On August 10, 2004, a group of two were seen in the Bering Sea. Catches were distributed in the Bering Sea (115), eastern Aleutian Islands (28), Gulf of Alaska (366), Sea of Okhotsk (132), and other areas (20).

Second, the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) gives jurisdiction for management of all whale species to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the Department of Commerce. This sighting was later confirmed by a local marine biologist working at an aquarium.[167]. In 2000, 71 calls were recorded by a deep-water passive acoustic site at 53°N 157°W / 53°N 157°W / 53; -157. The extent of independence of these two apparent populations of whales both geographically and genetically is very poorly understood due to lack of data, but discussing them separately is convenient for describing recent sightings and population estimates. Pot fisheries occur in offshore waters, but are often deployed in winter when right whales are not known to be present.[10]. – Right Whale Sighting Unusual for Kodiak Island Waters, "Sea Grant ID's right whale off Kodiak | Alaska Sea Grant", "Summer 2015 Field Research: Searching for the Endangered North Pacific Right Whale", Update on North Pacific Right Whale Research, Rencontre avec la baleine franche du Pacifique, Current status of cetaceans in the Sea of Okhotsk(S3-2489), Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, 19 июня — пятнадцатый день круиза Алаид, бухта Шелихова, Птичьи острова, Экспедиция Дальневосточного Проекта по Косатке 2013 года, Галерея морских фотографий Камчатки. [225] This law provides the species with additional protections which overlap those of the MMPA, but generally are more protective. [41], Alaskan Natives continue to hunt small numbers of bowhead whales for subsistence purposes. [37] To date, however, scientific consensus still considers Hunterius swedenborgii to be a North Atlantic right whale. Of the five stocks of bowhead populations, three are listed as "endangered", one as "vulnerable", and one as "lower risk, conservation dependent" according to the IUCN Red List. Most of recent sightings have occurred along the Japanese coast.

The catch was not recorded, but is unlikely to have been more than a few per year. These are non-lethal, and applied with a crossbow, can beam the whales' location, movements, dives and other information to researchers. Third, under the Endangered Species Act, NOAA has listed the North Pacific right whale as "endangered". Reilly, S.B., Bannister, J.L., Best, P.B., Brown, M., Brownell Jr., R.L., Butterworth, D.S., Clapham, P.J., Cooke, J., Donovan, G., Urbán, J. However, on their summer grounds in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska, the sea conditions are frequently so rough, windy and/or foggy that detection of right whales known to be present is problematic. (The whale was eventually released.).

[55][56], Both reproduction and calving take place during the winter months. The first such effort were a series of charts known subsequently as the Maury "Whale Charts". In Japanese shore-based net whaling, right whales were the prime target, and the whale fisheries were devastating to the stocks[47] as catch quantities declined greatly in relatively short periods,[48] and the effect of the industries were more notable on the whale populations than the later American whaling,[49] resulting not only in financial solvencies of many whaling groups but also in disputes between feudal domains in western Japan that required the shogunate itself to settle.

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