However, you can keep them indoors during the cold months with minimal UVB as long as they get maximum exposure in warm months. A humid hide can be simply a tupperware container with damp sand covered in moss with an opening cut out so they can enter and exit easily. Baby uromastyx are especially active and fast, and love digging and climbing high in the tank. Hi Vladimir! Their ultimate adult size will dictate the enclosure size, so be sure you chose the right Uro species for the space you have. I got him 4 days ago.Thx!

Slate tile is probably the best and easiest to maintain. Medium sized species reach 17-18 inches (43-46cm). Too high of humidity and even soaking can contribute to a respiratory infection (RI), which requires a vet visit to diagnose and treat with prescribed medication(s). Don’t cheap out on UVB, or your Uromastyx will likely suffer. Make sure they are cut into manageable pieces.

The length of the terrarium is more important than height, as Uromastyx are a terrestrial reptile.

Basking spots should be created with a reptile dome lamp and a clear “infrared” heat lamp bulb (less than $5 at home improvement stores). I dont knowhow to get him to eat anything else. You can try adding bee pollen to his food or find a few new novel items like cactus or squash flowers. Thank u ☺. Humidity is about 40 if I trust the zoo-med dial. We prefer to listen to experts like Doug Dix at Deer Fern Farms; he has detailed care information on his site but we wanted to provide a basic guide as well.. New arrivals, sick individuals and gravid or recuperating females may require occasional drinks of water. Your uromastyx will only need to eat veggies, greens, as well as some legumes, beans and seeds for extra protein. NOTE: Certain coastal Uromastyx species prefer more humid conditions than average.U. Too much protein in their diet can cause problems for their kidneys and liver, so it’s important to give them a strictly plant-based diet. Who knew? Hi, how can u tell if they have a respiratory infection? Certain aspects of Uromastyx care are controversial: UVB lighting options, substrate choice, a few bugs or no bugs. Measure these humidity levels with a digital probe hygrometer, with the probe placed on the cool end of the enclosure. Is that big my enough for an adult uro? Reasons and Tips. Hi Hamry! Then next day she was moving around and eating. Apart from coloration, uromastyx look like little dinosaurs, have beautiful eyes and a gorgeous spiny tail! One of my uros recently it looks like hes lost feeling in his back legs. Your email address will not be published. I would avoid spraying at all for most species, especially in a humid climate. But just because you have reached this step does not mean they trust you yet. While you can definitely tame and handle your uromastyx, they are often not too happy about handling. Iv read that it could be a calcium and D3 deficiency? Hope this helps! Hi Joann! The substrate layer should be no shallower than 4”, and preferably 6” deep or more. Not as much as she used to, but she ate. Some of these substrates are also extremely dusty. Most of the issues with UVB bulbs tends to be with lesser known/unknown brands as they are manufactured cheaply with improper coatings on the bulb. It also helps to build a raised basking platform to bring the lizard closer to the heat lamp, which also enables you to achieve this super-hot basking temperature without making the rest of the enclosure too hot. Even though some uromastyx can take a while to trust you, most will eventually tame out and be fine with handling, touching and eating from your hand. Many owners do not want to deal with live bugs, gut-loading and keeping insects in the house. Any ideas???

Let him/her get comfortable with your scent by placing an old, used shirt in the terrarium. Chose “spring mix” packaged greens, and add in additional helpings of endive, bok choy, dandelion greens, thawed frozen veggie mix, shredded squash, and other safe veggies. Hopefully it’s just the bulb or fixture! It can be challenging to get the setup right. This can be very problematic when multiple individuals are present, as males are territorial and females are extremely aggressive to all other females AND males when bred. While uromastyx are calm, rarely bite and are often docile, some individuals might take much longer to start trusting their owners. We recently got a uromastyx. You’re huge compared to them, and s/he needs time to figure out that you’re not going to eat them. Specially made 4′ long reptile cages with sliding front doors are great, as picking up a uro from above may startle them. Do not treat with home remedies like mineral oil as this can make medical treatment more difficult. Switch was immediately more active & began to show more yellow but we are still concerned about his eyes.

Uromastyx (also known as spiny-tailed lizards or dhabs) are a group of heat-loving, diurnal lizards native to North Africa and the Middle East. If the lizard eats it, it can cause issues called impactions where their intestines essentially become blocked and unable to pass waste.

Cut a hole to allow easy access; you might want to also include a PVC or a flexible tubing as a tunnel into the humid hide. These lizards, also known as drab lizards or spiny-tailed agamas, are moderately sized, and primarily vegetarian.

Add description and links to your promotion, Add your deal, information or promotional text. You will often need to contact private breeders or local shops to get a uromastyx. Their beautiful looks, curious eyes and interesting behaviors make them very fascinating to watch! Uromastyx species vary in size from 10 inches to nearly 3 feet. Do not use wood shavings, bark (such as Repti-Bark), chips (such as Sani-Chip), crushed walnut shells, or calcium carbonate “sands”. Make sure that the reptile cannot touch the heat source! Housing two or more male Uromastyx together is even more likely to produce territorial conflicts and severe injuries.

