Our private ranch leases boast high deer populations with excellent hunting, and our public land hunt areas also offer a number of great hunting opportunities. If you’ve spent much time in the forests and wetlands of northern Utah, you may have been lucky enough to see one of North America’s most magnificent animals, the Moose. Give us a call for more details. Today, there are about 4,500 Moose throughout northern Utah. We hunt the following units. With the combination of our ranches and skilled guides, this highly sought after tag, is coveted by most moose hunters because of the success rates that we have. This is a draw hunt, but we do have a few guaranteed tags through landowners or conservation permit.

Moose hunting with the R&K Hunting Company is an experience of a life time. Hi, I’m Dick Hurren from Bridgerland Audubon Society. OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL only works with excellent, reputable outfitters who will take your hunt seriously. the ideal habitat for Moose to thrive. At the same time, logging was replacing mature forests with new meadows and scrub that Moose prefer. And you too may be lucky enough to see the moose. Shane Scott Outfitting is a Guide and Outfitter located in Richfield, Utah. Utah’s subspecies of Moose is known as the Shiras,

These were passed and signed by the Utah Governor on March 30, 2020. Idaho Hunting. Moose throughout northern Utah. We hunt and guide Big Game in the majority of Utah. So how did the Moose become so plentiful in such a short time? We specialize in hunting and guiding Utah Mule Deer, Elk, Antelope (Pronghorn), Cougar (Mountain Lion), Black Bear, Rocky Mountain Goat, Desert Bighorn Sheep, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, Moose, Bison and Turkey. Despite success in the last hundred years, Moose face many challenges in the next hundred. Our team is looking forward to helping you find your next adventure! The more notice we have on the tags the better. We manage thousands of acres of private hunting ground throughout the state of Utah, and we guide public and private land in Wyoming (license # BG-0193). Trophy Elk Hunting at it's Finest. But the most difficult challenge the Moose may face is that of climate change.

can grow a rack of antlers that reaches four feet across. Maturing woodlands will be able to support fewer Moose. OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL.

We can also arrange to purchase landowner tags and conservation tags on these better units. !, Nature’s Call, Winter 1993, Utah Project Wild, Utah Division of Natural Resources, http://wildlife.utah.gov/projectwild/newsletters/93winter-nc.pdf, https://wildaboututah.org/podcast-player/717/moose-in-utah.mp3, http://wildlife.utah.gov/projectwild/newsletters/97fall-gw.pdf, http://wildlife.utah.gov/projectwild/newsletters/93winter-nc.pdf.

Many of the Moose’s predators like Grizzly Bears, Wolves and Mountain Lions had been largely Although the smallest subspecies of Moose in North America, it can grow to be nearly six feet tall and weigh as much as 1,000 pounds. or Wyoming Moose.

Old predators are rebounding slightly and will take their toll.

In an interesting turn of events, Utah has increased nonresident hunting fees starting on July 1, 2020 through House Bill 8. Archery and rifle moose hunts in Utah and Wyoming.

Also Offering Mule Deer Hunts, Archery Elk Hunts and Buffalo Hunts on the West's Finest Wilderness Hunting Preserves. Copyright © 2015 R K Hunting - All rights reserved. The next time you visit the mountains, pay close attention to the streams and lakes particularly those surrounded by willows. With the combination of our ranches and skilled guides, this highly sought after tag, is coveted by most moose hunters because of the success rates that we have.

One might assume such an ancient and enormous animal has long existed in Utah, but in fact the Moose is one of Utah’s newer immigrants. Trophy Shiras moose hunting units 117, 121, 108, and 101. Overwhelming demand for Moose hunting The combination of young growth and wetlands provided A lot of these fees won't be fully seen until the 2021 application season, but there are some that will be felt in 2020 when they begin on July 1. So how did the Moose become so plentiful in such a short time? Most mature bull moose taken in Utah have antlers from 38” to 51” wide. These hunts book extremely fast, so pull the trigger and let us put together your hunt ASAP! exterminated. has fostered strategies to encourage population growth. Wild West Outfitters-- Hunt the big bulls, bucks, bear, and cats of southern Utah. The Moose’s immigration to Utah looks like a case of perfect timing. The best Utah moose hunting units are on a draw and difficult to get. More recently, there have been attempts to speed up the expansion of Moose by transplanting them to new mountain ranges. You need help obtaining a Landowner tag or a Conservation permit. Photo: Courtesy and Copyright Jason Pietrzak www.ptrzk.com, Text: Bridgerland Audubon Society – Jason Pietrzak, Dick Hurren, Utah’s Unbelievable Ungulates, Nature’s Call, Fall 1997, Utah Project Wild, Utah Division of Natural Resources, http://wildlife.utah.gov/projectwild/newsletters/97fall-gw.pdf, Where Do They Go When It Snows?
Give us a call for more details. The Moose evolved to survive in extreme cold climates.

The Moose’s immigration to Utah looks like a case of perfect timing. We have guaranteed tags on most of our Utah hunts. higher into the mountains and further north until one day this recent visitor returns to Wyoming or even further north. Utah continually produces trophy mule deer, elk, cougar, and moose. There's also fast action hunting for Forest Grouse, Coyote Hunting, and excellent fishing in local waters for Cutthroat, Rainbow, Brook Trout, Walleye, and Bass. You drew a good tag and need a vetted outfitter. The first Moose in Utah were seen about 100 years ago, and the total population may have been less than 100 animals as late as the 1950s. We have great moose hunts on each of our ranches in both Utah and Wyoming. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Moose hunting with the R&K Hunting Company is an experience of a life time. The Moose is the largest member of the deer family, and one of the largest mammals to survive the last Ice Age. We have great moose hunts on each of our ranches in both Utah and Wyoming. A Utah Public Radio production featuring contributors who share a love of nature, preservation and education, Download file | Play in new window | Duration: 3:46 | Recorded on September 30, 2008.

Today, there are about 4,500 Guaranteed Elk Hunts in Utah and Idaho. Southeast Idaho is well known for trophy Mule Deer Hunting, Elk Hunting, Shiras Moose Hunting, and Mountain Lion Cougar Hunting.

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