have Vesta conjunct my Sun in Aquarius in the 8th house.

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