Edible flowers like dandelions, rose petals, clover, hibiscus, and squash blossoms make great treats. The ambient temperature is 85-90 and it is 120 plus basking.

We’ve experienced this first-hand so if your Uromastyx stops eating, check the lights and the basking spots and ensure ideal conditions are being provided! Uromastyx LOVE to dig, and can spend a good amount of their time underground, so it’s important to provide plenty of substrate that will allow them to satisfy this instinct. However, these don’t offer enough room to be permanent enclosures. Uromastyx dispar flavifasciata. Make sure you give a basking spot of 110-120 degrees while keeping the cool side at 80 for proper thermoregulation.

Once your Uromastyx has established confidence in his/her new home, you can introduce yourself. The left eye is open and active.. The next day she did the same thing, but it has been 3 days and she is not moving and she is bloated.

Good luck!     Starter Adult and sub-adult uros can be placed on a substrate mix of washed playsand and organic soil/compost/peat moss. Also, they are diurnal, which means that they are active during the day and sleep at night. There are several really awful Uromastyx Care sheets out there, and a lot of advice on the internet is sketchy. Most of their predators are swooping birds of prey, and you may notice that shadows and overhead movement can send them into a panic, especially when just settling in. Uros are burrowers by nature, but you can use artificial burrows or hide boxes to satisfy their need for a burrow. Head lettuce, such as iceburg letuce, are not nutritious. This will help them regulate their humidity levels. Their “salads” should consist of dark green leafy vegetables, limiting spinach, kale, broccoli, and cabbage. You may skip a feeding every once in a while to help prevent oversupplementation. If you hear them wheeze or click when they breathe, that could be a sign of an RI. She had this problem before, took her to a vet (exotic animal person but not reptile specialist), and he put her on mineral oil and laxatives. Uromastyx live a long life if you provide good care.

If you keep the bulb 20 inches away from the basking spot, that can cut the risk of skin & eye damage. His left eye occasionally gets stuck & seems to need a cleaning. We prefer to listen to experts like Doug Dix at Deer Fern Farms; he has detailed care information on his site but we wanted to provide a basic guide as well. The fact that uromastyx are entirely vegetarian is very good news for many keepers, especially beginners. I have always loved this species and have been interested in getting one for a while. I don’t have any references, but I would assume that once they get to adult size (around 250-300 grams) that should be safe for the female. Some might also be skittish when you get them, and it can take quite a long time and patience to earn their trust. Good luck! Signs are obvious constipation, straining to poop, and dehydration as the material absorbs water in the gut. Scientific Facts Common NameOrnate UromastyxScientific NameUromastyx ornataCaptive Lifespan12 to 20 YearsSize12 - 15 inchesMass9 oz.HabitatDesert; rocky areasCountry of OriginEgypt, Saudi and Northern Arabia, Israel Physical Description Image Source Also commonly referred to … Quick question. Bloating could just mean she ate a lot – they tend to have very full bellies, so if she wasn’t eating previously it may be a good sign. Most uromastyx develop amazing colors as they get older. The cool end of the enclosure (opposite from the basking area) should go down to about 85 degrees, and things can get as cool as 68°F at night. Make sure there is adequate heat and ventilation; warm air holds a lot of water vapor and will rise out of the tank. For a more simple enclosure, we recommend housing uros (especially young ones) on white proso millet, a common bird seed, that can serve as a snack as well as bedding! Some can be skittish, but are very unlikely to bite.

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, Complete Systems A hatchling (under 6 inches in total length) can be housed in a 20 gallon “long” tank, but anything smaller is problematic because it doesn’t allow a proper temperature gradient. A minimum size would be a 40 gallon “long” which is 48″ in length. If a bulb burns out and the tank becomes dark, they may go off-feed. I’ve had this happen where there were two basking lights, enough to bring the temps up but not enough overall light for them to feel like leaving their hides and eating. Housing two or more female Uromastyx risks them not getting along and one or both becoming sick or injured. They can live for up to 25 years in captivity. Uromastyx tend to do best on naturalistic substrates such as the following: Avoid unnatural solid and loose substrates, such as paper towel, tile, calcium sand, coconut fiber, ground walnut shell, ground corncob, millet, wood shavings, and wood chips. #4: Amazing colors. They however tend to be kind and docile. Let your new pet settle in for at least 2 weeks before you start handling. Uromastyx Health Issues and Signs of Sickness, Best Blue Tongue Skink Substrate For Different Species, The Full Guide to Crested Gecko Diseases and Illnesses, Ball Python Humidity Guide - Ideal Range, Too Low or High, Why Is My Uromastyx Not Eating? An otherwise healthy Uro will probably get better as long as the tank is not too humid and is kept warm with a cool retreat during the day. Canadian customers please visit Let’s find out. But uromastyx also hide a lot in narrow spaces and love to dig. You can use a ceramic heat emitter instead. My other uromastyxs are fine, what do I do? It’s winter so they tend to brumate – a form of light hibernation. You might want to double check the night time heater, if it’s getting colder than normal at night they might be more lethargic and take a longer time to warm up.

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